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Dr. Michael Goldstein of the Sai Org. an irresponsible cover-up agent

Posted by robertpriddy on November 29, 2011

Dr. Michael Goldstein bullies BBC reporter CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ MORE

Dr. Michael Goldstein, International Chairman of the Sathya Sai Organization for about 2 decades, demonstrated his total failure as a medical doctor in refusing point blank to apply duty of care and mandatory reporting of widespread sexual abuse claims against Sathya Sai Baba. This denial surfaced in an aggressive and very nasty attack on the BBC presenter Tanya Datta in the film ‘The Secret Swami’, while being filmed without him knowing. This was found necessary by the BBC producers – and was approved at the highest level in these matters – because it was evident that Goldstein was refusing to answer perfectly reasonable and correct questions on this very important issue. He showed his true face,  See Goldstein’s threatening rant here  Michael Goldstein in total and aggressive denial about the sex allegations(1.50 MB) 

Just as his predecessor as Chairman of the SSO, Dr. John Hislop, is on record that he KNEW all too well about the regular sex abuses by Sathya Sai Baba, so did Dr. M. Goldstein!  That this fact is beyond discussion can be seen from testimonies of several prominent ex-followers (CLICK HERE)

Glen Meloy, who had previously served the Sathya Sai Baba Organisation with heart and soul for decades, became a dissident when persons he knew told him of being sexually abused by SB. He eventually wrote to D. Goldstein after various attempts to speak to him which Goldstein denied! Here is the main body of what he wrote, which we can endorse fully and which the videos from the BBC film bear out remarkably well!

Dear Dr. Goldstein,

As long as I can remember, you have been noted for your rather non-loving and unkind disposition with your so called brothers and sisters.

Your caustic and sometimes arrogant put down attitude was well known to most devotees and your Regional Officers and Coordinators, but the Devotees still tried to respect you because sai baba had somehow decreed that you were in charge. Elsie Cowan and Jack Hislop and many others could not explain your unfriendly disposition and you were often compared to the other jackals and hyenas of baba’s ashram staff in India that are well known for their barking and angry non-loving attitudes, especially to Westerners.

Oh you put on a posture that everything was just sweet smelling roses, but the foul odor of your rotten personal conduct in the presence of your fellow officers and devotees often smelled of impatience and a complete lack of love. You and Indulal Shah were both intensely disliked by Elsie Cowan and there was many a morning in the book center when both of you were the topic of discussion as to how to create peace and harmony especially in the Southern California Region. At Elsie’s request, I tried to discuss it with you but you brushed me aside and told me to stay out of it.

Oh yes, I witnessed the same bad behavior with your brother Indulal Shah when he mercilessly bad-mouthed and lectured an Indian Devotee from Canada who was requesting his help to
release medical supplies from the customs port at Madras that his center had donated for the Super Specialty Hospital. I barely restrained myself from crying out and asking Indulal…”Where is the Love?”

And more recently, you refused to acknowledge or open a letter that had been written to you by the founder of the Eugene, Oregon Center and signed by over a hundred former devotees from all over the world concerning the serious criminal molestation allegations that you and the other so-called leaders have been covering up for many years. When all of us heard about your pious pronouncements to one of your former Regional Officers and a Father, whose son had been molested over 25 times, it just boggles the mind how you, a medical doctor, could be so callous and cruel to suggest to the Father that maybe his son was delusional.

You told him that ssb had told you baba was “pure” and that you were sticking with baba – all that after baba had for the first time publicly in front of thousands in the 1999 Christmas Discourse shot you with his “Golden Ego Arrows” stating what a good man you were and what a great devotee you were. (Do you remember your previous “Golden Arrow” comments at the Regional meeting in Southern California with Bob Bozzani??) And then you flew back to the US and hurled those insults to that devastated family.

Dr. Goldstein, you know very well if those molestations would have occurred here in the USA, you and your fellow conspirator officers would be in jail for failure to report. How you can sleep at nights and defend what most of us now believe to be the worst and most dangerous pedophile molester in the entire world is beyond belief. You once referred to the grief that the entire world felt at the death of Mother Teresa and Princess Diana and said Swami teaches us that there is darkness so that we may appreciate the light and love that they brought into the world.


Why don’t you apply that same thinking to the innocent boys and young men who brought their love to the one person they had been taught to believe from the time they were born was the very highest, only to discover that he is a fraud god who sexually rapes and molests them while claiming to be the God of Gods and Lord of the Universe. Oh Dr. Goldstein, how many lambs have been led to the slaughter because you and your fellow officers have NEVER WARNED THE MEMBERSHIP so that Mothers and Fathers could decide for themselves whether or not they wanted to put their children in harm’s way by going to India and praying for those coveted interviews behind the curtain and door of shame with sai baba. There will be a day of reckoning, Dr. Goldstein…….. and you and your swami will have to account to every devotee and their families and friends who have been physically, mentally, financially and spiritually raped. You once wrote that Love and Goodness Rule the Day…………I would like to add the word Truth to that.

When this fraud god calls all of us former devotees, Judases, in his unloving Christmas Message, your message above states……..As always, in His Divine Caring and Compassion for all of us, He knows what we need and when we need it. Then, when the time is right, with Love of the Divine Mother and Father of mankind, He gives us what we need. The time is right! I trust that all of us will study well this Divine Discourse and reaffirm our commitment to the spiritual path.

Dr. Michael Goldstein’ bought off’ with a Golden Shiva Lingam 2008. 
During the 21 July 2008 – Sri Sathya Sai World Education Conference,  Sathya Sai Baba “materialised” (i.e. prestigitated)  a golden Shiva ‘linga. He announced it would be presented to Prashanthi Council member Dr. Michael Goldstein (Chairman of the Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation). Sai Baba said the lingam would grow in size and the water from it (abhisheka) could be given to sick people. The next day, Sathya Sai Baba”materialized”  vibuthi (supposedly “holy ash”) and poured it over the lingam. This kind of attention is taken by followers as a massive endorsement by God Himself and it is a sure way of flattering the devotee, and so keeping him in line. Sai Baba did this repeatedly with his two most prominent Westerners, Dr. John Hislop and Dr. Goldstein, because both of them had been virtually forced by the many reports of SB’s sex abuse at least to ask him about it. He denied everything, as all sex abusers do! But to make sure they stayed in line he gave them special privileges and public praise. 

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