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Corruption India: Sai Baba cult hoard plunder by Trustees?

Posted by robertpriddy on June 19, 2011

The Sai Central Trust can do anything without the public knowing a whit about its transactions, despite their declaration that “All transactions of the Trusts are duly accounted in their books of account. An experienced and qualified chartered accountant oversees the accounting and financial management. The accounts are duly audited by a reputed firm of Chartered Accountants based at Delhi. Periodical returns, accounts and audit reports as prescribed by law are duly filed with the concerned authorities under the Income Tax Act, FCRA and other applicable statutes.”

The Trust is totally unaccountable to anyone but secret political cadres, who are generally known to be corrupt nest-feathering officials whom the system, as it is, cannot bring to book due to its in-built functions based on corruption. The Trustees have any amount of funds with which to bribe anyone, and they have a legal network of Sai-devoted High Court judges – with ex-Chief Justice Bhagwati as their ideal (see Sai Baba’s Bhagwati shows total disrespect for justice)

Now we see how the great miserly hoard the Trust denied existed, is being spirited away in vans and only the poor driver and minor go-betweens get caught. The Trustees are clever at cover-up and hand-outs as it has been a main part of their business since the bedroom executions in 1993 in which some trustees had a hand in blackmailing the police to carry out (notably Colonel Joga Rao, deceased)!

The Supreme Court of India was instituted through P.N. Bhagwati – a life-long Sathya Sai Baba devotee and director of his charitable trust. This court destroyed its record of a petition made to it by Hari Sampath (former security guard at Sai Baba’s ashram) and presented by famous lawyer Kamini Jaiswal. The deletion of the official record meant that Embassies – especially the UK Embassy in Delhi – could not get confirmation that the petition had ever been made or a decision handed down. However, a copy of the court decision document evaded their attention – attested as genuine by a justarius publicus – and a scan of it is shown here The issue is treated here.

The injudicious P.N. Bhagwati also signed the egregious letter against Sai critics along with the then Prime Minister, Vajpayee, despite the fact that no a single investigation of any kind had been undertaken by any of the signatories or any other official body in India, while the Supreme Court Petition was thrown out by judges who were Sai followers. The authorities even subverted the Right to Information Act to stop the Indian Skeptic’s Basava Premanand from obtaining any information on any investigation that may have been made… because none were (of course).

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