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The Public Petition against Sathya Sai Baba and his Officials – status

Posted by robertpriddy on July 8, 2011

The Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization was begun for a number of reasons:-
1) It was to show the Sai authorities and devotees that many left Sai Baba, not just “a handful of disgruntled persons who did not get the attention from SB they desired” as they made into their mantra at the time.
2) Obviously, so as to bring world attention to serious allegations of child molestation and homosexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba, involving many victims there including boys and young men visiting from other countries, and the grave concerns about the unresolved murders in which Sai Baba was involved in 1993.
3) The petition serves to give a voice to those who wished to express their views against Sai Baba and make their presence known to other former followers (with whom they lost touch) and the exposé movement.

In these respects it has had considerable success, even though our analyses of foreign Sai centres and groups known to us show that less than 1 in 10 of the disaffected have signed it (or had the means to do so).  Many who have signed were once Sathya Sai Organization members, including office-bearers. Though the Petition suffered a breakdown due to excessive (pro-Sai) spammers and saboteurs during its first year on-line when it was on an unprotected free petition website, the valid signatures were recovered from files held by those who administered the petition at that time. The JuST group (which endorsed the petition) decided they could not reply on the on-line petition providers and asked for a new website to be made. Not long after that, a new and secure website was started for the petition under the same domain name (/  – Note! you can sign at the link here), with security measures which ensure that spammers cannot disrupt the petition or post from bogus IPs and locations. The reaction of the Sai authorities was absent on the surface, though a major campaign was launched through a person claiming to be ‘neutral’ but proving to be fanatically biased entirely against all criticism of Sai Baba to sabotage, disrupt and discredit the petition in all possible ways. Despite that, people continued to sign it, and do so to this day. It was not intended as a document for any strict legal process, but to raise awareness in the event of such actions. 

Certain officials of the Sathya Sai Organization and Sathya Sai Central Trust, and many teachers at Sai schools and colleges, are know to have failed in their moral and compassionate duty by disregarding and not alerting membership to the allegations, putting minors at risk in Sai Baba’s presence and not protecting vulnerable visitors and enrolled students. These officials, some being educators and health care professionals, have lacked the moral courage to exercise due care, instead complying with a campaign of secrecy and cover-up, the alleged molestations having continued for decades. A directive was issued to various high office-bearers in the organization banning discussion of these allegations in the centres. Many of these persons are still in jeopardy of being held legally responsible and/or sued for major financial compensation.

PROMINENT EX-FOLLOWERS OF SATHYA SAI BABA – below this table see other ex-devotees

Glen Meloy, USA. — Member for 26 years.  Member of 1st Advisory Board of the SSB Society for USA. Co-Manager, Sathya Sai Book Center of America in 1974-5.
Barry Pittard, Australia — 1976-1999.  Former English Lecturer, Sathya Sai College, Whitefield.
Richard Nelson, USA — Member 1979-2000  Ex-President Santa Barbara Center.
Terry Nelson, USA — Member 1979-2000.
Alexandra Nagel, The Netherlands —  Follower briefly in 2000, Active in exposé investigations.
Conny Larsson, Sweden — 1978-99  National Spiritual Coordinator from 1993-96, member since 1992. He was a victim of Sai Babas sexual molestation since 1979-1983.
David. J. Lyons, USA —  Follower from 1981 to 2000.  Ex-President of the Center of Greater New Orleans.
Helen Lewers, Australia — Member 1980 – 2000.
Reidun Priddy, Norway — 1983-2000.  Founder member and Seva Wing Coordinator 1986-1998
Robert Priddy, Norway — 1983-2002. : Founder member/Ex-Chairman (Oslo Center) 1986-1996 and Coordinator for Norway 1986-2000.
Shirley J. Pike, USA —  Ex-President, NC Region: Ex-President Cedar Rapids Center, Iowa.
Keith Ord, Spain — Follower from 1986-1991. Abused.
Marit Larssen, Norway —  Bergen group Coordinator 1996-2000.
Soma Jeyendren, Australia — Devotee 1989 -2001.  Coordinator of celebrations, Pennanthills Center, NSW.
John Hartgering, USA — Follower for 10 years. P Ex-President/Service Coordinator of Centre.
Elena Hartgering, USA — Sexual abuse counselor. Follower 20 years: Ex-Vice-President of Centre and Regional Workshop presenter.
Ella Evers, USA — 1986-2000  Have been in various Officers’ functions and hosted the Eugene Sai Center for fifteen years. I wrote a letter to Dr. Goldstein after hearing about the pedophilia acts by Sai Baba. The Goldstein letter was returned to me unopened.
Dennis J. Hanisch, USA — Follower for 27 years.  Founder member and Vice-President, Seattle Center.
Lionel Fernandez, Mexico — Follower since1967.  Centre Chairman May-October 2000.
James Albert Danis, Canada — Follower for 13 years  Coordinator of Retreats etc., Vancouver Center.
Andries Krugers Dagneaux, The Netherlands — . Follower from 1992-2001.  Ex-Coordinator of seva wing.
Timothy Conway, USA — Follower for 22 years  President of the Sathya Sai Baba Center of San Francisco from 1982-4
Stephen Carthew, Australia — Follower for 15 years  Ex-office-bearer in the South Australian Org
Dave. G. Brandt, USA — 1970-1999 P USA. Official Contact for Nebraska, N. and S. Dakota.
Serguei Badaev, Russia — 1995-2001  Ex-President of Sai Org. Moscow Centre and Deputy National Chairman for Russia.
Dinara Badaeva, Russia — May 20. 2002. EHV organizer and teacher
Tal Brooke, USA — 1969-1971 Author of Avatar of Night and the Hardback Lord of The Air – released in India by Vikas Publishing exposing Sai Baba’s dark side. This 400 page book details his intense experience as a close disciple of Sai Baba
James Albert Danis, Canada — Follower: 13 yrs My very good friend Glen Meloy asked me to be listed on the list. He mentioned he would do it for me with my permission which was ok.
Jorge Reyesvera, Mexico — Follower: 1983-2000 – member 1984-1996. Si no hay culpa no hay nada que temer.
Octavio Escobar, Colombia — Follower 1989-1999. Former President of Sathya Sai Organization La Magdalena Center, Bogota.
Dave Brandt, USA — Follower: 1971-2001  Contact officer for SD, Wy, ND, NE. of USA
Lisa Tice, USA — Follower 1985-2000  Ex-President Sai Org. Gig Harbor Center/7 years
Newton Barry K., Australia — Follower 1994 – 2001  Ex Sai Org. Chairperson Pennant Hills, ex Deputy Chairperson NSW Zone B
Margarita Sanchez Van Dyck, Mexico — Follower: 1984-2000
Juan de la Cruz, Mexico — Follower: 1992-2000
Arthur Klein, New York, USA — Original representative of the public petition.
Marc-André St. Jean, Canada — Former member of Sai Center in Montreal
Dhyani Jo Sinclair, Canada —  Member and Sai Centre Secretary, 1995-2000.
Barbara Shocket, and Everett Shocket, USA — 1980-1990.
Sharon Purcell, USA — Follower for 32 years.  Founder member of Tustin Center, California.
Sathya Purcell, USA — Lifetime follower until age 23.
Stijntje Riemersma, The Netherlands — Follower for 20 years.  Coordinator/Secretary Utrecht group, 6 years.
Jon Sutton, USA — .Follower: 1986 -2000  Hosting the Eugene Sai Center for fifteen years
Hortense Quijs, The Netherlands — 1995 – 2000  Maastricht Group Coordinator
Bettina Woolard, USA — 1991 – 2000  SSE teacher and Service Coordinator
Steve Woolard, USA — P President of Walnut Creek, CA center for 5 years.
Sunny Torres, Windsor, Newhaven, Connecticut US — January 11. 2009. 1996 – 2008  Service Coordinator at Windsor
Jim Veenker, USA — Follower: 1997-2000 – local Seva coordinator & vice president. Visited the ashram in 1999, and later saw a letter from a victim. I had observed some of the facts of the letter and believed his account of molestation.
Roy Pendragon, Australia — Follower: 1990 – 1997 approx: Former Administrator SS School Perth WA
Catharina Elisabeth Kuyken, The Netherlands — Follower: 1992-2000  secretary of the Purmerend-Group
Dale Beyerstein, Canada — editor of Sai Baba’s Miracles
Catherine Murray, USA — Follower: 1975; 1996-2005. I am a niece of the late Sanskrit scholar, Camille Svensson, who translated several Hindu ‘scriptures’ for Sai Baba.
Miguel Angel Gonzalez, USA — April 5. 2008. Follower: 1996-2008 – Sai Org.: various en USA y Argentina.
Muz Murray, France — October 11. 2007. I never was a follower. But Swami Muktananda of Ganeshpuri, warned me over thirty years ago, never to get into a private darshan with Sai Baba, as he had just returned from Puttaparthi adjudicating in a court case regarding Sai Baba’s molestation of the son of two of Muktananda’s disciples. Also an Arab friend was penetrated by Sai Baba many years later.
Anders Thisted, Denmark –Follower: 1997-2000 I was helping with the Danish Documentary 30.1.2002
Hanneke Koeman-Bot, Netherlands — Follower: 1991-2004 Sathya Sai Organization coordinator 4 j. Centre coordinator Zaanstad 4 j.
Basava Premanand, India — 1968-1974 Worker in SSB Org., Podanur I have exposed all the miracles of SSB and also Investigated murders, financial exploitation, and Sexual abuse of Students. Govt. of India have to investigate him.
Massimo Isolica, Italy — June 24. 2004. I’m the owner and webmaster of, the only critical website about Sai Baba and his world organization in Italian language, it aims to make devotees and their families aware against the mental conditioning of this cult and to make former devotees aware they have made the right choice!
Jorge Arce, Peru — Follower 1978 – 2000  Ex Presidente del Comite Coordinador
Isidro Cachadiña Gutiérrez, Spain — Follower 1989-2002 S.S.Org: President of local Center
Rosalia Malagelada de Neves, Venezuela — Follower: 1988-2001 Sai Org: Difusión y Coordinadora de Servicio a nivel Latinoamericano.

Some of the more than 1600-plus petition signers who have included details of their years of involvement as followers. The real figure is evidently far higher than this ‘tip of the iceberg’. The great majority who have lost faith in Sai Baba’s claims or have ceased to follow him no doubt do not sign the petition for a number of reasons. These include: 1) They do not have the Internet., 2) They did not find the petition on the Internet 3) They do not wish their former allegiance to become known for many personal and other reasons (such as employment problems, work prospects, so as not to offend others among their family, friends and contacts who remain believers, worries about obtaining travel visas to India, avoidance of further publication of their names due to web stalking, identity theft and outright harassment.

Arti Solanki, USA — follower: 1995-2005
Hanora Brennan, Ireland — follower: 15 years 1990-2005
Sebastian Engelbarts, Netherlands — follower & member: 1990-2009
Adriana Suderset, Switzerland — follower: 1981-1994
Pathma Saravanan, Australia — follower: 1973-2007
Dolly Rattan, Trinidad — follower: 1976-1998
Raj Kumar, India — follower: 1982-1993
Alvaro Filippo Michelon, Italy — follower: 1981-1990 (molested)
Chris Dokter, Netherlands — follower: 1980-1990
Amy Dave, USA — follower: in 2002
Dominic Bloomfield, United Kingdom — follower very briefly in 2011
Nadeem K, Delhi — former Sai student, now senior executive
Paramasivam Peetambaram, India –  IT engineer.
Raj kumar, India — involved for 8 years
Diren B. Hemah, Malaysia — involved since childhood
Manav Sharma, India — Involved until 2008
Sunder Murthi, Belgium — follower: 12 years
Yashvardhan Naudiyal, India — Follower: 1991 to1993
Niranjan Bidargaddi, Australia — 1992-1998  Student in Sai Org.
Ismael Rodriguez, Spain — Follower: 1976-1986
Joanna Padgett, USA — Follower: 1971-1983
Lia Meijer, Italy — . Follower: 1989-2003
Prashant Jayaraman, USA — Follower: 1990-2005
Mary Garden, Australia — Follower 1973-1978 See ‘Mind Control & Cults
Martin Angel, Argentina — Follower since 10/10/198
Maria Bossi, Switzerland — Follower: 20 years
Soni Sutton, USA — Follower from: Birth to age 29 (1974 to 2003)
Esenam Agbotse, Ghana — February 21. 2008. Follower: 1996 to 2002
Gordon Lord, Hong Kong — involved 1991 – 2007, yet not a follower
Jyothi Kumar, India — Student of the Institute from 1984 to 1991
Luis Gerardo Galvan Cortes, Mexico — Follower: 17 years all my life
Danilo Pomicino, Italy — Follower: 1992/2007
Massimo Falsetti, Italy — Follower: 2000-2004
Claudia Pees, Germany — Follower: approx. 15 years
Abdul-Maalik Tailor, UK — Follower: 1984-1991 I grew up brainwashed
Wilfred Waters, Australia — Follower: 1983-2001
Krishna Murthy, India –Follower: 1970 to 1993 Active Worker.
Kirtan Kumar, India — 1960-2007 onwards. Student at Institute in Parthi.
Jai Kumar, India — from 1975 Was a Student I want to expose him
Jai Ganesh, India — followed some time, my family for very long time.
Stefan Bauer, Germany — Follower: 1998 – 2006.
Dr. Rita Gregory, Malaysia — Left SB 2007.
Ganapathi Das, Netherlands — Follower: 1987-2004 Seva-Spiritual Coordinator
Linda Deakin, New Zealand — Follower: from 1999 to 2001
Malgorzata Leonczuk, Poland — Follower: 7 months
Alberto di Vicino, Italy — July 20. 2006. Follower: 1 year
Panchito Mandefua, Andorra — Follower thirty years
Ivel Danieri, Venezuela — Follower: from 2005 to 2006
Vadim Koudreavtsev, Russia — Follower: 2000-2005, active member
Satish K[protected] India — Follower: 1990-2005
Rakesh Dookhit, Mauritius — Follower: 1996-2001.
Siva Kandiah, Malaysia — Follower: for a few years.
Ramesh SVR, USA — 1992-2000 I am an ex school student who was molested
Julian O’Donnell, Australia — Follower: 5 years
Soledad Cabrero, Spain — Follower: 1991-1998
Mhairi Fox, United Kingdom — Follower for some of past 23 years
Jacinta van IJperen, Netherlands — Follower: 1987- 2005
Gianni Cecere, Italy — Sathya Sai Organization Cook and organizer of catering
Ennio Calandra, Italy — Follower: 2001-2004
Selma Tapia Pereira, Bolivia — 1999 Follower: three years.
Hristo Todorov, Bulgaria — Follower: 3 months
Gordana Jakob, Croatia — Follower: 15 years
Prakash Sankarasubramanian, USA — Follower: 1995 – 2005
June Ives, United Kingdom — Follower: 20 years
Jeremy Carstairs, Germany — Follower: 1994-2003 regional co-ordinator
Hilary Cawsey, United Kingdom — Follower: 3 years leader Exeter Centre
Margaret Tottle-Smith, U. K. — Follower: 43 years ex Convener Region 7 UK
Salim Delgado, Argentina — student. I know the terrible truth this horrendous man
Giovanni Felice, Italy — follower from 1984 up to 2004
Carlos Francisco Mejia Brizuela, El Salvador — 5 years
Pacus Gagu, New Zealand — Follower 1980 – 1993
Rafael Izturriaga, Venezuela — Follower 5 years.
Ipsita Das, India — November 30. 2004. Follower till recently.
Michel Koeman, Netherlands — Follower: 1987-2004 Seva/Bhajan – Zaanstad
Alexander Keilonat, Germany — . 1998-2000
Marcia Miller, USA — .Follower 1984-2000
Corrie Wiersma, Holland — Follower 1991-2002
Badri Narayanan, India — Follower from 1984 -2004
Reshma Karki, Nepal — Follower 1990 -2004
Sylvain Beauchamp, Canada Follower 1992-2004
Svetlana Morozova, Russia Follower 1996-2002
Anurag S. Raj, USA Follower 1996-1999
Pierre Stahre, Sweden Follower 1990-2000
Marcello Sandri, Italy — Follower 1990-2002
Anish Rathod, UK Follower 2000-2003
Barbara Sullivan, USA — Follower from 1981
Prisha Pandey, Nepal — Follower 1985 to 2003
Tony O’Clery, Canada — Follower 1985-2000 Secretary Vancouver Centre
Alexis Hildebrandt, Germany — Follower from birth 1987-2002
Tania Gordon, Australia — Follower 1980-1 to 2000
Felix Maria Woschek, Portugal — Follower 1984 – 1998
Mohammad Tofigh, Sweden — Follower 15 years
Andres, Latin America — Follower 1985-2000
Vejay, USA — Follower 1983 – 1991
Ana maria Yazlle, Argentina — . Follower: 1989-1999
Williams, w. . Follower: 1978-2003  S.S. sai student
Ms. Armande McKenna, Canada — . Follower: 1986 – 2001
Shivaprakash Raju, USA — Follower: 1990-1995.
Karen M. Krueger, USA — Follower in the 1970’s.
Anthony Alphonse, Trinidad and Tobago — Follwer. Visited Sept to Dec 1975
Juan Pablo, Argentina — Follower: 1990-2000
William Daniel Watson, New Zealand — Follower: 1989-1995
Arlene Mazak, Ph.D., USA — Follower: 1975-2000
Alfonso, Spain — Follower: 1998-2002
Rangeeth. B.N, India — Follower 3 years
Jagvir Bains, United Kingdom — Follower 8 years.
R.S.Subaji, New Zealand — Follower 1985-1999
K.Dayaharan, UK — Follower 1975-1993
Klaas Knol, Netherlands — Follower 1985-1999 S.S.Org: translator/corrector
Susana Contreras, Sweden — Follower 15 years ex-Balvikas Teacher
Hans Ruijs, switzerland — Follower 1993 – l999
Jaap Hutte, Netherlands — Follower 1978 – 1999 S.S.Org: translator
Roberto Simeoni, Italy — . Follower 1974-2001
Hari Dev Gautam, India — was a devotee and became a victim very nearly.
Bonita Swordmaker, USA — Follower 1987-2002 Wedgewood group Seattle,Wa.

Atul Menon, India — follower: 1993-2006  Sai Org. – lawyer
Chander Thangavelu, India/Canada — follower 1994-2000
Darandu Okemumuo, Nigeria, — follower: 1989 – 1993
Musthafa Abdulla, Bahrain — follower: 2009-2010
Lavanya Nal, India — follower: 1996-2010
Sai Naveen, India/UK– follower: 1997-2008
Gillian Hearn, Greece –follower 1997-2003
Lello, Italy — Follower 1990-2003
Bhanu Chopra, India — Follower 1981-1988 Student at Prashanthi
Mark Aguilera, france — . three weeks at ashram in 1989 ex admirer
Harikrishnan P.S.. India — follower: 1 year
Shobhna Kapoor, Canada — Followed briefly, around 1981
Donald Wilson, USA — Follower 1980-1999
Prem Latha, India-Bangalore — Follower 8 years – now no more
Åsa Samsioe, Sweden — Follower 5 years See her writings here
Paul Throne, USA — Follower 1988-2000 – education coordinator
Anne Irene Larsen, Norway — Follower from 1992 to 1998
Paola E. Mario, UK — Follower 1987 -2002
Michael Goldberger, U.S.A. Follower 1992 to 1999
John Purnell, australia — Follower 1987-1994 also sexually abused.
Sonia de Rojas, Spain — Follower 1990-2001
Michelle E. Bruce, USA — Follower early 1980s
María Tardío Cabrera, Spain — 2001-2002 S.S.Org: Local coordinator
Awati Patel, UK — Follower 1996 – 2000
Mauro Leal, Venezuela — November 16. 2004. Follower 4 years
Sara Friedmann, France — Follower 2003-4
Laim Ekaf, Denmark — Follower: 1999-2001
Subramanyan Iyer, India — Folloer 1981-2000
Jacques McGreg, United Kingdom — Active worker SSO 1989 – 2003
Richard Veal, UK — Follower 2 years
H. Devosey, USA — Follower resigned member – Austin center 2004.
John v.d. Jagt, Netherlands — Follower 1993-2003
Petra van der Jagt, Netherlands — Follower 1993-2003
Duarf Ton, USA — Follower 1988-1989
Victor Brooks, USA — Follower 1980 to 1998
Cees de Volder, Netherlands — Follower 1998 – 2004
Z. Parkinson, UK — Follower 1992-2000 S.S.Org. convenor 1997-98
Barbara Dent, U.S.A. –Follower 1987-2004
Daniel Alberto Alegrett Salazar, Venezuela — Follower 1998-2004
Carolyn Wise, USA — Follower 1998-2004
K.Kalaivani Shanmugapriya, India –Follower Feb 2004 -June 2004
Darren Fidels, USA — Follower 1974-2003
Rajaneethan Raju, U.K. — Follower 1990 to 2004
Sarath Gunatunga, New Zealand — Follower: 1992 to 2004.
Kevin D.H., USA — Follower: 1993 to 2002
V Renganathan, Malaysia — Follower 2004 – 2005
Diana Ortega Villaseñor, Mexico — Follower 1983-2000
Angelica Bos, Netherlands — Follower 1993 till 1995
Natalia Lomeli Quintanilla, México — Follower 1991-2000
Sanjay Dadlani, United Kingdom — Follower 1990-2001.
Krishna M, India — Follower: 2 years
Helen Trbuhovich, Australia — Follower 1998-2004
Lourdes Medina, USA — . Follower 1990-1999
Peter Weber, Germany — Follower 1996 – 1999
Terry Penney, UK — . Follower: 1998-2000
Guillermo Santos Valle, Mexico — . Follower 1982-2000
Gabriela Quintanilla Treviño, Mexico, — Active in S.S.Org. 1991-2000
Aravind Ramasamy, USA — Follower 1989 to 1999
Suganya Sangarapillai, New Zealand — Follower 1985-1994
Sekharji [Chandrasekhar Balasubramanian], USA — 1946 – 2000
Oscar Arturo Lope de Vega Betancourth, México — 1998-2002
Raúl Medina, México — Followeer 1982 – 2000
Adeel Amin, Canada — Follower 1990 to 2000 Bal Vikas student
Kawata Kazushito, japan — Follower 4 years
Prem Kumar, Malaysia — 1975-2004
Alfonso Peniche Ballesteros, Mexico — Follower l989 — 2001
Girasol Jiminez Ortega, Mexico — Follower 1985-2000
Miguel Pineda Huerta, México — 6 months 2000
Vitor André, Brazil — Follower 1 year
Betty Gump, USA — Follower 1989-2000
Marcia Liapes, USA — Follower 1988 until 2000
Francisco Neves, Venezuela — Follower from 1990 until 2001
Hans de Kraker, Australia — Follower: 1989 – 1997
Eddie from Toronto, Canada — Follower: 1993-1999
Taniya Weerasuriya Purcell, USA — Follower: 1994-1998
Ma. Elena González Herrera, México — Follower: 1974-2001
Manuel Antonio Piñero Martinez, Venezuela — Follower: 1997 to 1999  Nirmal, Canada — Follower: 1976-2000
Robert Michaelson, Australia — Follower: 1979
David J. LaFratta, USA — 25 years of deep devotion
Abu, Canada — an ex-follower
Karen Harp, USA — Follower 1993-1995
María G. García., México — Follower: April 1997 to August 2001
Rocio Santos, Mexico — Follower: 1990-2000
Edwin X, The Netherlands — . Follower – 1996-1999
Wilhelm Kaiser, Germany — Follower: 1987-2001
Antony v mathai, USA — Follower 1997-2001
Susan Angel, Canada — Follower 1975-2001 – ex-bal vikas teacher
Lilian Pike, USA — Follower 1980 – 1998
Sonia Mendoza de Rojas, Spain — Follower: 1990-2000
Seth Woolard, USA — . 1991-2000
Eleanore Duyndam, USA — Follower: 21 years
Fred van Gunst, The Netherlands — Follower: 1997-1999
Padma Surya, India — . Follower: 1986-2003
Sanjay Sola, United States — Follower: 1 year
Richard H. Allan, USA — Follower: Fall 1977 – Dec. 1999
Lars Winther, Mexico. follower 1988 – 2001
Virginia Villalon, Spain — Follower: 1985-1997 secretary coordinating
Miguel Velazquez, Venezuela — Follower: 1988 until 2001
Jasmin, Montenegro/Yugoslavia — Follower: 2003-2004 Kotor-group
Rok Koritnik, Slovenia –. Follower: august 2002 to may 2003
Ann McBride, USA — Follower: 1999-2001
Leen Auperle, Holland — Follower: 1992-2003
Salvatore Iozzia, italy — Follower: 6/1999 -10/2002
Nieves Caceres, U.S.A Follower: 1991/1997
Antonia Pérez Esquivel, Colombia — Follower 1993-1997
Lee Yue Heng, Singapore — Follower 1997-2001
Greg Gerson, U.S.A — Follower: 1993-?
Raja, USA — Follower: 1991-1995
Juan Manuel Sanchez, Spain — Follower: 5 years.
Mercedes Pretto, Argentina — . 1980-1995
Preeti Vijay, U.S.A. — Follower 1990-2001
Elsa Malka, Canada — Follower 1998-2000
Mariana Lomelí Quintanilla, México — Follower 1989-2000
Rangeeth, India — Follower from 3 years
Jose Santiago, Venezuela — Follower 3 years

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