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An academic’s response to revelations about cover-up of sex abuse etc.

Posted by robertpriddy on June 16, 2011


The following comment on my exposure of Professor Erlendur Haraldsson’s off-handedness regarding sexual crimes etc. (yesterday) was submitted on 2011/06/15 at 2:27 pm

Hello Robert,

Thank you for divulging this material. It must have been difficult to decide to take this step. I can only surmize how disappointed you and your wife must have felt concerning Professor Haraldsson’s curt dismissal of very real concerns that keep bothering you, your wife and most likely many others too, certainly myself. I cannot but conclude on the basis of this material that Professor Haraldsson’s point of view represents rather startling proof of a pernicious and in my view alarming aloofness (i.e. lack of interest) that I have encountered in quite a large number of scientists, which they themselves like to see as ‘scientific impartiality’. In my own field of expertise also, that of clinical and organisational psychology, there is a tendency not to get involved if the going gets rough or a sheer naivety about worldly matters and very real consequences of misconduct, and a shirking back from even getting acquainted with ugly truths. As a counselor and lecturer at the University of Groningen during the last twelve years I encountered examples of this kind of rationalizing and ducking responsibility too in the academic sphere.
If I am correctly informed the Dutch Sai Organization (or even the whole Benelux) is being led by a man who has been, and still is, a child psychologist (I knew him quite well back in the eighties)!!

From Andries Krugers I learnt that though this man actually BELIEVES the sexual abuse reports relating SB by now, he still defends SB and remains office bearer. In an interview he gave on May 5th to a local Dutch newspaper he proclaimed the official ‘party line’, including the ridiculous moon calendar fabrication. A sorry state of affairs if it were not for the fact that the implications of keeping silent are so far-reaching. A cover up doesn’t necessarily lose its potency, doesn’t it, if the person most concerned is dead. On the contrary: in the absence of thorough research he might posthumously gain even greater mythical status (e.g. JFK) or things remain a mystery forever! In the interest of all people from all over the world who once trusted this ‘God’man and were ultimately deceived by false promises or abused in any other way, shape or form, a voice of support, backed up by thorough research and compelling evidence, is maybe more called for than before his demise. I wish you well and the strength to continue this vital work.

Yours truly,
Chris Dokter, MA MSc
Here I post in full size the most important of the several very revealing e-mails Haraldsson sent me so all who have not read it may have the chance again. The brown text is forwarded from me, the green text is Haraldsson’s (later his is in blue) replies:-

On a visit in Oslo at that time Erlendur Haraldsson spoke about Varadu, (the nephew of Kamala Sarati), who stayed a while with SB in the 50s and was pushed out or left (smoked and drank). Both he and Krishna Kumar were related to C.T.K. Chari – a parapsychologist physician. On Krishna, who was closer than anyone else to Sathya Sai Baba in his early years: EH had at least two interviews with Krishna Kumar and also got his draft corrected by Krishna, though he omitted the sexual content.

I was present at a darshan in 1989 where I saw the first edition of “Miracles are My Visiting Cards” at last being accepted from Haraldsson by Sathya Sai Baba, whose not-too-pleased comment when taking it was,’there are wrong facts in it’. This would be taken as another example of his ‘omniscience’ by those who believe him, but he would have had plenty of time to read the book beforehand and would surely have known that his deceit about resurrecting Walter Cowan from the dead was exposed. Kasturi and/or Narasimhan would certainly have warned him.

Incidentally, I should add that Haraldsson has increasingly offended me because he has shown me that he is ignorant about nearly all the compelling evidence I have compiled and his increasing intolerance of my attempts to inform him, literally brushing me off with empty words. Dreading having to defend his errors of investigation and having to face disappointing evidence, he no longer is an open-minded investigator at all as far as the evidence against Sathya Sai Baba goes.

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