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An account of false Sai Baba miracles in early days

Posted by robertpriddy on August 7, 2011

Once again, a former student and ‘form boy’ of Sathya Sai Baba sends me information of the kind never possible to make public before the threat Sai Baba represented passed away. Even so, I have avoided giving the identity of this person which was a condition of his writing so freely to me. These things are very widely known among former Sai students, which is why there are hardly any who have written otherwise. Meanwhile, reports keep coming in to us in the Sai Baba exposé:-

Being of a family of old time devotees we still tend to get a bit confused about the strange oozing of vibhuti, amruth etc. According to my view, 95% of these miracles are purely fake. In my house in Bangalore such things took place around 85′ to 95′. I was to blame for the first occurrence. My parents being well-to-do, they employed a teacher to teach us at home. She was a good person. During this time some sort of leelas were occurring in a house in our neighbourhood. I think I would have got the idea from there. While the class was in progress at home, I went out to drink water (the pooja room was adjacent to study room). In the pooja room, our maidservant was fast asleep as she had a headache. I quietly went towards the chair meant for SB, took some vibhuti and sprinkled it on the photo of his feet and went back to the study. After some time I called the teacher insisting that there was smell of vibhuti fragrance from the pooja room. She followed us and saw vibhuti on SB’s photograph. What followed was a surprise to me. The maidservant got up (she had slept insisting that she had a headache, after taking some medicine) and told that she saw SB in her dream come into the room and give her vibhuti etc By the time my teacher also started to believe and so the story ends!

The second phase of this story is ten years later when such events started to occur on a grand scale at our house in Bangalore. SB left his footprints, demanded fruits, nuts; vibhuti and amruth fell from photos, he slept on his special cot, ate food and everybody was in bliss. Until one curious incident exposed it all. SB started to demand things on chits which were found in the pooja room. The elders of my family discovered that the handwriting was like the maid’s and she was confronted and tearfully exposed her involvement. Of course, the miracles stopped and being afraid of public-shame, things were hushed up by my elders.

Thirdly, a lady from Bangalore was of a family who were devoted for the previous thirty years. She and her husband (like many other childless couple including the Ratanlals) were lured away by SB circles and donated their properties to the Sai Trust. They were good people. Their only son passed away and the father was heartbroken. In order to console her husband, the lady went quietly and poured a bucketful of water over SB’s framed photo and called him to show that even SB’s photo was shedding profuse tears at the son’s death. The poor man donated his entire property to SB and started living in the accommodation provided by the ashram.

My only intention here is to expose how we can fool ourselves being held captive by belief systems. I know of at least four other homes where such materialisations were fake, so look at the vast amount of damage done (as so many people came to SB fooled by these things).

Many of my friends say that we at least got free education at SB schools etc. But I ask them the question as to how many of the students were really from poor backgrounds or really in requirement of free education. in exchange of free education weren’t our parents donating freely to the Sai Trust etc and we use to pay whenever we were asked to pay some amount, especially for the annual sports meet etc. Moreover, the educational wing of the trust did receive huge donations. The benefits were only for few of us… the ‘form boys’. Even the fans in the hostels were not installed until 92 or 93. So please, devotees, become free of any mental delusions and illusions and face truth so that you may lead better lives. 

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