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Indian swami fully defends Sathya Sai Baba sexual abuse of children!

Posted by robertpriddy on October 26, 2011

What some Sathya Sai Baba followers say to affirm and support child sex abuse as a divine act continues to shock any decent person! On the other hand, most will probably laugh at the reasoning and marvel at the level of perverse-minded delusion and immorality that Indian swamis and other Sai followers who cannot deny the massive testimony can attain. Fortunately for India and Hinduism, this kind of fanatical theology is not accepted by the vast majority of Hindus! The following tract was was found posted on the ‘Lisa Shea Forums’ website with its laughable sub-title of “Parakeet, Romance, Literature”. There is plenty more where that came from… and some ironists who comment there have had a great time parodying this too. (Editors note: Datta Swami is himself a claimant to avatarhood… the absurdity of all these avatars who are really only impostors trying to gain followings they can control and which will serve them obediently in awe):-

Datta Swami answers the Scandals against Shri Sathya Sai Baba

Q. How can the reports of the scandalous actions of Shri Sathya Sai Baba be explained?

(The question is again elaborated as below]

We recently came across a website describing the various scandals pertaining to Shri Satya Sai Baba. Apparently there have been hundreds if not thousands of cases of alleged (homosexual, and mental) abuse of men and young children. There have also been cases of murder. Some of the abuse cases have firsthand witnesses or the abused persons have themself reported their own experiences. There are just too many cases to simply dismiss them as rumours. If these incidents had been rare or few in number, one could neglect them considering them to be special exceptions such as the affairs of Krishna with the Gopikas.

Lord Rama who killed Vali from the back, which was a violation of Kshatriya Dharma but it can be argued that He did so only to protect Sugriva who had approached Him for help. So Lord Rama was only proving that He can even violate dharma for the sake of a devotee who approaches the Lord. Not only, that, He also suffered the consequences of this violation during Krishna Avatara. Lord Rama certainly did not have multiple “murder cases” pending on him. All the other people that He killed, were killed only while following Kshtriya dharma on the battlefield. Moreover, the people who He killed were evil people. Thus the violations of dharma done by Rama and Krishna were only in exceptional cases.

However in case of Shri Baba these ‘exceptions’ seem to be very common. If the Sadguru who is an incarnation, abuses (mentally or sexually) or even murders a very close devotee who is on the path of nivrutti, then it is acceptable. It can be considered as an advanced test for an advance devotee. However based on the sheer number of Sai devotees, who have had such experiences, it is unlikely that all these people were advanced seekers on the path of nivrutti. This is because, at any given time, there can be only a handful of such highly advanced devotees. Even though the abused persons believed in Him as God, they cannot be technically said to be on the path of nivrutti. This is proved, since they objected to the abuse; an advanced devotee like Gopikas would not have objected. This means that the abused people were on the path of Pravrutti.

In dealing with people who are in Pravrutti, doesn’t the Lord follow the rules of dharma? If we take the example of Shri Ganpati Shachidananda Swami, we see that he recommends rituals, chanting, singing etc. This shows that He is dealing with devotees who are in Pravrutti. He does not show any such extremely negative qualities and does not have any such cases pending on Him. Shri Baba too, based on His general teachings, appears to be dealing mostly with people in Pravrutti. However His tests are so severe that they can only be justified for the path of Nivrutti.

Even if these cases of abuse or murder are treated as tests of Shri Sai for His devotees, how can one justify the abuse of young children who are too young to either gain any knowledge or to understand that they are being subjected to spiritual tests? Suppose those souls were sinners and had to undergo suffering or abuse in this life. Then they could have got abused by anyone or died at the hands of anyone else. Such incidents are common in the world. What is the necessity that they had to come to Shri Baba just to exhaust their karma, which could have been done by anyone else?

The identification of a human incarnation becomes extremely complicated, if not impossible in the case of a personality like Shri Baba. From the point of a common ignorant man Shri Baba can either be an incarnation of a demon like Ravana or an incarnation of God. Ravana showed many fantastic miracles, he was also a scholar of the scriptures. But his personal behavior was extremely negative. He had sexually abused innocent people like Vedavati, kidnapped Sita, killed innocent people and sages etc. The only thing that could separate Shri Baba from Ravana would be Divine knowledge. However we find that Shri Baba does not focus much on knowledge. We find many other ordinary teachers of Vedas, who preach more extensively than Shri Baba.

How then can we distinguish between the two? If Shri Baba had preached extraordinary Divine knowledge like Yourself, then we can argue that He is God based on this characteristic. Once we have thus established that He is God, we can further say that since He is God, He is above dharma. Then all His cases of abuse, murder can be neglected. But when there is no characteristic in a personality like Him that would doubtlessly identify Him as God, how can the rules of dharma be neglected?

Whenever a teacher subjects the student to a test, he always first gives the knowledge of the appropriate level to the student and then tests him only at that level. Thus the Satguru who has subjected the devotees to the most severe test has also earlier given the devotees the highest knowledge, which will enable the student to pass the test. How can the teacher give the knowledge of the first standard level and subject the student to a test of Ph.D. level?

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One Response to “Indian swami fully defends Sathya Sai Baba sexual abuse of children!”

  1. Pvd Prasad said

    It seems you have posted only the question and not the reply of Shri Datta Swami to this question. Then only it is meaningful otherwise, you are misguiding the people. In your introduction, you mentioned that you were the national leader of Sai Baba’s organization in Norway for many years. How can you support criticisms against your spiritual guide. I feel it is better to keep quiet if you do not want to follow anybody because if He happens to be avatar, you are committing biggest sin. Judas betrayed the then human incarnation, Jesus and latter realized the sin and punished himself.

    Comment by Robert Priddy
    What reply… I can find none. In any case, clearly this Datta Swami is just another false and bogus claimant, it is preposterous that the proof that he is an avatar given is no more than a dream someone reportedly had. How many avatars are there – and have there been – in India? Answer, countless… hundreds at least. The whole thing is a sheer speculative absurdity! All these swami and avatars are simple people out to control and manipulate others, often to gain riches and certainly to get authoritarian power. They will ‘love’ only those who surrender and obey them… and many ‘love’ through sexual seduction of their devotees. This is know to anyone who follows the continuous stream of sex abuse scandals among swamis, gurus and ‘avatars’.

    You seem unaware that Sathya Sai Baba is NOT my spiritual guide, even though I thought of him as that long ago before I discovered the total deception and the many unspeakable crimes he had committed. I am doing exactly the opposite of sinning, I am – at cost to myself- warning all the vulnerable people who might get entrapped by Indian swamis and helping many of the unfortunate victims of despicable gurus.
    If you had any up-to-date information you would know that Judas did not ”betray Jesus, he did what Jesus asked him to do – pay the traditional and unavoidable fee to the authorities to fulfil Jesus’ own self-determined surrender to their judgement. Judas was the closest of all Jesus’ disciples… see Cockburn ‘A The Gospel of Judas’ National Geographic (USA) May 2006. In any case, any comparison to Judas – whatever way one looks at it – has absolutely nothing to do with me. I am fearless because I defend only the truth.

    Information on the alleged 'betrayal' by Judas

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