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Dr. Michael Nobel’s failed ‘new’ Nobel Prize

Posted by robertpriddy on December 15, 2011

In 2007 Dr Michael Nobel (born as Michael Oleinikoff), a great grand-nephew of Alfred Nobel, attempted to start a prize – the so-called ‘Dr. Michael Nobel Award’. Interesting that his name was changed to emphasize his distant relationship to the world-famous Alfred Nobel, a name on which Dr. Michael has repeatedly tried to capitalize since then – and most recently in a published attack on the Norwegian Peace Prize Committee. He evidently think his blood line makes him a person of considerable consequence and that his name puts him in a superior position to criticize, as well as having an axe to grind due to his removal from leadership of the Swedish Nobel Family Society, “mainly because of his unauthorized activities and involvement  in the name of the Nobel Family Society”. He is no longer even a member of that Family Society.

Michael Nobel is a great grand-nephew of Alfred Nobel, who would most likely not have felt too pleased about his distant descendant, who has been repudiated by the Nobel authorities. He is behind the setting up of one of Sathya Sai Baba’s many hugely expensive and major Sai propaganda efforts Sai Global Harmony via WorldSpace International Satellite Radio Service of which he is a director. Sai Radio broadcasts 24/7 to many countries. Contrary to long-uncorrected statements (in Wikipedia and in various promotions) by Sai Baba activists, Dr. M. Nobel is NOT the son of the Nobel Peace founder Alfed Nobel – who died in 1896!
Michael Nobel extended his international satellite broadcasting corporation to send Sathya Sai Baba propaganda across the air-waves of the world. Sai Radio broadcasts 24/7 to many countries. 

Referring to his ‘achievements’ in obtaining an (almost unused)  airport funded by the poor Indian taxpayer (from the Minister responsible, his devotee, Mr. Kaw), and a donated hospital, Sathya Sai Baba said concerning the Nobel Prize personnel and process:- “Aerodrome has come. Super Speciality Hospital has come. These things are not even in big towns. More, more, more, more will come. To show this to the whole world, it (Sai Global Harmony Channel, a satellite digital radio channel set up to broadcast Swami’s discourses, bhajans, etc.) begins within this month. To bring about these changes, numerous people will be involved. I am also telling you a few names.”

…things like these are seen, all sorts are coming here. No one has invited them at all. No one is giving them (a special) welcome. Yet they themselves are coming. What is the reason? That Chaitanya Jyothi (meaning Swami Himself) is here and It (He) is pulling them!” (Applause) [From Premsai translation of Discourse in 2001. The bracketed words are editorial clarifications made by the Premsai students]

See also Sathya Sai Baba’s hunger for international recognition – and the Nobel Peace Prize. Claiming to have incarnated to save humanity, Sai Baba claimed that he has instituted world peace, a fact of which Dr. Michael Nobel cannot be unaware. Considering his praise for Sai Baba and his works, would it be strange that he would like to have seen him so honoured, since he attacks the ‘politicians’ who are elected to award it for often giving it to the wrong people.

Contrary to long-uncorrected statements (in Wikipedia and in various promotions) by Sai Baba activists, Dr. M. Nobel is NOT the son of the Nobel Peace founder Alfred Nobel – who died in 1896! Dr. T. Nobel was badly misrepresented by Sai Baba and also by his official webmaster, Dr. G. Venkataraman, head of Radio Sai (which M.N. himself funded), to whom he wrote a request for correcting a serious error (see below). The supercilious Venkataraman has to this date not heeded the request!


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