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Sai Baba gave false gold watches: video testimony of an intimate

Posted by robertpriddy on August 6, 2011


All the gold hoarded up by Sai Baba was held onto by him, hidden in all manner of cache, though he would give away watches with false gold plating, watches which did not even work properly, to one of his favourites at the time who had many interviews even in one month (and who tells how he was abused sexually during them). Though he appeared anonymously in ‘Seduced’ (the first film made with him), he came out with full name and face in the BBC World documentary ‘The Secret Swami’. The following video excerpt wi from ‘Seduced’ by Danish National Broadcasting (DR):-

See also where the following short Windows video clips (in wmv) are available:-

1) Three robes from Sai (Filesize 654Kb)

2) Numerous ‘materialisations (Filesize 1.12 Mb

3) Alaya Rahm on Sai Baba threats and oral sex abuse when still a minor 1.05Mb)

4) Testimony – Sai Baba tried anal sex etc. (Filesize 1.0 Mb)

5) Al Rahm tells of his learning of the sex abuse of his son

6) Alaya’s mother tells of her reaction

7) Indian student sex abuse victims cannot speak out (Filesize 340Kb)

8) The Rahm’s son’s fears if he told the truth about Sai sex abuse (Filesize 515 Kb)

9) Alaya Rahm was told not to tell and threatened by Sai Baba (Filesize 840 Kb)

The US State Department were contacted by the BBC (filesize 1.26 Mb) and confirmed
their Travel Advisory warning as being directed specifically against Sathya Sai Baba.

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