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Sai ‘miracles’, vibuti, amrit and sleight-of-hand – with video clips

Posted by robertpriddy on July 28, 2011

Two video clips from the Danish National TV documentary ‘Seduced’ (with English voiceover) show the supposed miraculous materialization of holy ash (vibuti or vibuthi) and holy nectar (amritamrith or amritha) and expose the methods used.


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The myth of ‘holy amrita’.  (see video in wmv instead) Investigation of Sathya Sai Baba’s private quarters at Brindavan ashram, Whitfield (near Bangalore) turned up, among many other luxurious goods, a large amount of bottled perfume of the rarest qualities. It was claimed by a follower that he used perfume regularly when giving his daily ‘darshan’ and when giving interviews.  One perfume always referred to in connections with Sathya Sai Baba is often mistaken for jasmine and/or sandalwood, used to describe the so-called ‘holy nectar’ (amrita) he supposedly ‘materialises’ or the fragrant oil he applied to young men and boys’ genitals on a daily basis. In fact it is almost invariably the essence or attar of tea rose, a remarkable fragrance little know or used even in the perfume industry, though it can be purchased in India above all has been used by Sai Baba. However, some soap manufacturers have used tea rose essence and the soap has the exact fragrance of the ‘holy amrit’. Sai Baba used to produce a sugared almost transparent liquid, his amrit, which is easy to manufacture. Devotees are usually extremely eager to obtain amrit because many believe it is not only a divine blessing but can lead to elevation to an angelic level (as it does in the Ramayana myth, where those who imbibe it are transformed into ‘devas’ i.e. godly beings).

The video clip from the Thief’s Temple run by Halagappa shows how he uses a spoon, which he does EVERY TIME he puts an amulet on a person’s hand. The spoon has meanwhile been put in the jar with amrit, so it conveys a new supply as he scrapes away that which has trickled down! Further, once there was but one amulet. Many years later a second appeared, after it was known he was in Sai Baba’s bad books! This doubles the flow, of course, and makes it seem more impressive. The amulets are very lightweight, so are probably also hollow so that more amrit can be stored and trickle out through a small opening. However, as far as I know,  NO ONE has ever been allowed to examine them closely or hold them for up to a whole minute! I visited and saw the single amulet in January 1985 and have met many who have been there since.

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