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Sathya Sai Central Trust gets away with it again.

Posted by robertpriddy on November 24, 2011

The Sathya Sai Central Trust has begun to publish some of its affairs, but only after massive pressure from the press, public and, though they do not mention the fact, from devotees, who have written many press comments about their secrecy, non-transparency, non-accountability. From the interview (below) one can clearly deduce that the flow of donations is not what it was since the spokesperson claims “it is coming up” but its “main stay is really the income from investment”.

Though S.S. Naganand claims (below) that “the adverse things that came out in the media have all died down because they realised that they were all false”, this is most obviously not true (see the chronicle of events and press reports in which the Trust was constantly implicated) . ALL ADVERSE facts were definitely not false… especially the total irregularity of the Trust’s behaviour over the massive hoarded wealth which it appropriated after Sai Baba’s death without even minimal regard to the claims of Sai Baba’s family members. The proof of this is seen in the fact that the new  financial report does not even mention the fact of illegal appropriation of huge sums of cash, gold and precious stones by the Trust despite the fact it was forbidden by its Charter. It was a financial crime which was taken for granted. Even if we put aside the question of origination of that wealth, SSB had no right to accumulate those valuables as the chairman of the Trust. He could do it only privately but then his relatives have right to inherit all that wealth. In short, the Trust continues its underhand methods and denials of fact. Further, that it refuses even now to account properly for the income of the Trust because it would reveal what Naganand refers obliquely to as “it has a number of implications from a number of avenues”. 

One Response to “Sathya Sai Central Trust gets away with it again.”

  1. These words speak for themselves:
    “Journalist: But no active support from the Trust (to the inhabitants of Puttaparthi)?
    SS Naganand: We will facilitate that we need to do. But I don’t see any active role that the Trust can play to improve the economy of the city as such.”
    Isn’t it clear that neither poor people (and those are the majority) nor the schools of Puttaparthy are not included into their “charitable” activities… Wasn’t this the main function for the Trust to be established? Or was it established for the perfection of Baba’s reputation/life?

    Comment from Robert: The Central Trust is now in the hands of the same kind of disreputable people who swindled it for their own ends wherever possible. They are all trying to dispel the criticisms of Sathya Sai Baba which are receiving more and more support and publicity in India, (obviously as well as abroad) both because they have made life choices of faith in Sai Baba which they cannot revoke without complete loss of face and because their position would be dangerously untenable if they were unable to hold money power to subvert justice wherever it may threaten them.

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