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Police report against Sathya Sai Trust’s claims reposted in India

Posted by robertpriddy on July 29, 2011

The Deccan Herald has today apparently reposted an article from July 4, 2011 in which the police are reported to have discovered that the Sai Trustee V. Srinivasan was not telling the truth!  The Sai Trust – according to V. Srinivasan, denied any culpability about the money, as reported by  India Today on June 28, 2011:-

“Trust member V. Srinivasan told media that it had no role to play in the recovery of Rs 35 lakh, made by the police from a car on the night of June 18. He said the cash was donated by devotees to build a memorial for the departed spiritual guru. 
The trust also denied that the vehicle used to carry the cash belonged to it and claimed it was owned by the project consultant building the memorial. Srinivasan said the money was being taken to be deposited in bank accounts. He however failed to clarify why the cash was being carried in the night.” 

This account is evidently in conflict with what the police have arrived at:-

The case will not fade away, it seems. It only remains to be seen whether the police will pursue this matter or will be diverted in some way, through political pressure or outright bribery. The Sai Trust is desperate to appear trustworthy after all the revealing facts that have emerged throwing into doubt many of their statements and causing government to withdraw a number of priveliges and exemptions from them. The Sai mini-empire is obviously contracting as foreign followers have virtually ceased to visit the ashrams, as is seen in the shutdown of shops and businesses in Puttaparthi, and plummeting property transactions.

Please see important announcement: Appeal to former donors to Sathya Sai Baba
(and note a further important appeal regarding sexual abuses here)

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