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More evidence piles up on male sex abuse by Sathya Sai Baba and teachers etc.

Posted by robertpriddy on August 18, 2011

My anonymous source, an ex-student who has written informing me of diverse events and names (some suppressed) at the Sathya Sai Colleges and ashrams, sent the following almost one year ago. It was yet another confirmation of the masses of independent testimony we who are involved in the exposé of Sathya Sai Baba have received in one way or another and have checked for authenticity as far as possible.
On 2 Sep 2010, at 01:22, t.t. wrote:

Hello Mr Priddy,

Thankfully, the Sai saga is now on it’s last legs with a wheel chair bound SB literally not having a leg to stand on. It is bad to speak ill of those who are suffering but in the case of SB, he is paying for his sins by suffering daily humiliation in a wheel chair with thousands as witness. Too often, sinners just leave the world abruptly enjoying comforts till the last second. SB is suffering right here on earth as he should. Of course, delusional SB devotees will argue that SB has taken up the suffering of some devotee and is going through physical pain on purpose to teach the world a lesson. In Hindu philosophy, they say that a devotee’s intense devotion can make up for the deficiencies in a Guru. That is 100% true for SB. He is blessed to have such faithful devotees and not the other way around.

I could write a book about the goings on in SB’s educational institutions but the following is a summarized recollection of my stay in SB’s educational institution.

Many of the students know the ugly truth. I was a student for only for several years but many have studied there for 15-18 years, starting from kindergarten. It is impossible for them to not know. By the time they complete their education, almost 100% of the students would have heard tales of SB’s abuse and fakery. There are some who continue to believe in SB deluding themselves that it is all Swami’s leela to test their devotion and that they must never abandon their faith. One thing the Sai cult is very good at is in brainwashing. It is all a big scam. Students in the institution fake devotion so that they can get free education and benefits. 3/4th of the students come from the lower middle class and they do whatever it takes to gain what they want. I was at Whitefield when the murders happened. Even then, I continued to have a positive outlook towards SB. I am not from a devotee family so I had never believed him to be God but I used to respect him for the social work activities he was doing.
Around the same time, a good friend and class mate of mine had become a “form boy”. Initially things seemed to be going well. He got a gold colored citizen watch, ring, etc from SB. But his behavior changed and he seemed unhappy. It was puzzling for the rest of us, because being close to SB is what everyone aspires for. And then he revealed that SB had abused him. He had grown up in a devotee family and this betrayal was even more painful for him. It was a shocking discovery for me.

There was another boy in the hostel who was very devoted and most sincere in doing seva activities. He was called for an interview and while he lifted up his head after doing paadanamaskar, SB shoved his organ into this boy’s mouth. When the boy went and complained about this to the warden, the warden scolded him saying “what nonsense are you talking”. So, the warden, the lecturers (many of them ex students themselves) everybody knew but pretended devotion! It is a disgusting, repulsive set up.

As for his miracles, I have never seen him do any materialization in a convincing fashion. Transferring objects – whether it’s a vibhuti ball, a ring or a chain from the left hand to the right and faking a materialization is his usual modus operandi. However, as you have said, he may be capable of hypnosis, transportation of objects through will power, etc. I suspect in his early days he may have practiced sorcery or some such dark art to influence and win over devotees. I myself never attended an interview but sat close to his seat in Trayee Brindavan many times when he held an audience with the students in the evenings. He distracts people’s attention when he switches objects from left hand to the right. Other students who have been to the interview room have reported seeing Vibhuti pellets, rings etc under the cushion. The so called oil materialization is done by crushing a vitamin oil capsule. With a couple of boys he did the genital switch trick, which lends credence to the rumor that he is a hermaphrodite.

“Form boys” don’t wear underwear when they go out for darshan. SB chides them if they sign off their letters to him as “your son”. He tells them to address themselves as “your wife” instead. It is common among “form boys” to joke among themselves whether they had a “one way” or “two way” when one of them returns from the interview room. Besides rings, watches and goodies like imported candy and such, SB gives the “form boys” money. The annual Kodai Kanal summer trips are the worst in terms of amount of abuse as there is no college to attend and the boys stay with him in the same building all day all night. There was this boy who was most sincere in his devotion who was picked by SB at the last minute to travel to Kodai Kanal for summer vacation. Prior to that, he had never been a “form boy” and SB had picked him unexpectedly. A while later, it was reported that SB was very pissed off with him and nearly kicked him out! The real reason is that the boy refused SB’s advances and therefore angered him greatly. There were several other such boys who discovered his true colors on the Kodai Kanal trips but tricked themselves into believing that SB is testing them through a leela!

The atmosphere in the hostel is terrible. From outside the building looks nice with it’s wedding cake design but life on the inside is anything but nice. The education in the college is free but there is a fee for boarding and food in the hostel. Students sleep on the floor, 14-16 in each room. The food is nice during the summer course when there are VIP guests and such but during regular times, it used to taste terrible and lack in nutrition. A boy once collapsed while giving a speech in the college. The doctor who looked at him advised him to eat lot of green leaves such as spinach to get iron. But in the hostel they never served green leaves! They used to serve substandard rice and daal which was again supplied at a subsidized cost by some devotee or the other. When I was new, I had an Oliver Twist movement where I asked for an extra portion and was refused! And if anyone showed up late for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the lecturer in charge of the dining room would close the door on them! Imagine denying food to growing boys in the name of discipline!

Most of the lecturers are ex students. They live in the hostel as well. They are a bunch of frustrated individuals who desire to leave the movement but are trapped without an exit once they are in. They take out their frustrations on the students, behaving very rudely towards them. One lecturer had a very short fuse. When students don’t wake up early in the day for morning prayer, he is known to kick them and say “wake up you bastard”. He once threw a boy’s guitar out of the window from the third floor in anger.

There was another lecturer who once lost his temper and slapped a boy repeatedly (like 25-30 times) in front of the whole class! There were several lecturers known to be abusers and boys in the know used to keep a safe distance from them. One time a boy was attacked by one such lecturer so he went and complained to the warden. The warden told him there is nothing he can do about it! The irony is that through all this suffering, many pray to SB to help them, thinking that he is some kind of savior!

Looking back, I am glad I escaped from that den of lies and deception without much damage. It also helped that I discovered the truth towards the end of my stay there. The last few months I avoided Darshan as much as possible, minimizing any chances of me ending up as another victim!

Over the years as I have read your blog and various other expose blogs, I have understood how SB’s fraud occurs on a global scale. Thanks for making so much information available to the world.

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