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Sathya Sai College: ex-student tells of awful culture there

Posted by robertpriddy on August 20, 2011

The following mail continues the account I received from a former student. Such accounts are valuable not only to outsiders, but also to those who were at the colleges so that they can see what others experienced. There is much that remains unsaid about masters and other boys at such institutions – ant not least about Sathya Sai Baba himself – because of the censorship and often very strong punishments that were meted out, as numerous former students have related. I had asked him if he knew a student I had met before he began at the college and who wanted to learn guitar from me. His behaviour became more and more withdrawn towards my wife and I as his time at the Sai College went on, though he showedf me a Citizen watch with (alleged) diamonds around the face that Sai Baba had given him. When he took his MBA I met him again by chance and he was then loaded with Sai trinkets, including a supposed ‘green diamond’ ring such as I had since 1986.

From: t.t. <>
Date: 17 September 2010 01:04:48 CEST
To: Robert Priddy <>
Subject: Re: Thanks for comment

Hello Mr Priddy,
Nice to hear from you. Hope you are doing well. I do remember a Srivat….. from Secunderabad. He was a slim, tall chap and known to be a “form boy”. Like other form boys he used to look unhappy and worried whenever SB used to talk to him. I never knew him personally but I knew that he is from the same area as me. 
SB’s gifting progresses along with the level of abuse. First timers who merely got oiled get a silver ring. They get upgraded to gold when SB engages in worser abuse with them. If a boy has been given a watch or a gold ring, you can assume with 150% certainty that he has been abused.  It is true that students are forbidden from speaking to foreigners. Being seen speaking to foreigners on a continuous basis is certainly grounds for expulsion.

What disgusts me is that the people running the college and hostel knew everything but pretended devotion. These scumbags were throwing young kinds into SB’s den basically. It is one thing to strongly believe in someone(albeit an impostor) but to know everything and still talk about SB’s so called divinity  is utterly inexcusable. They used to brainwash students saying that “Swami is doing so much for you guys. His love for students knows no bounds” etc. He “loved” students a lot alright, the perverted serpent.

The warden used to always say “boys you are here for Swami. This is a great opportunity for you to be close to divinity”. I used to feel very upset with such ridiculous statements. The prospectus to SB’s college says they offer a degree, not a romantic stay with SB!  And the outside world mistakenly thinks that SB is giving great free education to the students! Whenever SB visited Bangalore, the warden used to stand near the door of the hostel and visually inspect every boy on his way to Darshan to make sure they were fully shaved and their hair nicely oiled and combed.

As you said, abuses have rocked the Catholic religion like never before. It is disgusting how people misuse the name of God to dupe the gullible masses. At least in the Western World, victims are getting a day of justice in a court of law. In India, there is no chance of such a thing happening with SB. There were a couple of bogus Gurus arrested and thrown in jail in India but they are small fish compared to the mega million foreign currency earning whale that is SB. India is my country but I am not proud of the utter corruption and hopelessness that exists there. People there are utterly greedy and don’t bat an eyelid before harming others. I feel bad whenever Westerners get duped by scummy Indians as it further ruins the reputation of India and leaves people shattered.

It is always nice chatting with you. I appreciate the outstanding exposure work you have done over the years. Take care.

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