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Sai Baba follower numbers – with video

Posted by robertpriddy on July 31, 2011

Photo from book launch panel debate in Stockholm – Robert Priddy & BBC representative  CLICK TO DOWNLOAD  8.3 MBS VIDEO CLIP which plays in QUICKTIME

Watch this short video on YouTube by clicking here
If you have Windows/Internet Explorer click here for video in wmv 

As back up to the statement I made at the Royal Mint Panel debate in Stockholm at the launch of Conny Larsson’s Swedish book about Sai Baba (also in English now) the following:-

Some of the extremely over-exaggerated ‘official’ claims of a vast world following, see:-

The mythology of tens of millions was begun by Sai Baba’s self-promoting claims which were never verified in any way. The international media, including the BBC and many newspapers, have settled on the estimate of Sai Baba’s following as being 30 million. Not one of these sources have anything other than the propaganda of the Sai authorities and the Sai organization to go on – clearly NOT a reliable source (the national organizations differ in estimates from 30 million to 300 million! Six hundred million is also frequently claimed too).  The mythology about this began in the 1970s when Sai Baba told Dr. John Hislop (a total believer in every word of Sai Baba) that – if the Indian authorities had not kept quiet about his advent, millions would converge on Puttaparthi ( Conversations with SS Sathya Sai Baba  p. 36). It was soon spread about that he said he had 60 million followers around the world. His editor, V.K. Narasimhan informed me with numerous examples to prove it, that Sai Baba invariably multiplies all figures about his adherents by a factor or ten! (See the numbers game) This number was spread in countless books, films,reports from the Organization until it became a small-time ‘urban myth’, taken up by the press and never correctly or even reflected upon seriously. The book by Hislop contains many highly preposterous statements by Sai Baba – including various predictions which have all proven untrue. Followers have to take these fantastic claims as God’s truth because the believe in him means believing in his infallibility. All that challenges this in any way is ignored or strictly avoided, on pain of exclusion from the organization etc..

In 2008 I asked Is Sai Baba’s Followership Increasing? and the evidence gathered indicated that there had already been a large drop off among foreigners.
See also:- How the Sathya Sai mythology emerged beyond India

We are appealing here to all those former donors to Sathya Sai Baba who realise that there had been massive misuse of donations in general, and especially their own remittances made due to promises about monies they have given for apartments by the ashram administrations which were later broken, to contact me or Barry Pittard in confidence.(My e-mail address is available at my main site contact page) THIS E_MAIL LINK DOES WORK NOW – IT WAS FAULTY EARLIER)

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Sathya Sai Baba materialisations of golden & diamond rings

Posted by robertpriddy on July 30, 2011

CLICK ON IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD BRIEF VIDEO - 3.7 MB or see better quality below

If you have Windows/Internet Explorer click here for video in wmv 

One of Sai Baba’s daily miracles in interviews was the production of silver, gold and other kinds of rings. Some with common gemstones, some with alleged genuine diamonds (though not one has actually proven to be genuine so far). In the Danish TV documentary ‘Seduced’, a conjurer shows how Sai Baba appears to produce these rings, and how he pretends to change their nature by blowing on them. (CLICK HERE FOR BETTER QUALITY 11.4MBS VIDEO CLIP DOWNLOAD)

Sai Baba alleged 'green diamond' ring assayed and found to be a fake. CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ FULL ACCOUNT

Sai Baba green “diamond” ring as “materialized” for Robert Priddy proven a fake

Exposed by the top diamond expert in Denmark, Mr. P. Hertz of Copenhagen (jeweler to Queen Mararethe). These rings are adjusted cleverly with green tinfoil behind the stones until – from some angles – some shadow resembling a dark head (which Sai Baba has). Thisactual stone was very hard indeed and would not scratch, that turned out to be due to it being a synthetic sapphire. Such stones are cheaply manufactured and can be bought on the Internet for a song (see here).
Despite this, and my revelations of the facts, all remaining §VIP Sai-devotees who have supposedly materialised diamond rings still wear them in public! None of them have got their stones assayed by professional jewelers. A few of these rings and their owners can be seen here:-


(My e-mail address is available at my main site contact page) 

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Police report against Sathya Sai Trust’s claims reposted in India

Posted by robertpriddy on July 29, 2011

The Deccan Herald has today apparently reposted an article from July 4, 2011 in which the police are reported to have discovered that the Sai Trustee V. Srinivasan was not telling the truth!  The Sai Trust – according to V. Srinivasan, denied any culpability about the money, as reported by  India Today on June 28, 2011:-

“Trust member V. Srinivasan told media that it had no role to play in the recovery of Rs 35 lakh, made by the police from a car on the night of June 18. He said the cash was donated by devotees to build a memorial for the departed spiritual guru. 
The trust also denied that the vehicle used to carry the cash belonged to it and claimed it was owned by the project consultant building the memorial. Srinivasan said the money was being taken to be deposited in bank accounts. He however failed to clarify why the cash was being carried in the night.” 

This account is evidently in conflict with what the police have arrived at:-

The case will not fade away, it seems. It only remains to be seen whether the police will pursue this matter or will be diverted in some way, through political pressure or outright bribery. The Sai Trust is desperate to appear trustworthy after all the revealing facts that have emerged throwing into doubt many of their statements and causing government to withdraw a number of priveliges and exemptions from them. The Sai mini-empire is obviously contracting as foreign followers have virtually ceased to visit the ashrams, as is seen in the shutdown of shops and businesses in Puttaparthi, and plummeting property transactions.

Please see important announcement: Appeal to former donors to Sathya Sai Baba
(and note a further important appeal regarding sexual abuses here)

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Sai ‘miracles’, vibuti, amrit and sleight-of-hand – with video clips

Posted by robertpriddy on July 28, 2011

Two video clips from the Danish National TV documentary ‘Seduced’ (with English voiceover) show the supposed miraculous materialization of holy ash (vibuti or vibuthi) and holy nectar (amritamrith or amritha) and expose the methods used.


Use Windows/Internet Explorer, then click here for video in wmv


The myth of ‘holy amrita’.  (see video in wmv instead) Investigation of Sathya Sai Baba’s private quarters at Brindavan ashram, Whitfield (near Bangalore) turned up, among many other luxurious goods, a large amount of bottled perfume of the rarest qualities. It was claimed by a follower that he used perfume regularly when giving his daily ‘darshan’ and when giving interviews.  One perfume always referred to in connections with Sathya Sai Baba is often mistaken for jasmine and/or sandalwood, used to describe the so-called ‘holy nectar’ (amrita) he supposedly ‘materialises’ or the fragrant oil he applied to young men and boys’ genitals on a daily basis. In fact it is almost invariably the essence or attar of tea rose, a remarkable fragrance little know or used even in the perfume industry, though it can be purchased in India above all has been used by Sai Baba. However, some soap manufacturers have used tea rose essence and the soap has the exact fragrance of the ‘holy amrit’. Sai Baba used to produce a sugared almost transparent liquid, his amrit, which is easy to manufacture. Devotees are usually extremely eager to obtain amrit because many believe it is not only a divine blessing but can lead to elevation to an angelic level (as it does in the Ramayana myth, where those who imbibe it are transformed into ‘devas’ i.e. godly beings).

The video clip from the Thief’s Temple run by Halagappa shows how he uses a spoon, which he does EVERY TIME he puts an amulet on a person’s hand. The spoon has meanwhile been put in the jar with amrit, so it conveys a new supply as he scrapes away that which has trickled down! Further, once there was but one amulet. Many years later a second appeared, after it was known he was in Sai Baba’s bad books! This doubles the flow, of course, and makes it seem more impressive. The amulets are very lightweight, so are probably also hollow so that more amrit can be stored and trickle out through a small opening. However, as far as I know,  NO ONE has ever been allowed to examine them closely or hold them for up to a whole minute! I visited and saw the single amulet in January 1985 and have met many who have been there since.

Read more about the Sai Baba amrit deception here:-
Manufacture of Sathya Sai Baba amrit (nectar)
Nectar of the Gods? Or tea rose essence & sugar water?
Why does Sai Baba fake materializations of vibuthi etc.?
The Sathya Sai Vibuthi-Abishek showpiece mere fakery?

Read about some other faked Sai Baba ‘miracles’ here:-

Faked “miracle”: crucifix given by Sai Baba to Dr. Hislop
Sathya Sai Baba and the Turin shroud photos
Miracle: Sai Baba spews out 3 tons of gold: he says
Sai Baba caught in cheating about the Christian Bible
Sathya Sai Baba ‘Materialization’ photos
Sathya Sai Baba airplane miracle – with photos
Sai Baba promised vast mountain-lifting miracle soon
Sai Baba on two boys reborn as his dogs

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Sathya Sai Trust expands membership

Posted by robertpriddy on July 27, 2011

Until now it has been virtually impossible to ascertain exactly who is and is not on the Sathya Sai Central Trust. News in has reported that it has added four new Trustees, including K. Chackravati (its long-serving Secretary and head of Prashanti Nilayam ashram for many years). Confusion has reigned in the press over who is and who is not a member of the Sathya Sai Central Trust. For example, one source ( reports that Sathyajit is a member, which is entirely incorrect. It states
Satyajith : He is a personal care giver of Satya Sai Baba and believed to be a close confidant of Baba. He is known as more powerful in trust decisions and has been in news for some bad reasons recently.”
The same report does not even include V. Srinivasan, who is perhaps the most central Trustee at present. As with almost everything concerning the Sai Trust, there is no exact information available as to what distinguishes a trust ‘member’ from a Trustee, or a director or board member, if anything. 

Current Sai Trust members:
V. Srinivasan, industrialist from Chennai
R.J.Ratnakar:  Satya Sai’s nephew. Ratnakar was included in the Trust after the death of his father Janakiram.
K Chakravarthi: former IAS officer (disgraced) and a district collector. He has now resigned as secretary of the Shri Sathya Sai Central Trust.
S V Giri: He  resigned as Central Vigilance Commissioner during 1998. The Vice Chancellor of the Sri Sathya Sai University.
Justice P N Bhagavati: former Chief Justice of India (for one year).
Indulal Shah: Chartered Accountant from Mumbai, former government minister.
S.S. Naganand: Supreme Court Lawyer.
J.V. Shetty: Canara Bank – former Chairman
T.K.K. Bhagavat:  former Indian Overseas Bank Chairman.

Former Sathya Sai Central Trust members of ill-repute Other reports which have figured prominently include even US citizens Dr. John Hislop (who died of brain cancer in 1996 despite Sai Baba’s prediction that he would outlive his wife, which he did not),  Dr. Michael Goldstein – successive International Chairmen of the Sai Organization and Isaac Burton Tigrett (the original Hard Rock Café owner and donor of the Super-speciality Hospital in Puttparthi). However, no foreigner has ever been allowed to join the Central Trust, which was the true inner coterie, which also conducted the main rumour-propaganda, cover-up and undercover work to protect Sathya Sai Baba from prosecution. 

Several former members have been excluded by Sathya Sai Baba for embezzlement, including Colonel Joga Rao, ashram engineer and closest confidant of Sai Baba through decades and former Head of Prashanthi Nilayam ashram in the late ’80s, Narayananda. Other former member have gone off the radar, such as Mr. Prasad of Bangalore, and famous ‘liquor baron’ D.K. Adikesavulu of the TDP of whom it was reported in India Today “Soon spirits and spirituality became a heady cocktail that enabled him to become an influential manager of the Sri Sathya Sai Trust and a member of the board of the Tirupathi Tirumala Devasthanams (TTD)—custodians of the richest place of worship in the world” This just shows what kind of people were invited by Sathya Sai Baba to join his Trust… a salesman of illegal liquor! Nagananda, a Karnataka lawyer was once listed, as was Dr. G. Venkataraman (head of Radio Sai and official websites)

Please see important announcement: Appeal to former donors to Sathya Sai Baba


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Sai Baba: Thought for the Day

Posted by robertpriddy on July 26, 2011

Here is some of the mendacious preaching of Sathya Sai Baba, an exercise in major hypocrisy, as events known throughout India and the world now show!

“Devotees expect all kinds of things as a result of their devotion to God. Today, on the seventieth birthday of this body, you ‘have to take note of one thing. Svaami needs nothing. Do not offer even a small robe. Svaami belongs to you. He is not separate from you, nor are you separate from Svaami. This is an inextricable relationship. Promote the well being of the backward and poor villages.

You must have listened to the list of offerings of gold ornaments by some devotees. What is the ornament for Bhagavaan? Only bliss. Why cover Him with a shower of jewellery? A sculptor carves a beautiful idol. Why submerge that beauty under clothes, jewels and garlands? All these are artificial. Natural beauty alone gives real joy.

Don’t take the trouble to bring such ornaments. You should not entertain such thoughts at all. Let not the devotees feel otherwise. Bhagavaan has told the central Trust to put up for auction on this stage itself all the ornaments given by devotees. The money raised thereby should be used by the Trust. These jewels should not be taken even to Prashaanthi Nilayam. I have not sought anything from anybody. But I will be happy with any kind of service you render. Spend your money to help the needy. Assist in the provision of water. Meet the educational needs of the people and provide medical relief. Do everything for the good of society and not for the sake of an individual. Have the nation’s welfare in your mind.” 

To see why the above is an outrage against trusting followers and the world at large, see Sai Baba treasure trove contents so far – overview


That is my ‘thought for the day’, which comes to mind when reading the above. Sadly the latter instead of the former part of this, in itself rather typifying, tedious and predictable play of words, for which Sai Baba was famous during his lifetime, proves to apply to himself more so than to any other man I have ever known: getting as much as he could for his own gratification, whilst forgetting everyone around him!

Mind you: given his terribly poor command of the English language, to which I myself can bear witness, I am not even sure he himself came up with these billboardlike catchphrases. I would not be surprised if the next thing we hear is him having made use of a couple of ghostwriters…

All joking aside, as a seasoned psychotherapist I don’t believe in the power of forgiveness per se. True forgiving, I have come to see, is highly unlikely, UNLESS the truth is faced first by the victim(s), even sometimes made public if the circumstances demand so. In the case of Sathya Sai Baba, there can be no real healing without devotees, present and former, coming clean with themselves, their pain, the ugly facts, whereas the perpetrators, those who sided with Sai Baba, who enabled him to do what he did for so long or were co-conspiritors and fellow abusers, show true remorse and are put to justice, if at all possible.

At this juncture I call upon the silent majority of devotees, again present AND former, not to remain silent any longer! Aid people like Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard, and by doing so help yourself and all those who have no voice.
Any small gesture will do: sign the petition calling for a thorough investigation of swami and his organisation, read, inform yourself, give your time or name, come forth with some piece of evidence of wrongdoing, help and give evidence that can speed up the pending lawsuits, talk, anything but prolonging the shattering silence that otherwise threatens to keep us away from any semblance of truth. There is still time, but not forever. If too many of us go on holding our tongues, chances are we end up with a conundrum bigger than the question what happened to Kennedy’s brain…

Chris Dokter (The Netherlands)

PLEASE SEE THE SAI PETITION – you may also make a comment there. Full name is required – only sex-abused signers can use a pseudonym – but no IP or e-mail details will be revealed

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Video clip testimony of Sai Baba as a sexual predator

Posted by robertpriddy on July 25, 2011

The testimony of Conny Larsson, well-known actor in Sweden and author of two successful books, as originally given on the Danish National TV documentary ‘Seduced’,  who was seriously sexually molested by Sathya Sai Baba, can be seen in three short video clips from that film, with English voiceover, also the most interesting interview with Jed Geyerhahn:-


View in Windows Media (wmv)1 Mb


View 11 Mbs as Windown Media – wmv


Click for Windows Media Player wmv 4Mbs


If you do not have Quicktime installed and use Windows then click here for video in wmv 

A much better quality version of  Jeg Geyerhahn testimony (download 16.2. Mb) is available here

A transcript of the entire film is found here

Ex-office bearers and prominent ex-followers
Former devotees who signed of the Sathya Sai Petition 2002 – 2011

PLEASE SEE THE SAI PETITION AND DECIDE WHETHER TO SIGN IT – you may also make a comment there. Your IP or e-mail details will NOT be revealed

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The truth about Sai Baba´s hoarding of goods

Posted by robertpriddy on July 24, 2011

All the rationalizations about Sathya Sai Baba having never accepted gifts, never kept anything for himself, always only giving everything to the needy are totally exploded by the facts that have emerged in recent weeks. The chocolates and dried fruits found which have passed their expiry date must therefore have been stored by him for a very long time, with no thought whatever of giving anything to anyone… not even the penniless and deformed beggars who always throng the entrances to his ashrams! Not to mention the countless expensive items of a kind he never is known to have given away to anyone… when he distributes sarees to lady devotees, they were far from being of the best quality. Likewise the “diamonds” he claimed to give; not one has ever been proven to be a genuine diamond, but many have been proven to be synthetic stones bought very cheaply. 

The perfumed avatar! That Sai Baba is claimed to have perfumed himself regularly so as to ´smell good´ when he walked among the crowds or gave interviews to dignitaries etc. is not an unlikely story, considering the stock of latest and rarest perfumes found among his stockpile. One perfume above all has been used by Sai Baba, the essence of  tea rose. This is a seldom encountered but extremely fragrant and wonderful perfume which is identical to that of the so-called amrit (or “divine nectar”) that Sai Baba used to produce as a sugared liquid. Amrit is easy to manufacture, so it is strange that so few gurus have discovered how it attracts and deludes devotees as being a divine blessing that endows people with spiritual qualities etc. See more about the Sai Baba amrit deception here.
Manufacture of Sathya Sai Baba amrit (nectar)
Nectar of the Gods? Or tea rose essence & sugar water?

Five thousand wristwatches? It has long been known that Sai Baba pretended to materialize wrist watches for people in interviews because batches donated to him were recognised by the donors!

Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson in his letter dated 21-10-1988 said that the story is only a hearsay and there seem to be many editions of it and one cannot use these unverified second-hand stories as argument for anything until they have been verified. Eventually, Abraham T. Kovoor contacted the makers and Mr. Shoji Hattori, president of K. Hattori & Co. Ltd., the manufacturers of Seiko watches wrote back denying the claim made about Sai Baba – namely, that “a divine-looking person with bushy hair walked into the office one day, opened the safe and walked away with the watch” (full account of the events here)

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Sai Baba: Absolute proof of blind belief’s destructiveness

Posted by robertpriddy on July 23, 2011

First posted Tuesday, 15 June 2010 by Acharya S

In the early 1990s, my attention was drawn to the popular Indian guru and godman Satya Sai Baba. For a period, I spent much time watching every video and reading every book I could find about the man. My study occurred before the internet was popular, and there was not much debunking material around. But, there was enough, and I soon discovered the Indian Rationalists’ video “Guru Busters” showing Baba doing typical magician’s tricks. I also discovered much worse, especially after I finally went online.

God on Earth?

I had read many books by devotees and others who were impressed by the seemingly endless stream of divine miracles by Sai Baba, including his purported manifestations of artifacts such as watches, statues, lingams, ash and so on.  The enthusiasm and conviction with which these alleged miracles were recounted were infectious, and I would have loved to believe they were true.  How exciting that would have been!  Here on Earth in our day and age supposedly had appeared a man who was clearly God because he could manifest an amazing array of miracles! What fun! I really wanted to go visit him at his ashram in Brindavan because it looked like such a great time. Who doesn’t want God to be real and walking among us, to love us and shower us with blessings?

Magic tricks, sex abuse and murder

But, of course, I was skeptical, so I kept digging, and I eventually found enough paydirt to confirm my doubts. Baba didn’t make it hard, because he has left a trail of trauma and terror so long and wide that many can see it, including the creators of the BBC documentary provided here. This trauma includes the grotesque sexual abuse of hundreds if not thousands of men and boys. Baba’s behavior was so egregious that UNESCO severed ties with his organization years ago, and the U.S. Embassy in Delhi warns travelers about the potential for sexual abuse by Baba.”

One of the clues as to Baba’s conjurer nature was immediately obvious: He was raised in a traveling circus where he learned magic from his uncle! How that fact could be overlooked by so many of millions shows the deluding effect of blind belief in supernatural events and beings. In this tragic tale, this blind belief led to so much pain and grief that one is motivated to expose it thoroughly. In addition to the scams and sexual abuse come also allegations of murder to cover up these crimes, including killings in Sai Baba’s own bedroom, while he cowered in the bathroom unable to stop them, even though he is supposedly omnipotent. The murdered boys possibly had been sexually abused by Baba.

Sai Baba is getting old, and he will not be able to pull off the greatest purported miracle of God, which is immortality. Hence, he will be gone soon, but his destructive legacy will linger on, as more godmen of his ilk continue to pop up in places where gullibility reigns, along with its abuse. Naturally, Baba’s other legacy of building schools, hospitals and other important infrastructure – using million$ from rich followers – will leave many in India with a happy feeling about him. But, of course, one needs to ask, if Baba is God, why does he need the million$ of others to build hospitals and water-distribution systems? Why not materialize gold bars to pay for it all? Or, even better, why not just snap your all-powerful fingers and make the diseases and water shortages disappear?

Moreover, the complicity of Indian politicians in this patent hoax to defraud people is reprehensible. But, hey, Baba brings in million$ in tourist money every year, not to mention all the rich followers tossing money at him for these projects. It is no wonder, then, that ex-Baba followers have been threatened and intimidated into silence. (It’s also been noticed that Baba manifested gold watches and jewelry for his rich followers, while only providing perfumed ash for his poor followers.)

The story of Sai Baba is but one piece of evidence demonstrating how blind belief and faith are not just matters of “personal choice” that should be left alone in all instances: Blind belief and faith can be very destructive and damaging to individuals and humanity as a whole. The various priesthoods worldwide hammering blind belief and fear into people are guilty of exploitation of innocence and gullibility – a major cause of immense suffering globally.

Further Reading

Sai Baba: God-man or con man?
Sai Baba totally and completely exposed
Sathya Sai Baba: Expose News and Short News
Sathya Sai Baba Bedroom Murders 


  •  saw movies of this guru with the bad Afro and knew that he was fake from the start. The movie showed him miraculously causing oceans of ashes come out of a relatively small container.
    There are gurus that I like, like Osho, originally the Bagwan Shree Rashneesh that spoke with such wisdom, but he didn’t want you to worship him, plus in a lot of his writings he contradicts himself. To him this is all fun, maybe that is why I liked him.
    Sai Baba, on the other hand is just a bad stage magician.
  • |2010-06-15 23:52:42Arhata  – Sai Baba
     Men with high IQ’s and perhaps total recall ability who are gurus or ‘religious salemen’ for whatever religion particularly need to be questioned.
    Words can be like magic – all pizazz and no reality but perception. Snake oil salesmen!
  • |2010-06-16 01:22:43 Duncan Roads  – Keep up the work exposing Sai Baba – he’s a fake,

    I used to believe in Sai Baba, then I heard testimony from friends of their accounts of sexual abuse. I didn’t believe them at first, and set out to prove them wrong. In doing so, I discovered hundreds more cases of sexual abuse of young men and boys. I published some of these testimonies in Nexus many years ago – and lost many friends over my stance. The emailed abuse I received from Sai Baba followers has to be read to be believed.Sai Baba is a fake, a fraud, is party to murder, and has raped and sexually molested hundreds, if not thousands, of young men and boys – against their will.It has come to the point, where followers are too afraid to lose ‘spiritual-face’ and admit they were fooled, tricked, conned, and used. The only thing worse than Sai Baba, is the support he gets from the low-life maggots (followers) who have allowed their own children to be abused and yet have turned a blind eye.When will the world wake up to the fact that ALL religions are nothing more than corrupt, state-sponsored (tax free) pedophile networks, who’s goal is to use well-meaning people to keep them in power.

    And while I am on my soap-box, I would like to introduce to you the newest religion on the block – its called ‘science’.

  • |2010-06-16 03:23:18Acharya S

    Hey Duncan -Thanks for stopping by! I remember when you published those articles years ago. And I can relate to receiving endless abuse from people who believe in this guru or that god/godman without any critical thought or inspection.I’m grateful I didn’t get sucked into the scam, as I was fortunate to come across “Guru Busters” fairly early in my quest. But I was skeptical to begin with. Yet, all the wild stories we hear out of India and Tibet are certainly intriguing.I agree that many scientists and atheistic science-mongers have become very conceited and arrogant in their stance. But, of course, the word “science” itself simply means “to know,” so anything can be approached from a scientific perspective. Scholars of the hard sciences do not have a monopoly on the word, even if some believe they do.

  • |2010-06-16 02:04:55michael  – late to the party
    Whoever, If you wrote this article “Sai Baba: Absolute proof of blind belief’s destructiveness” you are really late. I say this because i wonder how you write so much with a voice of “authority”?i traveled around the world in ’75 and was in Bombay where i learned of a miracle worker who was died but people still visited his home. His name was Si Baba. Then i learned of a Sai Baba living farther south who was suppose to be a living incarnation. As i was going in that direction i stopped by his ashram which required a local train ride, seperate cars for men/women and a bull and wagon ride to the village. I arrived early morning and watched him that day. I first became suspicious of him while watching him sitting on his “throne” chair while his “devotees” worshipped him. He looked like he was about to go to sleep any second. Then the devotees had to stand in line outside as he walked by and chose people to give “special” charms to from supposedly no where. This was sept and hot,the men lined up and the women lined up across from each other and they would pass stones fromm one end to the other building a wall.I only observed and had enough the next day i was gone. That was not my idea of enlightenment. I just do not understand how we let so-called “authority” run our lives and do our thinking. A true teacher has no authority it has been replace with Humility. And obvously it is not me
  • |2010-06-16 06:13:37anadianant  – Right in front of me… God-men, goddess-women, bleating sheeple. Salivating for salvation. Secret codes. Hidden mysteries.Such kabuki. Such distraction.All the while the truth of who we really are stares us in the face, at the tips of our noses. Just sitting there. A door, two windows, all saying, come on IN, come on IN. Not out there, IN HERE. All the magic and mystery is within. Know thy “Self!
  • |2010-06-16 09:58:57Mihail
    How came the jew Goldstein was in charge of this charlatan finance??t is just small forest animals, screeching monkeys now out of the trees. The most clever ape gets to be band lead, and the rest follow the tune! I ask WHEN WILL YOU EVOLVE PAST THIS MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO? Frankly anyone who is not fully in their own sovereignty, and free from others influence is weak and not truly human! But sad to say it your swamis like salami’s oh yes and cocktail wieners too! And yes every so call religious belief has at its head a swami same same, time to flush the cesspool of your minds and grow up! Any way I cannot fathom how anyone can still hold onto childish beliefs,

    Dear Acharya S., Thank you very much for your very important work. Many people are really DESTROYED day after day by the most lethal weapon that mankind have invented to fight against itself, all the other beings and the whole nature (against everything, let’s make it clear): God and all things related.I’m not a scholar, but life made me a specialist on the subject as well. My life, even before I was born, is marked by strange (‘spiritual’? I don’t know…) events. At the age of 5 to 6 I was already engaged in becoming one of those ‘saints’ – or idiots, if you prefer -, and then there was more than 25 years of ‘search’ till the day an event occurred to me and the whole spiritual rubbish was washed out of my system. Then a kind of transformation – physical, physiological – began to took place due to the fact that dozens thousands years of brainwash have even atrophied our glands, and once the whole sh*t is thrown away, the whole body is shocked, and such shocking freedom from that old conditioned functioning really changes the body (I have an interest in the life of UG Krishnamurti who had a very similar trajectory), and if there’s something as ‘enlightenment’ it’s nothing but this natural state and nothing to the whole ‘holy’/spiritual heritage that is actually filthy from its roots.It’s nice to be in touch and, any collaboration or anything you need, please, let me know, I have no other interest but to expose and debunk the whole fraud.
    Thank you very much.
    All the best,

    PS  am well aware of what has been constructed in the name of Sai Baba, using millions of dollars donated to him via politicians and rich citizens in several countries. If all of that philanthropy had not been done in his name, he certainly would not have become the guru he is today.In the meantime, none of it makes up for all the uncomfortable facts about the fakery and the molestation. All of the good stuff could have been done without all the weird and disturbing sociopathy associated with it.Cheers.


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Sai Baba treasure trove contents so far – overview

Posted by robertpriddy on July 21, 2011

A useful chart showing what is officially announced about the contents of Sai Baba´s secret rooms in two ashram (so far) was sent me today by an ex-follower.

The various and conflicting statements by trustees are strewn through the past month or more and can be followed by those having an interest in the following postings on this blogsite:-

Sathya Sai Colleges and Trust troubles not over 14 July 2011
Sathya Sai Trust lost 16 key government exemptions 12 July 2011
Sai Trust gets bill for removed government subsidy 11 July 2011
Sai Central Trust credibility totally destroyed 4 July 2011
V. Srinivasan remains on Sai Trust 1 July 2011

Sai Trust not yet transparent, despite Ratnakar’s bluster 30 June 2011 
Sai Baba Trustee statements so false as to confirm greater suspicion 29 June 2011
Sai Trust: irregularities & secrecy on Sai Baba’s death 27 June 2011
Protests in Puttaparthi against Sai Central Trust 26 June 2011
The Sathya Sai Trust mini-empire is crumbling 26 June 2011
Sathya Sai Central Trust era of unaccountability drawing to a close? 24 June 2011
Sai Baba cult under pressure of events and doubts 24 June 2011
Police summons for two Sathya Sai Central Trust board members 22 June 2011
Sai Baba ashram’s Chief Security Officer arrested 21 June 2011
Sathya Sai Trust steps up damage limitation ploys and the aggro 21 June 2011
Sathya Sai Trust carve-up Baba’s secret treasure house continues 20 June 2011
Corruption India: Sai Baba cult hoard plunder by Trustees? 19 June 2011
Sathya Sai Central Trust enmity in public, while their cover-ups reign 19 June 2011
Sai Central Trust van impounded by Andhra police with treasure trove? 18 June 2011
Midas hoard revealed was in Sathya Sai Baba’s private possession 17 June 2011
Sathya Sai Central Trust still shrouds all in secrecy 8 June 2011
Dharna and writ threat against Satha Sai Central Trust 31 May 2011
Sathya Sai Baba did have properties, but not ‘proper ties’ 22 May 2011
Former Minister accuses Sri Sathya Sai trust members for the death of Sathya Sai Baba 26 May 2011
Sathya Sai Central Trust untrustworthy! 22 April 2011
Sathya Sai Trust decoyed police and media on tax issues 6 July 2011
Sathya Sai Central Trust disinformation 28 April 2011 

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Sathya Sai Baba – new haul of hidden valuables found

Posted by robertpriddy on July 20, 2011

Report culled from Indian newspapers eg: The Times and The Hindu

The treasure hunts go on at Sathya Sai Baba´s ashrams – now it is the turn of `Brindavan ashram´ at Whitefield near Bangalore. The finds show that he stored up on a large scale items given to him personally by devotees, unbeknown to anyone else. He was not known to give away anything of any real value, though he gave 18 carat gold rings, earrings and some small gold statuettes away, otherwise only silver and panchaloka (5-metal alloy) rings and bracelets etc. Watches often donated to him by Sai groups and centres were later `materialized´ by him – sometimes even in front of the donors themselves!

No single person has ever shown that any alleged diamond given by him is other than a synthetic gem at best! Numerous dissidents, however,  have had these ´diamond rings´assayed by professionals and none have been found to be genuine, valuable stones, as Sathya Sai Baba told almost everyone they were! This I proved when the jeweler of Queen Margarethe of Denmark (Mr. Hertz of Copenhagen) assayed a 6 carat alleged diamond in an 18 carat gold ring setting… it was a synthetic green sapphire with green tinfoil behind the stone to enhance its brightness. See my full account with photos here 

Top government officials, even former Chief of India´s electoral Commission sported such green or white “diamond” rings from Sai Baba, no different at all from the one I wore for years! Keith Crichlow has such a ring, and other so-called VIPs in Sai Baba´s outfit, as can be seen by clicking here.

Rings exactly like those Sathya Sai Baba pretended to ´materialize from thin air´can be bought freely and very cheaply on the Internet… see here

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Four Sai Baba defectors give striking testimony

Posted by robertpriddy on July 20, 2011

Remaining devotees of Sathya Sai Baba are still either too frightened to examine the evidence or are in denial for a range of personal reasons, desires, attachments and delusions. Those who break away do not always stand forth at once, it takes time to overcome all the feelings, connections, misinterpretations and not least – for the most trusting and heartfelt devotees – the intense pain of confusion, disorientation that has been reported time and again. It takes courage to see the truth rather than cocoon oneself in a pleasant but insecure and ill-placed sense of being looked after for ever. Over 1600 persons have signed the petition, many with comments that are most insightful, though some have expressed their bitterness and utter disdain for the deceiver and abuser.

One of a family who were sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba has signed the petition and testified briefly. No doubt his testimony will be far more detailed and hard-hitting in the coming months (he is related to Jay Narain, who is preparing to seek redress through the courts in India!

Despite all this, confused but hypocritical defenders continue to cast aspersions on those of us who have ourselves been deceived and have found it necessary to forward the cause of the abused, and of the weak and vulnerable, against the Sathya Sai Baba huger abuse of trust and abuse of truth.


Dilip NarainAustralia signed the petition on July 8. 2011.Period as a follower: 1979-1982 Position in S.S.Org: student Puttaparti college

I attended his college with my 2 brothers and was abused sexually. My father handed over thousands of dollars in cash. How could his abuse of innocent children be covered up for so long?

Jack Roper, Australia
 signed the petition on July 8. 2011.Period as a follower: 1982 to 2006 Position in S.S.Org: Chairperson south australia

It wasn’t the sexual abuse nor financial scams that sowed doubt several years ago it was that he broke his hip and his health deteriorated which was in contradiction to what he had always said about himself. I was totally dedicated to him until then.

Mantish Mohesowa
Mauritius signed the petition on July 11. 2011.Period as a follower: Been a follower since childhood, joined the SSO in 2010 Position in S.S.Org: Bhajan Convenor, Vice President

I was brought up attending bhajans and I was since a child very interested in everything that concerned spirituality. I am grateful to my parents though for doing their best to give me a good upbringing. No regrets. Sathya Sai Baba was for a kid like me a real wonder; his miracles, claims and experiences of devotees. I visited centers, attended bhajans, read Sai literature, and visited those people in Mauritius (there are many) who themselves said they had received boons of Sathya Sai Baba and had the same power of materialization and telepathic communication with him.
My cousin gave me a video in which I saw him faking the materialisation of a lingam. I was around 13-14 years old. I decided not to believe. I read all critics. I decided not to believe. It was a test to my faith. My first trip to him was not what I expected. The business, noise, fanfare and the realisation that many of whom present there were the poor/uneducated folks around and foreigners who had very little knowledge of Hinduism left me feeling very disappointed. My mind told me that Sai Baba was God and I was the one who was not right.
I went again in 2010. Seeing him for the first time in Darshan on this second trip gave me the realisation that I did not feel anything strong like I used to when I was 17 (my 1st trip). The past years had been decisive in my maturing up since the last time I went there. I started questioning myself as to why despite seeing such a flagrant cheat on video and having read many things against him, I still followed him. I realised that i was doing all this to please my surrounding and because I could not afford to lose years of “spiritual” investment.
When he fell sick this year my intuition told me that all the news being given were just too beautiful to be true. I decided to read what the “opposing camp” was saying. And this was it. All what remained of my belief collapsed. His sickness was the last test. I said if he survives then it will be the greatest miracle and if he dies, I will leave. And it happened. I cried and cried. I had invested so much time and energy into it but still my adherence to truth was stronger.
I have not lost faith in Spirituality itself but have left the SSO which by the way is another matter of great debate as to whether it is a “spiritual” organisation. Many have turned against me since but I feel free. I am free. Gone is the time of Sai Baba fairy tales, stupid rationalizations and the Swami knows what he is doing” mantra.

Elizabeth Alexander USA 
signed the petition on July 13. 2011.

If there was even ONE complaint, he should have been investigated…but there have been SO many from all over the world. Just like the Pope & the Catholic Church, Sai Baba & his protectors (who are JUST as guilty) did whatever they had to do to protect the child rapists & they have brainwashed millions with his “message” of love & peace, with promises of being “special or chosen” just from being in his very presence. And Sai Baba had NO possessions??? I’d laugh, but it is SO not funny. He stole millions in gold, silver, diamonds, & cash (illegal) from the blind faith followers, which he hid & stole the innocence & very soul of the helpless children. Not only are there massive skeletons in the closet, but also secreted in the floors, ceilings, & walls of his every room. I’ve known Isaac just about my entire life & love him dearly, but power, ego, & control over one’s destiny through mental, physical, psychological, & especially sexual domination of others, is abhorrent. Why on earth does anyone believe that one man or woman, for that matter, holds the key to their salvation! It is pure insanity, for we all have it…within ourselves!
Follow the message..NOT THE MESSENGER! A wolf in sheep’s clothing is nothing but a WOLF. Sorry for the rant, but I am ANGRY & have never believed in Sai Baba, through Isaac or anyone else. PROSECUTE THESE ANIMALS, DEAD OR ALIVE!! Someone PLEASE stop the lies! Stop the insanity! Protect the children! Religion is based on one’s fear of dying & what comes afterwards & has been used as an excuse for prejudice, murder, & rape almost as long as humans have existed. VERY rarely is it used for the right reasons-to love each other & ourselves unconditionally, with no expectation of personal rewards…..or of having an audience with the great…and fake guru, Sai Baba. And why in heaven did he pull rabbits out of his skirts (aka diamonds & watches), instead of cures for cancer?? Why didn’t he make homes appear for the homeless?
Make one loaf of bread into millions of loaves?? Nothing but slight of hand tricks by a homosexual pedophile. Just a child who was bullied & learned from the streets how to fool the multitudes & gain their respect…all for his own inherent needs. For those who actually profited spiritually, that is truly wonderful, but this is NO excuse for overlooking his grossly selfish & damaging sexual proclivities. NO MAN OR GOD HAS THAT RIGHT!!!

PLEASE SEE THE SAI PETITION  – disaffected may also have their say there by making a comment. Your IP or e-mail details will NOT be revealed

(One such detractor of dissidents in denial of the truth who is now fabricating false theories about others is Dr. Om Prakash Sudrania who is writing lengthy wandering and fanciful tracts without substance or evidence… confused and falsely self-deprecating though his writings are, he will have to eat his words eventually, if only in private. He complains about anonymous postings (none made by me, actually, as my pen-name on The Telegraph is known and admitted), while he is supported by one of the many anonymous libelers (´Arjuna´) who throws out untruths and dirt about without a shred of evidence, of course, saying he/she has grounds from our conversations on the Internet to state clearly that I am a homosexual and an ´externally funded´(see the cowardice in that vagueness?). Typical of the constant harassment since 2002 by a fanatical Sai follower who has no way of answering the sex abuse charges against Sai Baba and so implies them to the critics (read either/or Gerald Moreno or his protégé the amazingly crude Lisa de Witt)! So cheap as to be laughable. Had I been homosexual, so what? It is not dishonourable among civilised people, and it does not intrinsically make one´s words any less true or more false than if one were homosexual).
Elizabeth Alexander USA signed the petition on July 13. 2011.

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Yet more Sai Baba illicit valuables found

Posted by robertpriddy on July 20, 2011

The 4th round of searches were carried out yesterday, this time in Poornachandra Hall rooms and few rooms in the second wing of the palatial Yajur mandir. Total haul was around 740 kgs of silver, 2 diamond studded gold crowns, heavy cash, and thousands of expensive silk clothes. These were illicitly collected because all donations had to be recorded and all monies had to be submitted via cheque. No record or cheques exist!

At the moment, the complete seizure in 4 rounds adds to more than 150 kg of gold, 1600 kg of silver, around Rs 20 crores in cash, many bags of diamonds (not valued).

The Sai trust is somewhat panicky about the possible legal ramifications now and have passed a “resolution” asking for the green rooms of Kulwant Hall, the VIP guest house Shanti Nivas inside PN, Sai Baba’s residence at Whitefield, Brindavan and Sai Shruti at Kodaikanal also to be searched. A suitcase containing Rs 27 lakhs donated by some “top cricketer” was found (Sachin Tendulkar, V V S Laxman?) and a whole range of other valuables and goods (see below)

A private source informs us that Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy is very angry at all the happenings around Sai Central Trust and is not keen on meeting the Sai Trustees and getting entangled in that controversy because they have created public anger in his state of Andhra Pradesh just as he is a few months into the Chief Minister’s office. His image as a politician who is “seen as putting things down with an iron hand” doesn’t bode well for the Sai Trust.
The following comment to the article in the Hindu puts the matter very succinctly:-

PLEASE SEE THE SAI PETITION  – disaffected may also have their say there by making a comment. Your IP or e-mail details will NOT be revealed

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Breaking Sai Baba news: new secret hoard found

Posted by robertpriddy on July 19, 2011

The 3rd round of searches started in Sai Baba’s personal chambers, which was scheduled for 3 days ( July 18th-20th) started yesterday. One room was opened, and 34 kg of gold, 350 kg of silver and almost 2 crores Rupees in cash have been found. 3 more rooms remain, and much more is expected in the next couple of days. Silver thrones , umbrellas and silver ropes were found yesterday. More rooms, as well as neighboring buildings are going to be searched soon.
Sai Baba trust members as usual did not make any press statement or take any questions. (They always keep as silent on such scandals as they can manage)
See Expressbuzz:  Yajurveda Mandir search leads to more gold, cash  or  
The Hindu: Silver thrones, umbrellas found in Yajur Mandir


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Sai Baba’s secret rooms: officials rummage further

Posted by robertpriddy on July 19, 2011


Now that Guru Purnima 2011 is over, the process of entering further into Sai Baba’s material sanctum to rummage for more ill-gotten gains (i.e. gifts accepted without cheque by Sai Baba, who claimed he never handled or accepted any gifts or money!). The latest news report is seen here on the right:-

Concerning the issue of the hoard of unregistered gifts Sai Baba had accepted and squirreled away in his 5 by 5 metre bed(for what?), in cupboards and caches, Mr. V. Srinivasan stated at a press conference on July 1st, 2011, “Upto the time of Baba’s Maha Samadhi, the Trustees had no knowledge of the Rs. 11 crores. Baba is the Founder Trustee, and the fact is Baba had no property of His own. He doesn’t even have a bank account in His name; all that He had was His dress. Whatever the devotees gave Him, He used it for public good. We can not know why He acted in a particular way but what we can firmly say is Baba never kept anything for Himself.”

This is nothing less than turning black into white. Sai Baba had only his dress! Who can believe that. Sathya Sai Baba lived like a maharaja compared to any ordinary Indian labourer, let alone any genuine sannyasin. He had not to lift a finger for anything, well-appointed luxury apartments all over the place, all his food, cars, planes, cash and other enticements to give away to his boys. He did not use his hoarded wealth in the mandir for the public good, he had accepted it as gifts – which is contrary to all he has ever claimed about himself.

“The Board of Trustees met for the first time after taking the inventory on  June 27. They have taken the decision to pay necessary income-tax on the value of the inventory though no demand for tax has been received from the Income-Tax Department. Accordingly a sum of Rs.9.75 crores has been paid towards income-tax.”

A strange act indeed, since the Trust was exempt of taxation, customs duty etc., preempting the authorities, whose right it would be to levy tax… since taxation is not decided voluntarily by the payee.  

Srinivasan wove another web of lies about the Rs. 35 lakhs has been seized from a vehicle on the highway. The Andhra Pradesh police, who questioned  V. Srinivasan and Ratnakar,  investigated thoroughly and exposed the lie that the money had been paid for the construction of the Mahasamadhi by 12 devotees independent of the Trust, because the money was transferred long before Sai Baba’s death was expected.
Srinivasan said:-  “A group of devotees approached the Trustee Mr. Ratnakar and expressed a desire to humbly contribute towards the project and handed over to him a sum of Rs. 35 lakhs.” The money therefore was handed over to the project consultant in  Prasanthi Nilayam in the evening of  June 18. The car of the  consultant agency was stopped by the Police enroute to Bangalore and the funds have been seized. The project consultant had filed a letter with the Police explaining that these funds have been given to them for the Maha Samadhi work and have asked the Police to release these funds to enable them to proceed with the work of Samadhi construction.”

The media asked him: “On the first day they said that the amount does not belong to them. Subsequently they stated that it belonged to 12 devotees but their names were not disclosed. Later it was said that the amount was given by devotees to L&T (a construction company) in connection with the construction of Maha Samadhi.  Why did the statements change every”
Mr. V. Srinivasan (V.S.): I request Mr. Naganand to answer this question.
Mr. S.S. Naganand (S.S.N.): To the best of my knowledge.

Media: You say the Trust is very transparent;  then why was Rs.11 crores found in Yajur Mandir. If the money was given to Baba, why was it not deposited in the bank? (Mr. Srinivasan from NTV Bhakthi Channel in Telugu).

Srinivasan avoided the question entirely and replied: “The Board of Trustees took charge of these affairs after Bhagawan’s Maha Samadhi and then acted as per law. Therefore as soon as the inventory was taken, we deposited it in the State Bank of India; we have the receipt. Now we also feel that for the value of cash and gold recovered we should pay income-tax. That is why even without any demand from Income-tax department, we have paid Rs. 9.75 crores (as advance tax).”

Srinivasan continued he deceptions and untruths at length as can be read at

See what devotees thought of the Trust and its trustees (scanned image below) and see also:-
Sai Baba’s Yajur Mandir looted by thieves – Deccan Chronicle
Sathya Sai Trust’s V.Srinivasan: Defending A Religious Empire Fallen. A Torn House Divided

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