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Sathya Sai Baba materialisations of golden & diamond rings

Posted by robertpriddy on July 30, 2011

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One of Sai Baba’s daily miracles in interviews was the production of silver, gold and other kinds of rings. Some with common gemstones, some with alleged genuine diamonds (though not one has actually proven to be genuine so far). In the Danish TV documentary ‘Seduced’, a conjurer shows how Sai Baba appears to produce these rings, and how he pretends to change their nature by blowing on them. (CLICK HERE FOR BETTER QUALITY 11.4MBS VIDEO CLIP DOWNLOAD)

Sai Baba alleged 'green diamond' ring assayed and found to be a fake. CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ FULL ACCOUNT

Sai Baba green “diamond” ring as “materialized” for Robert Priddy proven a fake

Exposed by the top diamond expert in Denmark, Mr. P. Hertz of Copenhagen (jeweler to Queen Mararethe). These rings are adjusted cleverly with green tinfoil behind the stones until – from some angles – some shadow resembling a dark head (which Sai Baba has). Thisactual stone was very hard indeed and would not scratch, that turned out to be due to it being a synthetic sapphire. Such stones are cheaply manufactured and can be bought on the Internet for a song (see here).
Despite this, and my revelations of the facts, all remaining §VIP Sai-devotees who have supposedly materialised diamond rings still wear them in public! None of them have got their stones assayed by professional jewelers. A few of these rings and their owners can be seen here:-


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