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Sai Baba & Tigrett at the Mystic Inn of the 7th Ray! USA

Posted by robertpriddy on November 11, 2011


The bizarre antics of Isaac Tigrett (outright defender of underage sex abuse) reached a new height after the death of his Lord and Master, Sathya Sai Baba. The 170 secrets he was vouchsafed so as to express the living will of Sathya Sai Baba were much-trumpeted (and much ignored by all Sathya Sai officialdom and devotee members of the Organization) are now beginning to emerge. In a chronically promotional-type video in pompous-voiced American style with a heartbeat in the background (how uncool can it get), he shows previews of drawings supposedly made by Sathya Sai Baba himself which illustrate the future town he planned (which apparently will, by coincidence) rise at Coorg where Tigrett has bought land and founded an ashram in the name of the Seventh Ray (which logo is used for Sai Baba’s plans too!). One cannot yet be sure that Tigrett did not draw these himself (it will probably be the same problem that arose with Sathya Sai Baba’s missing will and testament… Ratnakara claimed to be the rightful heir, and now Tigrett claims to be the bearer of the “living will” of the deceased eternal saviour. 

As of June 2014, nothing more has been heard of the fabulous ‘Mystic Inn of the 7th Ray’ ashram project to be located in Coorg, South India. Shortage of cash. But venal Tigrett has excelled himself with self-publicity of an even more weirdly doubtful kind in an attempt to regain prominence (and probably also donations) See  Tigrett’s ludicrous fantasies about Sai Baba’s ‘return in subtle body’

Very little has been announced by Tigrett or associates about the development of the ‘Mystic Inn’, nothing at all after December 2012, He recently lecturd to students oin the US on himself and his overblown spiritual projects. Perhaps he has no longer anything more impressive to do but to bask in the college limelight. Or maybe he is waiting for the reappearance of Sai Baba in his former body, as the Sai fanatics are hoping and believing nowadays. If so he may be waiting it out, rather than take the chance of displeasing his ruler. What a laugh!

“The teachers gift to mankind will be revealed on the world-wide web” – “from its home high in the rainforests of India). This, says Tigrett, is what “the teacher calls the mystic inn of the Seventh Ray”. It is worth noting that in his video talk he mostly refers to “the teacher” (not using the name Sathya Sai Baba). This looks remarkably like another attempt to usurp the Sai Baba heritage because Tigrett is the promoter of the Seventh Ray at his ashram in Coorg (a rainforest in or near the Western ghats). His offers to the Sai Central Trust and Organization having got the cold shoulder and more, he looks as if he is getting back at them all for saying it is all a private matter between him and Sai Baba not worth considering. There are lots of disoriented lost souls out there looking for a replacement and palliative to be saved now that Sai Baba has departed… We wonder if they may be allowed – and will – donate to realise Tigrett’s dreams – a Mystic Inn (whatever that means)?

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Sai Baba, Tigrett tells us, planned for four years – with his students – “a sacred city” to be “a living laboratory and library of tools” – in “blessed detail” for “mankind on his future journey” Tigrett’s grammar is as shaky as his irrelevant adjectives, like “living laboratory” (i.e. not a dead one?). Tigrett also calls it “a vault of knowledge for the teaching and study of ancient and contemporary sacred healing sciences, both physical and metaphysical to aid in the holistic path to peace of mind”. Tigrett famously donated $39,million for a modern hospital on Western lines which, even though it is private and unaccountable to anyone, has reputedly carried out many cost-free operations for poor Indians (but also for rich devotees from around the world).  Well, this “sacred city” apparently can’t involve another hospital, surely? More likely it will be a centre for every kind of moralising lectures on correct (spiritual) lifestyle, because prayer, doing selfless service and worshipping the guru etc. was Sai Baba’s primary suggested therapy for all ills! For example, eye problems were the result of “not seeing the good everywhere”, and many more such absurdities. He derided technology as mere ‘tricknology’ and this included science and its new inventions. (But he had to rely on a dialysis machine and other life-support technology for a long period before he was disconnected to coincide with Easter Sunday!) So we can guess what’s coming; yet more of the Sai Baba delusion about the Vedic knowledge (which did not stop India becoming the most disease and poverty-ridden example of superstitious ignorance for a millennia.

Sathya Sai Baba became heavily reliant on what he pooh-poohed as ‘tricknology’ when he had to have a state-of-the-art-wheelchair, a pacemaker, ventilation machine, dialysis machine, and much mor to keep him alive until his minders decided to cut him off from life support on Easter Sunday to make another bogus point about Jesus and Sai Baba

In his ashram he allowed and many kinds of “alternative” medicine, from homeopathy to traditional Indian and other bogus cures like ingesting gold, urine and some of the most bitter and sickening ‘Good for You’ concoctions). Such Veda-based “medicines” also include 108-oil massages – (possibly including genital massage for which he was famed).

The “sacred city” does not look as though it will be ground-breaking, since water turbines, solar panels and the like (i.e. “tricknology” again) – drawn as if by a 7 year-old (but not the omnipotent draughtsman who allegedly designed and created the universe). The “blessed detail” is wholly absent from  what are shown so far. A long chalk so far from the “amazing metaphysical machines” Tigrett has promised Sai Baba was donating to the future of mankind.  The use of the word “metaphysical” indicates a bogus project, something “out of this world” or “incorporeal” and hence not realizable in human life and reality. Metaphysics (in philosophy) have long been regarded as nothing more than speculative reason based on untested assumptions, invariably also usually false hypotheses and a heavy dose of religious concepts, and this characterises Sathya Sai Baba’s supposed wisdom (from the scriptures and ancient Indian sciences) which hoodwinked so many (as did Plato, Descartes, Hegel and countless others in their day).

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