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Miracle of Sai Baba saving airplane

Posted by robertpriddy on August 3, 2011

One of the supposed miracles believed in by a majority of Sai devotees was denied as bogus by the US Sathya Sai organization (by Central Coordinator of the South American branch, Leonardo Gutter, who tried to confirm that such a plane problem occurred, without result after contacting all relevant airlines). The photograph is most evidently a put-up job by someone, as professional analysis of it proves.

The photo which is claimed to show Sai Baba in the sky to save plane   CLICK ON IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD 4.9 MBS VIDEO CLIP in QUICKTIME

If you do not have Quicktime installed and use Windows/Internet Explorer, then click here for video in wmv
See investigation of the alleged miracle and the photo, with a transcript of Lidvin Virkesdal’s words on the video here

For a set of links to diverse webpages exposing fraudulent miracle claims by Sai Baba or his followers, see here

We are appealing here to all those former donors to Sathya Sai Baba who realise that there had been massive misuse of donations in general, and especially their own remittances made due to promises about monies they have given for apartments by the ashram administrations which were later broken, to contact me or Barry Pittard in confidence.(My e-mail address is available at my main site contact page) THE E_MAIL LINK THERE DOES WORK NOW – IT WAS POSTED FAULTILY EARLIER)

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