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Warnings against Sathya Sai Baba impostors

Posted by robertpriddy on October 8, 2011

Both in India and around the world there are many who try to claim association with Sathya Sai Baba or his institutions for their own ends, not least  to obtain donations or to gain popularity, status etc.   Interestingly, his warnings that all these claims are bogus were repeated at intervals against ever new claimants in the monthly journal Sanathana Sarathi (see scans of some of these warnings below – click on the thumbnail images).  Sai Baba and his officials were very active trying to ensure that all the money flowed to them alone, which was fair enough where his name was being used to attract funds.

Sai Krishna
  General K.A. Taylor


Sathya Sai Baba always claimed that he never conveyed any kind of spiritual illumination, ‘shaktipat‘ or kundalini awakening teaching. It is admitted by his officials that he did oiling of the genitals of boys and young men (and many claim he did a lot more besides,  none of whom report having benefited from this by way of any illumination! On the contrary. many of those who are free to inform the public because they live outside India have provided evidence on oath and affidavits of being sexually abused.

Seekers of boons, powers, endorsements…  While many of those who want to be healers have good motives and even the wish to help others selflessly, quite a few claimed that Sai Baba has confirmed their having received powers to heal others from him in interviews. There is some evidence that he says this too, but then again a lot also seems to be wishful thinking. To cap it all, Sai Baba (at least outwardly) denied that he gave any powers to anyone,  and he NEVER confirmed that he has blessed anyone with healing powers. nor did he endorse anyone as a healer! Despite this, he frequently ‘produced’ so-called lingams of various shapes, colours and sizes which he gave to devotees and told them that they contained healing powers and were to be used to help heal other people.

Many others say that Sai Baba spoke (or speaks) through them. To ‘channel’ Sai Baba is a favourite among clairvoyants, New Age mini-gurus and even ordinary followers who have some feeling of his presence have claimed this. Sai Baba repeatedly warned:-  “Take it from Me, I am not given to such absurdities! I do not use others as My media”  (Sathya Sai Speaks new ed. Vol. 2, p. 167). In 1997, after putting the matter of the misuse of Sai Baba’s name to him in person, Dr. Michael Goldstein, the current head of  the Sathya Sai Organisation in the Western hemisphere, appealed and warned  everyone that Sai Baba “has not conferred upon anyone special powers to lead us, to heal us or to solve our problems. Swami has not given anyone special authority to intervene in our lives. Swami has not appointed anyone to be an intermediary in our heart-to-heart relationship with Him. Let us not be gullible in accepting such false claims.”

One Response to “Warnings against Sathya Sai Baba impostors”

  1. I actually met the first of the many Sai Baba imposters you mention in your post of today, Robert, this Sai Krishna-fellow. He was securing a niche for himself as early as the eighties in Holland, an easily secured niche because of the relative unavailability of Sai Baba himself, even back then… After all, two very short appearances a day in an otherwise very tedious ‘camp’ like Prasanthi Nilayam could hardly satisfy the craving of all the ‘seekers’. They wanted personal attention, which is exactly the gap these ‘local’ imposters jumped in.

    This Sai Krishna was a very good lookalike, by the way; he would have scored high on any contest! He was driven across the Netherlands with great reverence. I now remember that my mother even invited him into her home, one day, where he enjoyed a meal, had a short conversation with all present and had his picture taken with everyone who wanted to. He was quite the fad, back then, and was widely respected in the Sai Baba-community, until the above warning appeared in Sanathana Sarathi. As so often, he ‘hooked’ many gullible, desperate people with promises of healing their ailments through the production of vibhuti and giving counsel freely, that is to say, in return for free board and, of course, attention and admiration as non-stop fringe benefit!

    Channeling was in high demand, also. Many people sprang up in our small country who supposedly had a special inner telephone hotline with Sai Baba, and many sought to print their ‘received messages’. Quite a few succeeded, I remember, especially after the Ralli-success! But then, Holland was no exception. It was rather the rule, crazy though it was.

    Comment from Robert, Most interesting and very typical of the Sai impostor, though few can contrive to look much like him. I saw one very good copy of him as young in full Sai orange and hair regalia walking towards the ashram darsan at Kodaikanal, but he was not allowed in, of course.

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