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Has the Sathya Sai movement ground to a halt?

Posted by robertpriddy on September 28, 2011

Since Sathya Sai Baba’s death under most suspicious circumstances, the chief medical causes which never having been documented (AIDS?) by any death certificate or due process –  and not least since the dismal failure of one of Sai Baba’s most trumpeted prophesies, that he would live until he was in his 90s – the institutions he left behind  – and especially the  Sathya Sai Organization –  are evidently labouring under a huge publicity problem. Add to that the furore over the massive hoards of gold, currency and goods galore hidden everywhere in his rooms and inside his avatar-sized bed (5 by 5 metres!), and the rationalization problem faced by supporters is too much for most of them… which is surely why there is no news to be found any about the ashrams, colleges, organization and what have you. Not that there was ever really any much news due to the secrecy and censorship within which everything was cocooned, leaving his propagandists on official and unofficial websites and Radio Sai with little more to show than the thin fare of repeated repetitive discourses, repeats of unconfirmed miracle stories, photos from bygone years, outworn bhajans, bizarre wallpapers and other completely uninteresting kitch.

The unfortunates who find themselves in an organization which supported an unconvicted but widely accused sex abuser and criminal murder accomplice as well as a provenly bogus prophet – and many of them were good people with the best of intentions (including my wife and I before 2000) may still be continuing whatever service work they were engaged in, but my bet is that the majority of them who still hang onto a belief in Sai Baba because of his outward message of love and service will no longer kow-tow to the VIPs who ran the outfit like a pseudo-bureaucratic and top-down private and secret organization. Earlier, the stream of attacks and mostly anonymous (cowardly) invective directed against myself and other well-informed dissidents confirmed that our message was getting out and was a serious threat to the deniers and head-in-sand dependents of Sai Baba. These have now dwindled to a trickle, which again indicates that the fanatics are on the back foot and the enthusiasm has lost any real basis with the demise of their Great Pretender… pretender to the throne of the Universe, no less! Still, those who want to believe will continue to do so, with or without what passes as evidence for them. The rest of humanity will let any seeds of propaganda they came across fall by the wayside, we can be entirely certain of that!

Though we who wanted to learn the unsullied truth about all things connected to our former allegiance have been charged with wanting to become famous ourselves on the back of the World Avatar! It would have been far easier and less challenging for us to sit back and say nothing, as a majority of those former fanatics now with egg on their faces have chosen to do. We gave up the quiet life in the interests of defense of the vulnerable, the weak, the dispossessed and the deceived, the sexually and spiritually abused and the families of the murdered victims. The cure for the divine impostor syndrome is not to give up the work, but to focus on it.

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