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Re Sathya Sai Baba sex abuse accomplices and cover-up persons – important announcement

Posted by robertpriddy on July 16, 2011

Together with Barry Pittard and an Australian Jay Narain, I am urgently requesting all those who have been, or are, connected with Sathya Sai education sectors – e.g., parents, students, teachers, ancilliary staff and all others who may have salient information they are willing to provide to contact my close and trusted colleague Barry Pittard or myself with a view to the preparation of legal action(s) against sexual abusers among the teachers and wardens of Sathya Sai schools and colleges etc.. The main contact person for the action is Jay Narain, a person who has a very strong family reasons for pursuing this course of justice, employing a top legal team in India with all necessary financial resources. All three of us undertake that such communications will be conducted UNDER CONDITIONS OF THE STRICTEST CONFIDENTIALITY.

Barry Pittard and I can guarantee that Jay Narain can be approached most safely by anyone who wishes to provide information about sexual abuses in Sai Baba institutions (whether by him or others).  All information can be helpful, especially that which may lead to an increased number of relevant affidavits (many exist already). Nothing confided to us will be made public in any way without your full agreement and proper arrangements for you security where necessary. We will explain preparations already underway by lawyers and the possible options (justice, compensation) that can be offered gratis according to the information they may then be willing to confide in the team.

You can contact us even most briefly by email so that – if felt necessary – a totally secure contact can agreed using by direct messaging, Skype, or telephone or any other method that secures optimal privacy.  

Contact details:-
Jay Narain
Barry Pittard

For further information about this enterprise, see the article:

For Those Connected With Sathya Sai Education Institutions: A Reckoning Time – posted July 16

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