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Sai Guru poornima: attacks on reason, scholarship and secular life continue

Posted by robertpriddy on July 15, 2011

On Guru poornina at Prashanthi Nilayam today – July 16th – the tomb (so-called mahasamadhi) of Sathya Sai Baba is unveiled. ‘Maha-samadhi’ refers to a condition of imagined super-conscious eternal bliss etc. (the mainstay of Indian guru’s confusions and/or deceptions through the ages). Ironically, doctors reported well before he died that Sai Baba was not conscious – probably brain-dead. One can ask: what kind of ‘omnipotent’ being dies after being disconnected from his life support and breathing machine (since otherwise heart-beat, breathing and circulation etc. could most likely have been supported even now)? What kind of ‘omniscience’ is shown by his prediction of three different dates of his death, all around 10 years in error? No devotee can answer these questions satisfactorily other than by the mystified and totally unfounded belief that ‘Swami could choose to do anything, for he is God!’ Rest assured that the world will never accept it, for only the blind, led by the blind, desiring to remain blind can accept such nonsense any longer after all that has been exposed about him (now known to have been a hoarder of gold and currency, biscuits and dried fruit etc.). The facts of Sai Baba’s tremendous weight loss (down to 30 kgs), his illness and death – otherwise been very carefully suppressed, and no devotee has asked for them to be brought forth!  (They would not wish to know if his illness was indeed the result of AIDS).

To compound the absurdities piled upon absurdities, the official ‘’ (run by the cognitively deranged cover-up agent Dr. G. Venkataraman) posts the following parroted nonsense:-

Source: THOUGHT FOR THE DAY AS WRITTEN AT PRASANTHI NILAYAM TODAY Latest: Date: Friday, July 15, 2011AY Guru Poornima is the day when you decide to become masters of your senses and intellect, emotions and passions, thoughts and feelings through Sadhana (spiritual discipline). Even during Dhyana (meditation), the ego will disturb you. Hence, offer yourself fully to God. This total dedication cannot emerge from scholarship. A scholar can be polluted by ego; he delights in putting pros and cons against each other; he raises doubts and disturbs faith, mixing the secular with the spiritual in order to extract worldly gain. But you must offer prayers to God to attain spiritual progress… etc.”

Of course it was not written there today, as misleadingly stated! The actual aim of the words is patently obvious – forget everything except the worship of Sathya Sai Baba, because he has claimed that he is “all deities rolled into one” and the one at whose feet all prayers – to whatever deity – eventually arrive! Such chutzpah is possible only by a psychopathological megalomaniac.

Scholars are always portrayed by Satya Sai Baba as some lower order of intelligence… he never achieved any level of scholarship himself, which is seen in his enormous and many blunders on matters of the sciences (geology, physics, medicine etc.) on historical fact (especially Christianity) and many other facts about the world we live in. He tried to pose as an educator – the Universal Teacher, no less – but his educational ideas – even when worked over and supplemented by Sai devotees who have some teaching experience – remain a travesty, as can be seen in many analyses of his education in human values and so-called ‘Educare’. Meanwhile, the Sai authorities are publicising the fact that youth leaders are gathering to hear yet again the repetitive and shallow ideas and flawed example of Sai Baba’s ‘leadership’… as if this was a major world event. Only 440 young people out of the countless millions they claim are his followers! Even that number is no doubt inflated – for the custom there as I have experienced often has ever been that anyone who turns up at the ashram from abroad is automatically flagged as a delegate or a participant in whatever conference is taking place! “On the sidelines of Guru Purnima celebrations, over 440 youth leaders from seventy countries convened at the Supreme Abode, Prasanthi Nilayam for a two-day World Youth Conference on the theme “Ideal Sai Leadership”.

One can be fairly certain that the increasingly lunatic former rock-and-beefburger king Isaac Tigrett will NOT be invited to hold his address on Sai Baba’s true wishes there, unless perhaps the metaphysical machine he claims Sai Baba instructed him about can make all the trustees and officials powerless or some such thing.

Who would want to send their boys to Sai colleges or university when such a depleted and ludicrous ‘preceptor’ as the ignorant and uneducated Sathya Sai Baba who deplores ‘book-learning’, intellectuals and scientists as ego-centered and immoderate people without sense control and anything resembling wisdom (which was his own exclusive preserve… according to himself)? Who would want their boys to be subjected to a moral climate where teachers’ homosexual depravity is widely reported – even that of other boys who have been abused themselves as were the teachers who abused them? Only those who have been kept in the dark, or whose desperation to go on believing keeps them from looking at the facts… or those who are too poor to afford any kind of education at all for their boys, I should think. The facts about these massive abuses are increasingly being documented and collated in the knowledge that one day the delusion will be shattered in the law courts and compensation will be forced out of the Sai Trust and other institutions for a potentially endless queue of claimants.

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