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India’s legal system covering up for many gurus

Posted by robertpriddy on October 23, 2011

Kristina Jure from Lithuania made a thought-provoking comment to yesterday’s posting as follows:-
“I just was figuring out what impact on all of those who were present and involved in Baba’s sexual abuse did the cold blood murder episode could have. On their consciousness and subconsciousness… Their feeling of any security vanished then because they clearly saw by their own eyes that there was NO justice and i can really imagine ho afraid are people to speak up after all this incident. No leagal investigation, no nothing – as devotees could clearly see, they simply wiped the bood from the floor and THAT’S IT. From this point on this crime could have been investigated only by the Interpol due to the fact of murder of the Swiss lady or some other pretext on international grounds. The inner legal system in India is not worth longer discussion: you can see this widespread business of Swamises everywhere all over India from Hialayas down to South. They pretend to live on only solar energy and not being able to speak due to their silence vows and thus collecting money from gullible spiritual seekers infused with all those lies from sai baba writings: gods live in India. The most perfect sharlatans most surely live and dwell in India… This is their national property like green parks and preservs in Europe.”

Comment: The murder of the Swiss lady was done by two young Puttaparthi village men. They were apprehended and jailed. Some weeks later they ‘escaped’ and have not been sought or found since.  According to my source, V.K. Narasimhan, the police let them go in return for the hiding place of the money they killed the lady for – some Rs. 80,000.-. The knowledge of this corruption was the lever used by Janakiramiah, Joga Rao and other ashram and Trust officials to force them to execute the four young men in cold blood. It has proven most difficult for the relatives of those suffering fatal accidents at the ashram, disappearances or murder to obtain adequate help from Indian authorities. Proving this to the world was the infamous case of the all round cover-up of the internationally-reported murder of a British girl at Goa proves. See Top people protected from prosecution in India and Will India clean up its Augean police and political stables?

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