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Sai Central Trust credibility totally destroyed

Posted by robertpriddy on July 4, 2011

The Sathya Sai Central Trust official claims that the seized Rs 35.5 lakhs was from 12 devotees, meant for Sai Baba’s memorial (samadhi) construction, and that it was not the Trust’s money. This has been nailed as a lie by the police. Twelve devotees of Sathya Sai Baba had furnished documents that they had donated the cash, and had even claimed that the cash should be returned to them, so the police started questioning them a few days back. It now seems they had furnished false statements to the police at the behest of Sathya Sai trust members. The receipt stamps on the seized cash show that the cash was drawn from banks between 2007 and 2009.and the 12 Sathya Sai devotees, when asked to give bank statements to show that the cash had been drawn by them, furnished bank statements from 6 months previously! Now that investigators have got solid proof that the 12 “devotees” had been setup by the Trust members, the 2 trust members Srinivasan and Ratnakar are most likely to be charge sheeted and cases filed for cash embezzlement , forgery and maybe other offences like providing misleading statements to investigators and govt officials deliberately ( with criminal intent).

It is most surprising how “Sathya Sai devotees” agreed to deliberate cheating! Had not their “Swami” instructed them to always speak the truth? Perhaps the fact of gold and cash being stashed in the master’s room made the followers emulate their guru, who always plagiarised Mahatma Gandhi saying “My Life is My Message”?

Here are a few samples of Sathya Sai trustee V. Srinivasan’s statements in the last few days:-

Srinivasan entangling himself in contradictions and lies, as proven by later events

“The money belongs to the Trust”….in an interview to Indian Express two days before being questioned by the police about the seized 35.5 lakhs. In the same interview, Srinivasan dismisses outright the suggestions that there could be more gold, silver valuables in Yajur mandir. (June 24th)….From the earlier “all transactions by check only with receipts issues”, it is now ” most transactions are by check…and some cash transactions”! See scan on left from Express News Service.

On June 28th , Tuesday…the Sathya Sai trust in a press conference makes the outrageous statement which was the headline of an article in The Hindu ‘Rs.35 lakh cash does not belong to Trust’

Which one is true, Mr Srinivasan? After denying any possibility of any more gold or valuables in Yajur Mandir on June 24th, the Sai Trust now shamelessly says “The trust had not made any statement that the inventory was complete…..”, this is yesterday, after the 2nd gold , silver and diamond haul in yajur mandir. To this we can aptly quote the good old Sir Walter Scott: “Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!”

Any more flip-flops on the way Mr Srinivasan? Anything about the false walls and ceilings? The Poornachandra Hall apartment are also to be searched after the Guru Purnima celebrations are over (see Yet more searches of Sai Baba’s ashram buildings ). Perhaps the deranged promoter of the Ascended Masters of the Seventh Ray, Sai Baba and crystal skulls, Isaac Tigrett, will reveal more secret stores… he has promised to tell many secrets Sai Baba vouchsafed to him. That will be most entertaining! (see Tigrett telling this on video) and also Isaac Tigrett’s announcement of secrets Sai Baba told him

The Sathya Sai Central Trust in total breach of its own rules: The brazen attempts of the Sathya Sai trust to gloss over Indian laws, and the breaking of such laws  by the SB trust hasn’t received even minimum media attention. People are obsessed with the 35.5 lakhs cash haul…and the most important issue of how the sb trust took possession of the 98 kg gold, 307 kg silver and 12 crores cash is not being addressed. See the Sathya Sai press release dated April 18th 2011, 6 days before Sai Baba died… at

Note the following points from the press release…..about how the Trust accepts NO CASH DONATIONS.

The Trust does not receive donations except through banks. Payments are made through cheques only. The valuation of the assets of the Trust according to the established accounting norms, and the audited statements of income and expenditure are all incorporated in the various returns to be filed before the respective statutory authorities of the Central and State governments at specified intervals. These returns have all been filed regularly and are up-to-date. Foolproof accounting systems are in place. The question of any diversion of funds or unauthorized expenditure does not arise.”

Accounting procedure for Receipts & Payments of the Trust
Donors deposit the cash directly in the bank branch opened in the premises of the Trust. No employee of the Trust can receive any cash donations from the donors. Donors who like to donate outside the banking hours are advised to donate through debit card machines of the bank. As such there are no cash collections with the Trust which are not accounted for. Cheques/drafts received by the Trust are deposited daily in the bank by the Finance Officer of the Trust. Any foreign contributions received are credited in a separate bank account as per approval given by the Home Ministry under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976. The receipts duly signed by the Secretary of the Trust are sent to the donors at the addresses given by them.
All works and projects of the Trust are approved by the Founder Trustee, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who only has the power to sign cheques for disbursing payments for the approved works/projects. All payments to various suppliers/contractors are made by A/c payee demand drafts or by transfer through RTGS directly for credit to the bank accounts of various suppliers/contractors. No payments are made to any party by cash.

The annual audited Foreign Contribution Statements giving receipt and utilization are sent to Home Ministry every year. The annual audited Financial Statements are also filed every year with various Government agencies such as Income Tax Department etc.”

When such is the official and legal status of the registered Sathya Sai trust, the following questions are MOST obvious.

1. How did Sathya Sai Baba, presumably aware of all the rules/laws of his own trust of which he was the check signing authority, accept huge cash and gold donations and not even declare them to his own trust ?

2. If those “donations” of cash, gold, diamonds and silver, could not be valid and legal donations to the Trust, why did Sai Baba accept it ?

3. Is it not a straightforward fact that Sai Baba had knowingly committed and attempted to hide a criminal act ?

4. In the light of the above established facts , why did the Sathya Sai trust, claim the hoarded wealth discovered on June 17th as its own and how could they deposit it in the Trust accounts, given that its illegal for the Sathya Sai trust to accept cash/gold ( both under their own charter/laws as well as Income tax laws)

5. Is it not patently obvious that the Sathya Sai trust , now…..and Sathya Sai Baba earlier, have been accepting illegal contributions to the trust, hoarding it and also hiding it…and even worse, upon discovery, trying to pay “advance tax” on it and claiming the hoarded wealth as their own ?
Shouldn’t these questions be raised by the public and media to the officials, government and Income tax authorities, and shouldn’t serious criminal cases be filed against Sathya Sai Baba ( deceased offender) and also the Sathya Sai trust for criminal financial fraud ?

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