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Sai Baba: Absolute proof of blind belief’s destructiveness

Posted by robertpriddy on July 23, 2011

First posted Tuesday, 15 June 2010 by Acharya S

In the early 1990s, my attention was drawn to the popular Indian guru and godman Satya Sai Baba. For a period, I spent much time watching every video and reading every book I could find about the man. My study occurred before the internet was popular, and there was not much debunking material around. But, there was enough, and I soon discovered the Indian Rationalists’ video “Guru Busters” showing Baba doing typical magician’s tricks. I also discovered much worse, especially after I finally went online.

God on Earth?

I had read many books by devotees and others who were impressed by the seemingly endless stream of divine miracles by Sai Baba, including his purported manifestations of artifacts such as watches, statues, lingams, ash and so on.  The enthusiasm and conviction with which these alleged miracles were recounted were infectious, and I would have loved to believe they were true.  How exciting that would have been!  Here on Earth in our day and age supposedly had appeared a man who was clearly God because he could manifest an amazing array of miracles! What fun! I really wanted to go visit him at his ashram in Brindavan because it looked like such a great time. Who doesn’t want God to be real and walking among us, to love us and shower us with blessings?

Magic tricks, sex abuse and murder

But, of course, I was skeptical, so I kept digging, and I eventually found enough paydirt to confirm my doubts. Baba didn’t make it hard, because he has left a trail of trauma and terror so long and wide that many can see it, including the creators of the BBC documentary provided here. This trauma includes the grotesque sexual abuse of hundreds if not thousands of men and boys. Baba’s behavior was so egregious that UNESCO severed ties with his organization years ago, and the U.S. Embassy in Delhi warns travelers about the potential for sexual abuse by Baba.”

One of the clues as to Baba’s conjurer nature was immediately obvious: He was raised in a traveling circus where he learned magic from his uncle! How that fact could be overlooked by so many of millions shows the deluding effect of blind belief in supernatural events and beings. In this tragic tale, this blind belief led to so much pain and grief that one is motivated to expose it thoroughly. In addition to the scams and sexual abuse come also allegations of murder to cover up these crimes, including killings in Sai Baba’s own bedroom, while he cowered in the bathroom unable to stop them, even though he is supposedly omnipotent. The murdered boys possibly had been sexually abused by Baba.

Sai Baba is getting old, and he will not be able to pull off the greatest purported miracle of God, which is immortality. Hence, he will be gone soon, but his destructive legacy will linger on, as more godmen of his ilk continue to pop up in places where gullibility reigns, along with its abuse. Naturally, Baba’s other legacy of building schools, hospitals and other important infrastructure – using million$ from rich followers – will leave many in India with a happy feeling about him. But, of course, one needs to ask, if Baba is God, why does he need the million$ of others to build hospitals and water-distribution systems? Why not materialize gold bars to pay for it all? Or, even better, why not just snap your all-powerful fingers and make the diseases and water shortages disappear?

Moreover, the complicity of Indian politicians in this patent hoax to defraud people is reprehensible. But, hey, Baba brings in million$ in tourist money every year, not to mention all the rich followers tossing money at him for these projects. It is no wonder, then, that ex-Baba followers have been threatened and intimidated into silence. (It’s also been noticed that Baba manifested gold watches and jewelry for his rich followers, while only providing perfumed ash for his poor followers.)

The story of Sai Baba is but one piece of evidence demonstrating how blind belief and faith are not just matters of “personal choice” that should be left alone in all instances: Blind belief and faith can be very destructive and damaging to individuals and humanity as a whole. The various priesthoods worldwide hammering blind belief and fear into people are guilty of exploitation of innocence and gullibility – a major cause of immense suffering globally.

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  •  saw movies of this guru with the bad Afro and knew that he was fake from the start. The movie showed him miraculously causing oceans of ashes come out of a relatively small container.
    There are gurus that I like, like Osho, originally the Bagwan Shree Rashneesh that spoke with such wisdom, but he didn’t want you to worship him, plus in a lot of his writings he contradicts himself. To him this is all fun, maybe that is why I liked him.
    Sai Baba, on the other hand is just a bad stage magician.
  • |2010-06-15 23:52:42Arhata  – Sai Baba
     Men with high IQ’s and perhaps total recall ability who are gurus or ‘religious salemen’ for whatever religion particularly need to be questioned.
    Words can be like magic – all pizazz and no reality but perception. Snake oil salesmen!
  • |2010-06-16 01:22:43 Duncan Roads  – Keep up the work exposing Sai Baba – he’s a fake,

    I used to believe in Sai Baba, then I heard testimony from friends of their accounts of sexual abuse. I didn’t believe them at first, and set out to prove them wrong. In doing so, I discovered hundreds more cases of sexual abuse of young men and boys. I published some of these testimonies in Nexus many years ago – and lost many friends over my stance. The emailed abuse I received from Sai Baba followers has to be read to be believed.Sai Baba is a fake, a fraud, is party to murder, and has raped and sexually molested hundreds, if not thousands, of young men and boys – against their will.It has come to the point, where followers are too afraid to lose ‘spiritual-face’ and admit they were fooled, tricked, conned, and used. The only thing worse than Sai Baba, is the support he gets from the low-life maggots (followers) who have allowed their own children to be abused and yet have turned a blind eye.When will the world wake up to the fact that ALL religions are nothing more than corrupt, state-sponsored (tax free) pedophile networks, who’s goal is to use well-meaning people to keep them in power.

    And while I am on my soap-box, I would like to introduce to you the newest religion on the block – its called ‘science’.

  • |2010-06-16 03:23:18Acharya S

    Hey Duncan -Thanks for stopping by! I remember when you published those articles years ago. And I can relate to receiving endless abuse from people who believe in this guru or that god/godman without any critical thought or inspection.I’m grateful I didn’t get sucked into the scam, as I was fortunate to come across “Guru Busters” fairly early in my quest. But I was skeptical to begin with. Yet, all the wild stories we hear out of India and Tibet are certainly intriguing.I agree that many scientists and atheistic science-mongers have become very conceited and arrogant in their stance. But, of course, the word “science” itself simply means “to know,” so anything can be approached from a scientific perspective. Scholars of the hard sciences do not have a monopoly on the word, even if some believe they do.

  • |2010-06-16 02:04:55michael  – late to the party
    Whoever, If you wrote this article “Sai Baba: Absolute proof of blind belief’s destructiveness” you are really late. I say this because i wonder how you write so much with a voice of “authority”?i traveled around the world in ’75 and was in Bombay where i learned of a miracle worker who was died but people still visited his home. His name was Si Baba. Then i learned of a Sai Baba living farther south who was suppose to be a living incarnation. As i was going in that direction i stopped by his ashram which required a local train ride, seperate cars for men/women and a bull and wagon ride to the village. I arrived early morning and watched him that day. I first became suspicious of him while watching him sitting on his “throne” chair while his “devotees” worshipped him. He looked like he was about to go to sleep any second. Then the devotees had to stand in line outside as he walked by and chose people to give “special” charms to from supposedly no where. This was sept and hot,the men lined up and the women lined up across from each other and they would pass stones fromm one end to the other building a wall.I only observed and had enough the next day i was gone. That was not my idea of enlightenment. I just do not understand how we let so-called “authority” run our lives and do our thinking. A true teacher has no authority it has been replace with Humility. And obvously it is not me
  • |2010-06-16 06:13:37anadianant  – Right in front of me… God-men, goddess-women, bleating sheeple. Salivating for salvation. Secret codes. Hidden mysteries.Such kabuki. Such distraction.All the while the truth of who we really are stares us in the face, at the tips of our noses. Just sitting there. A door, two windows, all saying, come on IN, come on IN. Not out there, IN HERE. All the magic and mystery is within. Know thy “Self!
  • |2010-06-16 09:58:57Mihail
    How came the jew Goldstein was in charge of this charlatan finance??t is just small forest animals, screeching monkeys now out of the trees. The most clever ape gets to be band lead, and the rest follow the tune! I ask WHEN WILL YOU EVOLVE PAST THIS MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO? Frankly anyone who is not fully in their own sovereignty, and free from others influence is weak and not truly human! But sad to say it your swamis like salami’s oh yes and cocktail wieners too! And yes every so call religious belief has at its head a swami same same, time to flush the cesspool of your minds and grow up! Any way I cannot fathom how anyone can still hold onto childish beliefs,

    Dear Acharya S., Thank you very much for your very important work. Many people are really DESTROYED day after day by the most lethal weapon that mankind have invented to fight against itself, all the other beings and the whole nature (against everything, let’s make it clear): God and all things related.I’m not a scholar, but life made me a specialist on the subject as well. My life, even before I was born, is marked by strange (‘spiritual’? I don’t know…) events. At the age of 5 to 6 I was already engaged in becoming one of those ‘saints’ – or idiots, if you prefer -, and then there was more than 25 years of ‘search’ till the day an event occurred to me and the whole spiritual rubbish was washed out of my system. Then a kind of transformation – physical, physiological – began to took place due to the fact that dozens thousands years of brainwash have even atrophied our glands, and once the whole sh*t is thrown away, the whole body is shocked, and such shocking freedom from that old conditioned functioning really changes the body (I have an interest in the life of UG Krishnamurti who had a very similar trajectory), and if there’s something as ‘enlightenment’ it’s nothing but this natural state and nothing to the whole ‘holy’/spiritual heritage that is actually filthy from its roots.It’s nice to be in touch and, any collaboration or anything you need, please, let me know, I have no other interest but to expose and debunk the whole fraud.
    Thank you very much.
    All the best,

    PS  am well aware of what has been constructed in the name of Sai Baba, using millions of dollars donated to him via politicians and rich citizens in several countries. If all of that philanthropy had not been done in his name, he certainly would not have become the guru he is today.In the meantime, none of it makes up for all the uncomfortable facts about the fakery and the molestation. All of the good stuff could have been done without all the weird and disturbing sociopathy associated with it.Cheers.


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