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The Vedas and Hinduism – two viewpoints

Posted by robertpriddy on October 12, 2011

Sathya Sai Baba claimed that he was nothing less than  “the Almighty form of the Vedas” (i.e. “Vedarupa“) see in his journal Sanathana Sarathi –  July 1974, p. 170.

There are two mutually opposed climates of opinion on the Vedas. Firstly, there are those who believe they are mystical sound-based mantras which – when constantly repeated and their injunctions observed  – bring about realization in the individual that he or she is nothing but God, and thereby gains access to all knowledge about everything as well as immortal existence untroubled by any physical sufferings. Secondly, many hold the Vedas to be doubtful in origin (not the eternal scripture as claimed), may have been altered through time, and consist in hymns and what amount to ‘magic spells’ to involve the Gods or Deities in various ways, mounting to sheer religious speculation employing virtual mumbo-jumbo in a vain attempt to counter the ills of the world.



One Response to “The Vedas and Hinduism – two viewpoints”

  1. The only thing which astonishes me when we speak of equality of religions that you couldn’t find any Catholic person selling his religious stuff in Parthi while others: Budhhists, Hindus and New Ager’s were offering a wide range of services there THOUGH they never believed in Baba and clearly knew him to be a homosexual. They even smiled at gullible clients when they went to darshans. This never stopped them from selling Buddhas, Shivas and etc. Business is over everything…
    The same I find is in those religions with faith and powers. In Hindu religion: it is normal to be obsessed by powers, it is something to be pursued and the powers actually are nearly enough to believe that a person is holy. No deeper concern if he is indeed merciful. That is a problem and no scriptures of Vedas will ever save them from this darkness, I guess. And the europiens who leave their innate religious path and fall in love with “gurus”, as well will face the same – bitter disappointment…

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