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Sathya Sai Organization no longer fit for purpose

Posted by robertpriddy on August 24, 2011

Since the death of the figurehead of the Sai Organization, the wind has gone out of its sails and it flounders around – as does the Sai Central Trust – without proper direction, because its entire agenda and direction depended on the autocratic decisions of Sathya Sai Baba, acting through his minions like its International Chairmen, first Indulal Shah then Dr. Michael Goldstein. The Sai Organization is a strict top-down structure within which genuine feedback (other than praise for its policies and its leaders) was totally ignored, according to the rules enshrined in its Charter and the manipulative practices of its highest office-bearers, as condoned by Sai Baba while he was alive. The convoluted and often vague and self-defeating Charter was written by Indulal Shah, sent out for comments, virtually none of which were accepted – they were simply ignored. (Apropos, the Central Coordinator for UK and Ireland, Lucas Ralli, was booted out by Shah because he had made many radical recommendations of change based on a wide democratic process of consultation within the UK organization. After him so was his replacement, Aime Levy, booted by Shah). Instructions to all office-bearers are that the Charter is kept secret, only for members to see!

That a power struggle is underway – or will soon develop – to control its direction, nature and any assets it has, is inevitable, since there were no provisions made for its operation after the all-important figurehead died and could not longer communicate his wishes through its leaders. No doubt there are still many people in the organization who claim to have an internal hotline to Sathya Sai Baba – as hundreds of claims made by devotees at all levels, and many hagiographic articles and books show. This only complicates the running of whatever projects there are that may be doing good social service, but it has always been thus (as I can testify, having been the representative of the Norwegian branch for nearly two decades until I resigned). Meanwhile, all the same old faces are still in the top positions (apart from those who have departed this life) and their internal cronyism and factional struggles will decide what the future holds. Not a pretty prospect! Here is the problem according to the Charter(s) of the Sai Organization as outlined by Serguei Badaev:-

Office Bearers in the Sathya Sai Organisation:
According to the Indian version of the Charter all office bearers are appointed from above. State President appoints all office bearers from the level of state down to the level of centres and groups. At the same time, according to the Overseas version from the level of centres and groups there are elections (they are called “selections” in the text) by consensus up to the level of the Chairman of the Central Council, which is appointed from above. So, starting with the Chairman of the Central Council we have office bearers who are not elected and not accountable to the lower levels of the Organisation.

Significant differences between two versions of the Charter concern the tenure of office bearers and their re-selection. The Indian version reads that the All India President, National and Zonal Coordinators “shall hold office during the pleasure of Bhagawan Baba”. For office bearers of lower level the tenure is 2 years with further re-nomination. In the Overseas version all office bearers from the level of central coordinators down hold their offices for a period of 2 years and can be re-nominated only one more period of 2 years. It is interesting fact that the Indian version doesn’t give any limitations on the consequent re-nomination of office bearers, but at the same time mentions that office bearers can’t hold office in more than one unit of the Organisation or in any other religious or spiritual organisation. This is a point
which is omitted in the Overseas version.

NOTE! The Charter is kept secret, only for members to see! See the original Sai Organization Charter quoted and explained here its alleged purpose outlined here and its history noted here

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