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Exposing major deceits by guru Sathya Sai Baba in India, incl. murders cover-up & widely alleged sexual abuse

Sathya Sai Baba down the rabbit hole

Posted by robertpriddy on September 17, 2011


Sathya Sai Baba promoted a veritable inverted Wonderland which he said could only be entered by those blessed by God (i.e. himself, the Incarnate Creator of the Universe, so he says). The spiritual wonderland of Sathya Sai he speaks of as ‘liberation from the wheel of existences’ (or ‘’moksha”). Any other feature this fabled paradisal haven for ‘liberated souls’ may have is totally unknown – for Sai Baba never describes it in any way, he was evidently not up to that job! Those who put their faith in him became as illogical and whimsically unconcerned with reality as any figure in ‘Through the Looking Glass’. They accepted his talk about liberation and becoming one with God as one would walk into a a dark night – or perhaps a better metaphor is that they became as rabbits in a blinding light in where nothing is visible.

However, ‘down’ in the real world where thankfully he no longer can strut his stuff in his ‘perishable body’ – he tried to create some kind of semblance of Wonderland, calling his residence ‘The Abode of Supreme Peace” (Prashanthi Nilayam). It is a Disney-coloured extravaganza of buildings, temples, museums, colleges, VIP palace-like buildings and an opulent hospital. A make-believe place, and to help in making such a belief is to erect a tinsel-gilded cage around oneself from which one may resign one’s freedom other than to sing saccharine songs, but one can no longer live intelligently and openly in the wider world of human learning and experiencing, for then one must follow all doctrine, taboos, rules, restictions and commandments.What is this ‘Supreme Peace’ like? Well, no outward peace prevails there, for not only are the milling crowds of undisciplined devotees constantly pushing for privileges and best places, andit is quite often an auditory hell – with blaring distorting loudspeakers and every imaginable building racket by day, howling packs of pi-dogs warring at night. Areas of the ashram stink to High Heaven (as the saying so aptly associates it). The staff who rule the ashram with iron rules are mostly conceited small Napoleons ordering their inferiors about (i.e. visitors and ‘Seva Dal’ servitors), making all kinds of hindrance and difficulty for normal living – and were always open to corruption for privileges.

The meaning of ‘Abode of Supreme Peace’ therefore boils down to the idea that it is the Abode of Sai Baba, the Supremely Peaceful Presence! But his peace was interrupted at times, such as when the six young men were murdered in his apartment in 1993 from which he fled in the middle of the night! Or when an earthquake was predicted to hit the area and he fled the ashram, and countless others followed him religiously. No earthquake was registered! Sathya Sai is occasionally yet less predictable and more imperious that Alice’s ‘Red Queen’, ruling students and servitors with an iron fist when he sees fit (eg. Prince Gopal – see here). Even the Red Queen, however, was not called a major sexual predator. The ashrams are visited by many disturbed people, who are often dealt with in draconian ways, and no more peculiar collection of true believers could probably be found anywhere… March hares and mad hatters abound, no less dormice (the slothful and unhelpful residents who hoped for salvation just by being there). There are any amount of battling egos around Sai Baba – Tweedledums and Tweeledees. It is not hard to find the worldly equivalent of the hypocritical Walrus and the Carpenter among some of the stranger inhabitants and hangers-on, of whom there are an unusually large percentage compared to in most other large personality cults.

One cannot but think that even talking of pink string and ceiling wax and believing that some cows at least have wings is not be out of place in this fantastic environment. In fact, they talk of yet stranger things as fact – Sai Baba himself told them that he had magnetic feet which pull the entire earth towards him. He actually also said in a discourse that the whole of him is magnetic, literally – that things stick to his body! He also said that he made a three ton golden egg-shaped lingams in his stomach and spewed it out (out of sight of anyone, of course)! In Wonderland, no one got (or will ever get) any straight or frank answers – least of all from the officials on anything but what they wish one to hear. Finding out what actually happens behind closed doors is impossible except to those very few who chance to learn deeply buried facts in one unexpected way or another and work hard to investigate. It is extremely difficult for those who have been inculcated into the whole divergency and disconnentedness of the Sai Baba belief system to do what Alice did in ‘Through the Looking Glass’, namely, discover that it is all really a house of cards and knock it down!


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