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Sathya Sai Baba’s private life

Posted by robertpriddy on January 2, 2012

Persons who belief in Sathya Sai Baba’s many preposterous claims and who have been allowed near to him for some time or in come capacity now and again make pronouncements about him which are based on their own delusions about his private doings. He managed his staff most carefully – letting those who could be trusted to see some things, while keeping most of his real private life secret as far as he possibly could though the organization of appearances, deceptions and confusions. Only when his sexual abuses were testified by so many known young men from around the world from 1999 onwards did the extent of his double life become known to many of us, who soon left him. When first my wife and I arrived at Prashanthi Nilayam in 1984, many of our expectations generated by books, films and reports about  this being the ‘Abode of Supreme Peace’ were soon dashed. The staff was not friendly towards us, but official in tone and quite patronizing, as if we were suspect persons (though we were highly self-disciplined and civil ourselves). This was the experience of a large proportion of the persons we later helped and accompanied to visit Sai Baba.  The rules and regulations were extensive and quite strict – for example, on where one could not go – in which areas of the ashram one was strictly forbidden to walk. That a supposed spiritual centre should be run on almost proto-military lines. I soon became well aware that foreign devotees were watched by ashram staff who lingered here and there to ensure that no one stepped out of line. A number of foreign visitors were rejected from the ashrams by the so-called ‘public relations office’ (which functioned also as an instrument of control of visitors and their behaviour and collector of information about each of them. It was impossible to reconcile this fully why such a regime should be necessary when Sai Baba was claimed by all to ‘know everything’ and the be ‘all powerful’ – not just legally within his private fiefdom but throughout the world and indeed the Universe (note).

It is known to almost every single person who ever visited him that Sathya Sai Baba was ringed by watchful personal attendants and his activities were enveloped in a tight cocoon of secrecy. This was a prime feature of his adult life, and one which eventually proved to be the result of his many deceptions and activities that could not stand the light of day, which are liberally investigated and documented on this blog (and on diverse other websites) which no one has succeeded in disproving, let alone trying to challenge the many hundreds of the reported deceptions, failures and lies point-by-point. The rumours about what he had said, what he would do next day, when he would travel and every conceivable question about him were always rife and seldom were shown to have substance.  No one who was close to him could know what he did as his life behind closed doors was strictly private whenever he so wished, and for good reasons. He was masterful at playing on their ambitions to become favoured, playing them off against one another. Envy of competitors for his supposed blessings  was a feature of many of his followers, both close servitors and especially VIPs in the Organization.  He has various so-conspirators from time to time who were allowed to enter his rooms much of the time, like Colonel Joga Rao (who did not believe in his materializations) but no one was in a position to follow anything like his every movement. He would also visit many persons by car accompanied only by his driver or some chosen follower or two. The one exception to his not trusting of anyone fully was apparently during his last few years, when his young friend and bedfellow Sathyajit was evidently party to most of what went on in his secret rooms (later found to be filled with hoarded treasures). 

When Chandrasekhar came here, a hundred security men also came. Swami asked him, why do you need so many people? He said that security is very necessary. Then Swami said that there must be some mistake in you. Because of mistake, you have fear, and when there is fear, you need security“. (13.01.1992 Prashanthi Nilayam, from materials of the ESSE Institute)

Until then, the security arrangements at Prashanthi Nilayam had mostly been made by the extensive Seva Dal staff, with the support of some armed guards who could be seen now and again.But just one year and a half later, on 6th June 1993, four devotees – all former students of Sai Baba’s institutions – entered the carefully guarded temple (mandir) and  came into armed conflict with his servitors, two of whom were killed in a knife fight. The four were trapped within Sai Baba’s apartment and later executed by the police after a long stand-off while Sai Baba stood by while  his younger brother Janakiramiah together with Central Trust members including Colonel Joga Rao and the head of the ashram negotiated with the police chief until he took action and ordered the merciless shooting with rifles of the young men, armed only with knives. This cause a massive step-up in the secrecy, security and surveillance at both main Sai Baba ashrams (Prashanthi Nilayam and Brindavan). Since the 1993 incident, two new extremely costly and impenetrable fortress-like building were built for the further protection of Sai Baba’s secret life. (See here)

As the former head of the Sathya Sai Organization in Moscow. Serguei Badaev, has written:-

“I can also share my own personal experience of visiting Sai Baba in Prashanthi Nilayam repeatedly during 1995-2000. I was surprised to see during every darshan (daily meeting with devotees) as two young bodyguards in the white clothes of ordinary devotees provided God’s security. Before darshan they stayed near the entrance of Sai Baba’s rooms and immediately after Sai Baba passed this place they ran around, entered the mandir hall and sat down in the arranged places reserved for them by sevadals in the front rows among male devotees. They changed places following Sai Baba’s movement through the male side of the mandir area until they positioned themselves on the veranda among top devotees and VIP guests. When Sai Baba left the mandir these two body guards left the veranda and went out of the mandir and ran to the Sai Baba rooms’ entrance. 

Sai Baba devotees have a number of explanations to put to these facts. For example, they believe it is not Sai Baba who has fear for his life, it is devotees who are afraid, and Sai Baba lets them protect his life out of his great love for his devotees. In fact, it is just a part of his leela (Divine Play) because it is he who is the Protector of the whole world. After the 1993 murder episode, the Indian Government bent to pressure from prominent devotees and proclaimed Sai Baba to be a “national treasure” and sent a military guard to protect him. 

In the discourses following the murders in June 1993 Sai Baba emphasized repeatedly that nobody really understands the role of the Avatar in the cosmic play, that God’s ways (= Sai Baba’s ways) are inscrutable, and all devotees need is to keep their faith firm and accept everything that happens in their lives as being for their good. In spite of this sophisticated logic for an unbiased observer the true reason is clear as day. The following words of Sai Baba, said a year and a half before the murders of June 1993, testify against his own deeds:

We do not need to fear anyone. Why should one be afraid of Truth? When there is a defect, there is fear. When there is fear, you need security. No mistake, no fear, no security.” (13.01.1992 Prashanthi Nilayam, from materials of the ESSE Institute)”

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