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Sai Baba: Thought for the Day

Posted by robertpriddy on July 26, 2011

Here is some of the mendacious preaching of Sathya Sai Baba, an exercise in major hypocrisy, as events known throughout India and the world now show!

“Devotees expect all kinds of things as a result of their devotion to God. Today, on the seventieth birthday of this body, you ‘have to take note of one thing. Svaami needs nothing. Do not offer even a small robe. Svaami belongs to you. He is not separate from you, nor are you separate from Svaami. This is an inextricable relationship. Promote the well being of the backward and poor villages.

You must have listened to the list of offerings of gold ornaments by some devotees. What is the ornament for Bhagavaan? Only bliss. Why cover Him with a shower of jewellery? A sculptor carves a beautiful idol. Why submerge that beauty under clothes, jewels and garlands? All these are artificial. Natural beauty alone gives real joy.

Don’t take the trouble to bring such ornaments. You should not entertain such thoughts at all. Let not the devotees feel otherwise. Bhagavaan has told the central Trust to put up for auction on this stage itself all the ornaments given by devotees. The money raised thereby should be used by the Trust. These jewels should not be taken even to Prashaanthi Nilayam. I have not sought anything from anybody. But I will be happy with any kind of service you render. Spend your money to help the needy. Assist in the provision of water. Meet the educational needs of the people and provide medical relief. Do everything for the good of society and not for the sake of an individual. Have the nation’s welfare in your mind.” 

To see why the above is an outrage against trusting followers and the world at large, see Sai Baba treasure trove contents so far – overview


That is my ‘thought for the day’, which comes to mind when reading the above. Sadly the latter instead of the former part of this, in itself rather typifying, tedious and predictable play of words, for which Sai Baba was famous during his lifetime, proves to apply to himself more so than to any other man I have ever known: getting as much as he could for his own gratification, whilst forgetting everyone around him!

Mind you: given his terribly poor command of the English language, to which I myself can bear witness, I am not even sure he himself came up with these billboardlike catchphrases. I would not be surprised if the next thing we hear is him having made use of a couple of ghostwriters…

All joking aside, as a seasoned psychotherapist I don’t believe in the power of forgiveness per se. True forgiving, I have come to see, is highly unlikely, UNLESS the truth is faced first by the victim(s), even sometimes made public if the circumstances demand so. In the case of Sathya Sai Baba, there can be no real healing without devotees, present and former, coming clean with themselves, their pain, the ugly facts, whereas the perpetrators, those who sided with Sai Baba, who enabled him to do what he did for so long or were co-conspiritors and fellow abusers, show true remorse and are put to justice, if at all possible.

At this juncture I call upon the silent majority of devotees, again present AND former, not to remain silent any longer! Aid people like Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard, and by doing so help yourself and all those who have no voice.
Any small gesture will do: sign the petition calling for a thorough investigation of swami and his organisation, read, inform yourself, give your time or name, come forth with some piece of evidence of wrongdoing, help and give evidence that can speed up the pending lawsuits, talk, anything but prolonging the shattering silence that otherwise threatens to keep us away from any semblance of truth. There is still time, but not forever. If too many of us go on holding our tongues, chances are we end up with a conundrum bigger than the question what happened to Kennedy’s brain…

Chris Dokter (The Netherlands)

PLEASE SEE THE SAI PETITION – you may also make a comment there. Full name is required – only sex-abused signers can use a pseudonym – but no IP or e-mail details will be revealed

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