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Sai Baba excused his many self-contradictions

Posted by robertpriddy on October 16, 2011

In a discourse (excerpt shown here) Sathya Sai Baba was clearly trying to explain away the many self-contradictions that are found throughout his published booklets and his endless public discourses. Unfortunately for him, though, his explanation that each person requires a different ‘teaching’ according to the spiritual circumstances etc. would only sometimes be valid when he was addressing a particular person (or perhaps some very specific group). The self-contradictions which are legion and have been exposed on many websites (such as his four different, conflicting predictions of how long he would live, just as ‘one small example’) have been stated in discourses before large numbers of vastly differing people… and further, have been constantly repeated on Radio Sai for the (no doubt small and diminishing) audience around the world. His excuse cannot apply in such circumstances!

Sai Baba always wanted to make his supposed ‘teachings’ sacrosanct – unavailable to the slightest criticism (i.e. subjected to the truth functions of logic, or rational ‘argument’). His followers ensured that no word of criticism or doubt could EVER appear on any of the pro-Sai webpages, blogs nor in any books or articles his minions have endorsed. Total censorship is necessary only when there is too much that is weak, doubtful, false, deceptive or otherwise has to be hidden from view and protected against. By “properly understood” in his words one may read “taken as gospel without demurs”!

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