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Sathya Sai Baba throve on Hindu-Indian nationalism -part 1

Posted by robertpriddy on February 28, 2012

Hindu-nationalism is the dominant tendency in India, which represents the aspiration of the majority population of Hindus. Though it arose as a movement for independence from British rule, nationalism is an ethnically and religiously rooted phenomenon, not least since India is divided into castes according to the Hindu (as opposed to Islamic) tradition. The Hindu majority consists in 81% and the Muslim minority in 13%, which figures alone show that – even though officially a secular state – Indian is overwhelmingly Hindu in its outlook and is always ruled by the Hindu majority.

Ringing endorsements by Sathya Sai Baba of two PM's

Sathya Sai Baba always allied himself to the current government which, despite his misgivings about its failure to unite Indians and various other policies and practises, was in reality less of the much proclaimed secular power than a Hindu-dominated elite, especially when the rightist Hindu Bharaitiya Janata Party was voted into power. Sai Baba was evidently involved in the nomination of Prime Minister Atal Vajpayee, his long-standing devotee, rather than the leader of the party and actual election-winner, L.K. Advani, who was shuffled aside, in accordance with what Sai Baba reportedly told him beforehand.  Though claiming to be the very God to whom Gandhi prayed, Sathya Sai Baba nonetheless tried to bask in Gandhi’s reflected light, holding his life up as a precursor for Indians to follow. (Sai Baba even stole Gandhi’s statements as if they were his own, eg.  ‘My Life is My Message’) Even more than Gandhi, Sathya Sai Baba constantly harped back on India’s former greatness in many backward-looking Hindu-nationalistic discourses meant for Indians at home and abroad. He made many rash predictions about the return of that former glory:- 

“Very soon, the entire world will be united. In fact, after 28 years, the world itself will become “Bharat”. Everyone will call themself a Bharatiya (one imbued with godliness — ‘Bhagavat rathas’). No one will refer to themself as belonging to this state or that state, this region or that region.” (Sathya Sai Baba’s Convocation Discourse 22-11-2008) See

Here is one example of Sai Baba’s anachronistic yearnings and his claim to be transforming India back to its lost glory, which he repeatedly prophesied would soon happen:-

“Every one of you ought of feel proud that you took birth in this holy land, long famous as the land of Yoga (divine communion), of Thyaaga (selfless sacrifice) and of God-oriented Karma (dedicated action). You are the children of Mother Vedha, whom she loves so affectionately that she has called you here to witness this great Vedhic Yajna. Bhaarath is the land that God loves, for, He has taken Avathaar (divine incarnation) here often, and is even now moving on this land, carrying out His Mission of restoring Dharma (righteousness) to people who are ignoring it. Yajna (Vedhic (ritual of sacrifice) is an item in that great Task.” (Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. 12 Chapter 46). 

Firstly, this overlooks the rejection of the Hindu doctrines by a large proportion of those born as Indians who chose to become Muslim, and not least the Dalits, whose famous spokesmen like B. S. Ambekar and P-L- Mimroth have made most clear that they totally reject Gandhi’s naming them ‘harijans’ (Children of God) as “derogatory and insulting” (see The Hindu)

In Sathya Sai Baba’s typically unrealistic speech in March 1999, in New Delhi, he gave advice for the unification of India and praised the leader of the right-of-centre Hindu party, Vajpayee, to the skies. “My advice is that all parties should unite. Only then Bharat will become a divine land. Very soon this is going to happen. The present-day administration is noble and good.” (see lower part of scan on right)
In view of the state of intense enmity between the main contenders for power in India, he contradicted himself by flattering the then Prime Minister (his foot-worshipping Hindu devotee for over 20 years): “All of you know what a nice person Vajpayee is. Even in olden days whenever Vajpayee or Jayaprakash Narayan would visit Andhra Pradesh, people, especially the youth, used to gather in large numbers to listen to their speeches. Naturally, the people are attracted to those who adhere to truth and righteousness. Such a leader should be given all support. I have been observing Vajpayee for the last so many years. Now this body is seventy-four years old. Vajpayee always keeps the welfare of the society in mind in whatever he speaks or does. He is broadminded. There will certainly be peace and security in the country if these principles are followed.”

Already in 2002, Human Rights Watch wrote how: “The increasing domination of Hindu nationalism in India’s current political landscape has dramatically undermined India’s constitutional commitment to secular democracy. The policies espoused by India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its sister organizations, collectively known as the sangh parivar, have already resulted in much violence against the country’s Christian, Muslim, and Dalit (“untouchable”) populations.”

Sathya Sai Baba said many vague supportive things about other religions in his aim to convince that he was universal, not sectarian or divisive in attitude but ‘universal’ (but not supported by the facts). but in actual practise he constantly assumed the superiority of Hindu scripture, Hindu religion and ritual (the Hindu yagna prayers and offerings rituals were seen by him as the be-all-and-end-all cure for all ills of the world!).  Hindu politicians, the Hindu caste system and so on. He was actually very ignorant of the scriptures of other religions and their history (as has been shown at length from his own words). 

The ultra-nationalism of Sai Baba – entirely based only on Hindu religious sources – came to expression in numerous connection. One early such was:-

“Countries are like carriages. The engine is God. The first carriage is India. The other carriages will follow. According to the astrology of ancient times, the change in world conditions to be brought by Swami’s influence will come in about 15 years). This was predicted 5600 years ago in the Upanishads.” (This conversation was in December 1968 ( J. Hislop, Conversations with Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba. ch.XXXIV, p.111)

Yet more extremist and even more absurd than his many other unfulfilled predictions for India was what he told the Hindu Nationalist leader Ashok Singhal in 2008 as reported here:-  


“The VHP leader, while disclosing his discussion with Satya Sai Baba, said that Sai Baba had informed him that between 2020 and 2030 the whole India would be of Hindus and after 2030 the whole world would be of Hindus.” (SEE THUMBNAIL ON RIGHT)

This fanciful-fanatical Hindu-nationalist statement was made to the leader of the right-wing Vishwa Hindu Parishad party which was behind the Ayodhyas mosque demolition. It is almost a fitting epitaph on Sathya Sai Baba’s incredibility (‘Bharat’ means ‘India’, especially as it was in ancient times). With it one can say he exceeded even the world ambitions of Islamic Sharia-law radicals in that! Unfortunately, perhaps, he died without ever seeing any of his predictions about the unity of India coming even remotely true, rather to the contrary. Nor has India moved back towards the ancient ruler king model or the gurukula educational system, for which most Indians can feel everlastingly grateful. That his own students would rule India was also a prophesy that are now among the list of ‘Sai Baba Howlers’, not forgetting that he himself was prophesied by some to have to rule the world for a brief period before his death!


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Robert Priddy Not Exposed: no deceptions

Posted by robertpriddy on February 26, 2012

CLICK ON THIS IMAGE TO SEE PHOTO OF MORENO – the ONE SINGLE photo which he for some reason always was rather desperate to hide away.

Sites with titles like ‘Robert Priddy’s Deceptions Exposed’ and similar titles are easily found on the Internet. However, not one of these have every succeeded in exposing any deception on my behalf. I have made some errors – like typos, spelling, mistaken details like exact dates and a few minor blunders… but not one sentence that stands under my name anywhere is untrue and nor has any such been so proven. Very few people have even challenged any of my statements, and no one has been able to contest  in court any of my writings to prove any wrongdoing on my behalf.This blog is intended to help defuse the massive insidious claims so prominent on Google etc. by the chief attacker and stalker of exposé writers, Gerald Joe Moreno, who has made me the chief target of his countless contrived and untruthful attempts to discredit, slander and vilify anyone who reported critical facts about Sathya Sai Baba. He saturated as much of the Internet with his revealing mental acrobatics as he was able for over 5 years. Exposé activists considered a class action lawsuit against Moreno due to the overwhelming evidence of his web stalking, harassment of prominent activists families and much more, but – rather than concentrate time and resources on that – it was considered better to let his depredations remain on/line so that the world can see what underhand, disingenuous, and untruthful claims represent the Sathya Sai following there. Moreno was also a staunch defender of sex abuses by Sai Baba and Swami Premananda!

The face that Gerald Moreno tries to hide from the public

Gerald ‘Joe’ Moreno dares not show his face -but in vain

Moreno ceased his activity in mid-2010, but his libelous sites still remain active on the www. where his attacks on at least a hundred who testified against the guru still remain and figure quite prominently. Visitors to his sites are overwhelmingly those followers who, due to their pernicious faith in their supposed God Incarnate Divine Avatar, have needs to read and believe anything, however false, that supports their misplaced faith. After making many fantastic predictions about himself, Sathya Sai Baba degenerated visibly for some years until he was but a wraith and he was conveniently disconnected from his life support systems and disposed of by his servitors on Easter Sunday along with their proclamations of his Infinite Eternal Godhead (and with every manner of bells, whistles and brass knobs attached).

For several years I did not respond except very summarily to the flood of accusations made by Moreno, considering them so contrived, so flawed by ad hominem attacks and cranky nit-picking absurdities and tit-for-tat schoolboyish taunts that people would see through it all. However, the volume of the materials he was putting out and the levels of slander were increasing so much and being linked in assiduously to every conceivable outlet that I was constantly urged by colleagues to respond and rebut his accusations. This I began to do, refuting in detail a considerable proportion of his blogs about me.

A concise summary of Moreno’s methods and  falsely conceived assaults on my credibility is found on this blog under the page Gerald Moreno with links to important refutations by persons who had followed the disputes. He has had to withdraw very serious allegations about my friend and fellow Sai critic, Barry Pittard, who he has attacked relentlessly, as well as harassing his innocent young son, and his former wife.

How Sathya Sai Baba oiled Gerald Moreno's lower stomach (an illegal act in India) in a private interview session)

Scan of text from the website of ‘Joe’ Moreno where he described his only known interview with Sathya Sai Baba

Moreno’s own account of how he was “oiled on his lower stomach” as he put it – by Sathya Sai Baba alone in the private interview room. In other words, he was molested without being asked for his consent and by a person who was not a registered doctor… hence an illegal sexually-related act under Indian law. He was at first confused, then understood it was an abuse, then went into full psychological denial.

On his vishvarupa website (since changed) Gerald Moreno had for some years an FAQ page where he stated his belief that Sathya Sai Baba – who had oiled him on what he called his “lower stomach” (known as grooming for sexual acts) was a sexual abuser… which he later denied, constantly attacking Basava Premanand and Robert Priddy for pointing out the fact that this oiling was an illegal act in India .

Gerald Moreno posted his belief that Sai Baba was a sex abuser while still promoting him- for some years

Gerald Joe Moreno made the above statement as to how he believed Sathya Sai Baba to be a sexual abuser, while still defending him in all ways daily on the web.

A Sri Lankan man comments on Moreno’s lies CLICK ON IMAGE TO ZOOM IN

Details on Joe Moreno along with some of his initial lies are found here

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India’s whole caste system should be abolished

Posted by robertpriddy on February 24, 2012


CLICK ON THE IMAGE to expand text

to expand text

According to a survey made some time ago by the International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR), in India, on an average two dalits are assaulted every hour, three dalit women are raped every day, two dalits are murdered and two dalit houses burnt down everyday. And this is happening to a community that forms 19.8 per cent of India’s population. M.V. Kamath. See ‘Grow up, fellow citizens’ (SEE image on right)
Apropos the posting I made last here on the caste system and Sathya Sai Baba’s support for it, I take the liberty of showing the content of a blog with which I wholly agree and support:-

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Sathya Sai Baba fully defended India’s unjust caste system

Posted by robertpriddy on February 22, 2012


One of Sathya Sai Baba’s most bandied aphorisms stated: “There’s one caste, the caste of humanity“. That is fine, but why therefore does he support the Indian caste system?
He says he “
must condemn the hatred between castes and religions(Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 4, p.84).
Varna or what we call caste, is a convenient arrangement for the conduct of worldly affairs… The four varnas are universal; they can be found in any country. The leaders of thought are the Brahmins; the fighters carrying arms are the Kshatriyas; the entrepreneurs and the business executives are the Vaisyas; the busy producers and the labourers are the Sudras.Each varna and asrama has its own rules, regulations and restrictions.”(Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 4, p.230-1)

Sathya Sai Baba stated, however, “The system of Varnas is ordained by the Vedas and so there can be no injustice in it; it is not an artifice invented by man.” (Sathya Sai Baba in Geetha Vahini, Ch. IX, p. 46 ) Then, in his feckless attempts to appear to ‘unify’ the castes and made them acceptable as such, he spoke much resounding nonsense, such as: “Caste is the Cosmic Person Himself manifesting as Human Society. It is the visible form of the Lord, charming in every limb. It is a great pity that this truth is not widely recognised. It is the good fortune of this land, Bharath, that in this Vision, the Lord, as the physical integration of the “caste limbs” is promoting peace and harmony, prosperity and well-being for all mankind.” and “Judging from mere appearance, one cannot declare that all men are one. We have to distinguish and discriminate and group those with Sathwic, Rajasic, Thamasic or combinations of one or more of those natures, separately. No one can say this is wrong.” (Sathya Sai Vahini, p. 216)

What kind of a ‘boon’ is it that almost the entire world holds this to be wrong, a denial of human rights and – of course – anything like social equality? It is one of India’s many great calamities to suffer from its deep-rooted caste divisions – originally based on a fictitious idea of how ‘spiritual’ or ‘unspiritual’ people are (i.e. Sattwic, Rajasic or Thamasic)! Sai Baba lived in a long-abandoned past where theocratic divisions ruled the populace and princes ruled according to religious scriptures. He wanted to apply such notions to the present-day world which by great good fortune has defeated just those oppressive and most often despotic systems of government. The common understanding of caste among Hindus is that one is born into the caste one deserves and it is for life. In the next (supposed) reincarnation you may rise to a higher caste, or sink to a lower one!

The world in general condemns any such caste distinctions as being, divisive, discriminatory, unjust and oppressive. As Sai Baba described the castes, their members are not even equal before the same law.  It is most noticeable that he omits mention of the Dalits and casteless groups which are still the victim of major social suppression. Such a divided and extreme caste system as India’s has not been common to other than despotic states. It is a far more rigid and unfair class system than has existed in European countries for centuries.

The caste system in India was made illegal decades ago The strongest, most systematic attack on the caste system has come in the twentieth century through the Constitution of India, adopted on November 26, 1949. India’s constitution guarantees the right of all its citizens to justice, liberty, equality, and dignity. Sathya Sai Baba nevertheless tried to sell the idea that caste as very proper for society and thus mendaciously claimed to be loving towards all and against all forms of discrimination.  Indeed, intensely discriminatory practices continue throughout most of the population and, as we see.  Though the grip of caste has weakened in some respects for a minority among the lower castes in recent times. Major local clashes and killings, rapes and burning out homes between castes are still widespread and extremely vicious, where the lower castes and the casteless are overwhelmingly the chief victims. Despite the law, caste is invariably also mentioned in the countless daily classified matrimonial ads in the newspapers, which shows how deeply it permeates the society and personal relations. The several thousands of years old caste system in India is a gross – if inexplicable – aberration from Hindu religious values (Sanathana Dharma). Sai Baba is scripturally correct when he states that the Vedic religion clearly lays down that “birth into a family alone cannot decide caste; it has to be determined on the bases of character and occupation.” (Sathya Sai Vahini, p. 217)

The Indian system of castes is certainly very complex, the four main castes are each subdivided into numerous sub-castes. The four traditional Varnas – which figured in the ancient the ancient epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata – are the Brahmins or Hindu priesthood, the warrior castes (Kshtryas), the traders and farmers (Vaisyas) and the workers (Sudras). Formerly seen as having no caste at all are the Dalits (formerly openly called untouchables). Foreigners were once all considered untouchables and were utterly disdained by many, not least the Brahmin caste, as mlechchhas.

While Sai Baba defended the basic system of class differentiation as unavoidable, it is frequently argued there that castes and especially sub-castes provide a haven for those born into them since it is a social network which can help its members and defend them within the wider community. To this it must be said that those low castes with little or nothing cannot help their own kind much at all, while defense is necessary only against the warring by members of other castes. The casteless have had to struggle enormously with very little improvement of their status and opportunities so far. To see the nature of the caste system as it pertained in the 19th century, one can see the illustrated ‘Seventy two specimens of castes in India’ by T. Vardapillay in 1837.

“Indians who use lofty rhetoric about progress, characterizing their society as “united in diversity,” seem to be simply perpetuating the system of social gradation that has blighted so many lives.” (Dr. J. S. Murthy). “The British government of India had a considerable, transforming impact on the country’s Hindu social structure. The British brought change by passing many important laws designed to aid the marginalized lower castes–laws such as the Hindu Act, the Caste Disabilities Act, and the Widow Remarriage Act. But the British could not find a lasting solution to the problem of castes, particularly since the British saw themselves as a privileged ruling class.”

Sathya Sai Baba saw caste as a model for all! This is illustrated well by the following words of his:  “I am making a promise today that the people of all the countries, viz. Pakistan, China, Germany, Russia will be united. That should be our goal. The goodness of Bharat will lead to this unity.” (Sanathana Sarathi Sept. 2002,p. 267). While India still has an extremely divisive caste system which, though considered illegal, flourishes throughout the land, how can India be an example of any kind of unity whatever? The megalomaniac ‘promise’ that he will bring about unification of the above countries surely robs Sathya Sai Baba’s revanchist Hindu teaching of all credibility, quite apart from all the other ancient and discredited views he held.

A full account of the caste system is found in the Manusmriti (Ordinances of Manu), which dates from A.D. 700, is the most authoritative work on Hindu law. Centuries later, it was adopted by British rulers in India.

See also Dalit request to Indian government to abolish caste-based discrimination – P.L- Mimroth and others.

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Professor N. Kasturi, Sai Baba’s ‘official’ biographer

Posted by robertpriddy on February 20, 2012

Kasturi also explained that Sai Baba had told Arnold Schulman, who wrote a book on him, that he told him to write it only because “I want you. I want your faith. I want your love… it is time now for you to stop vacillating”  also “Do you believe in me in the same way I said you have to believe in me?” (p. 75 in ‘Loving God’)  Kasturi applied the same words to himself and concluded “It took twelve years for me to approximate a little to the standard of belief He directs us to have…” Twelve years of building up the fairy tale through further self-indoctrination!

Commissioned as his official biographer by Sathya Sai Baba, “Professor” N. Kasturi was his utterly devoted servant and had been a teacher of history to pre-university classes for 32 years and an itinerant poet-cum-public speaker before Sai Baba called him permanently to ‘His Feet’. His four-volume work ‘Sathyam, Sivam, Sundaram‘ ( or ‘Truth, Goodness, Beauty’) was only begun to be published about a decade after he had moved to the proximity of Sai Baba at his ashrams, living mostly in a tiny and modest apartment allocated to him until his death. 

The whole approach of Kasturi towards his Sadguru, eventually his every perception, was clearly modelled on the belief induced in him by Sai Baba that he was the one and only full avatar of God in this aeon. Having been a devotee of the long-deceased Hindu guru, Ramakrishna Parmahamsa, Kasturi was fallow ground for Sai Baba’s further indoctrination… not longer dry ritual and doctrine but the exhilaration of experiencing one he regarded as the Divinity itself… a reborn Vishnu, Rama and Krishna.

Kasturi collected every scrap of hearsay from villagers around in Puttaparthi and applied himself to weaving it into a constant eulogy and wordy glorification, making it much more of an enthusiastic and devoted fairy tale than a research, let alone a remotely documented study. As Professor Haraldsson scathingly replied when first we met in Bangalore in 1988 and I innocently praised Kasturi’s biography, that it  is a most unreliable and far from impartial account. I was quite shocked at Haraldsson’s scepticism, but then he had already published his book in which he definitively disproved Sai Baba’s claim to have resurrected the US millionaire Walter Cowan.

Kasturi’s ‘biography’ reads like the systematic application of Hindu iconography to Sathya Sai Baba, which greatly weakens its credibility and will surely be seen mostly as second-hand story-telling by religious scholars and researchers everywhere. The mythology has now largely fallen apart at the base in that even central dates and events have been shown not to be in accordance with official school registers or even with the calendar. These are the kind of facts that are of a fundamental and often conclusive nature for historians and objective researchers of all kinds.

Sesham Raju, elder brother of Sathya  Professor Kasturi, who I met on several occasions and interviewed, was evidently a very naive person without any known research qualifications, though he once held a teaching post as professor of history (without having a Ph.D). In his ‘official biography’ he hardly mentioned the elder brother,  Mr. Sesham Raju (born 1911), who lived in Puttaparthi and who Kasturi knew well. Sesham Raju was the only properly educated member of Sai Baba’s family and was well-placed to have known most of what happened, causing him to write a critical letter in 1947 to Sathya. Kasturi only refers to Sathya’s arrogant reply – a letter famous among devotees for correcting’ his elder brother and boasting greatly about himself. Sesham’s letter is never reproduced in Sai Baba literature (surely it would have been too disrupting of the myth), so only Sathya’s reply letter  is presented –  an outwardly ‘loving’ rebuttal and supposed evidence of SB’s prescience as to his own future.

Kasturi chose not to report Sesham’s  highly sceptical views of the claims of Sai Baba and the stories about him.  Living in Puttaparthi from the 1970s until his death in 1985, Sesham was unwilling (or under great pressures not) to write or speak out in public due to the consequences it would have, both for the Sai empire and no doubt for himself and family. Unfortunately therefore only reports by persons who met him and learned his views are available. Most likely Sathya would have warned Kasturi not to listen to his elder brother, whose evidence would very possibly have destroyed the entire childhood mythology. Kasturi mentions Sesham passing in connection with Sai Baba’s schooling. The shortcoming of this is shown by a report I received from a former Malaysian devotee of Sai Baba (no cobra in cot of Sai Baba).

Kasturi never learned journalistic rigour for, though a teacher of history (never becoming a university professor), he engaged a lot in humour and poetry or in radio talks on spiritual subjects. The extremes of Kasturi’s flowery praise and ultimate support of every claim made by Sai Baba, with never a whiff of critical awareness – combined with Kasturi’s own account of his extreme servitude and yet how he was sometimes severely punished by Sai Baba for almost no reason – cause the suspicion that fear and flattery were among Kasturi’s personal motives, as was evident in the words and actions of a large number of those aspiring to be among the closest disciples.  


If the accounts by Kasturi and a few others from the earlier years who were able to question contemporaries of the young Sathya Sai Baba are correct, he behaved as an incarnate deity even as a young man. However, Kasturi overlooked or minimised the significance of the numerous instances by not going into detail on how Sathya Sai Baba was subject to most ordinary social and other limitations (being bullied as a boy, not being accepted by his parents or elder brother as other than a boy and so on). He mostly skirted around anything that could be controversial or cast the slightest suspicion on Sai Baba’s veracity.  Sathya Sai’s younger brother – Janakiramiah – told my close friend V.K. Narasimhan that the parents had terrible difficulties with Sathya Sai Baba as a son for he was so unruly and disobeying. Sathya Sai Baba was a frequent truant at school and was what we typically call a ‘drop out’. And this behaviour from one who lays so much weight on respecting and obeying parental wishes! Kasturi’s rosy adulation of him as ‘Bala Sai’ and a reborn mischievous baby Krishna etc. was developed at second-hand, long after Sathya Raju renamed himself Sathya Sai Baba and grew up.

Kasturi told Prof. E. Haraldsson that, though he is somehow divine, “Swami is also very human”… seemingly a belated half-admission that Sathya Sai Baba suffers from faults and sins like any other person… for surely Kasturi cannot have failed to encountered lies, sexual proclivities, deceptions and dishonourable avoidance of justice?

When the top professional ex-journalist V.K. Narasimhan took over from Kasturi, initially in the early 1980s, he was instructed by Sathya Sai not to publish accounts of dreams, healing powers or other miraculous phenomena… the sort of material in which Kasturi had until then literally revelled in – in Sanathana Sarathi, in his ‘biography’ of Sathya Sai Baba and in his self-effacing autobiography (‘Loving God‘). Narasimhan managed to stick to this fairly well, with lapses here and there.

In later years, and especially after the sex scandal in 1999, when Sai Baba’s outreach has become international and his institutions grew increasingly dependent on a flow of donations from followers, the Sathya Sai Organization began to tone down the claims that smacked too much of megalomania and it was considered better in most cases to keep quiet rather than draw more attention to the incredible.  It seems that Sathya Sai Baba – through his appointed propagators – eventually accepted the need to sanitize the literature about him. The SS Org. tried, such as through internal directives to national leaders and their members, to suppress the more fantastic claims of Sai Baba – the exorbitant declarations of Supreme Godhead and Creator of the Universe and miracles without limit written about by besotted bhaktas. Web pages were modified or removed and reprints of discourses were more carefully edited, such as to exclude some of the major blunders he made, most probably in the hope that the vast donations would not wither further. This need was dictated by gaining credibility for its work in extending the Sathya Sai Baba influence and the various works they undertake (doubtless mostly with the best of intentions) which increasingly require social acceptance and the public ‘blind eye’ to the activities of Sathya Sai Baba himself.

A large number of stories that are constantly repeated even today have been shown to be inventions, while many others simply cannot be true because they defy all feasibility. Indeed, there is no limit to what is possible in most Sai devotees’ minds, for “Swami is the all-powerful Godhead”, which largely would follow from that were it fully believed. The many miracle stories, often embroidered out of subjective experience, misunderstanding and sheer inventions, were the daily bread and wine of a mass of devotees… a fact to which I can attest through my hundreds of conversations with followers from many countries of the world through two decades. Too trusting at first, I came through experience to learn that invented stories were one way of achieving prominence in the Sai Baba movement.  The uneducated Indian villager is often unable to distinguish myth from fact, especially with religious stories, which are freely embroidered without any sense of deceiving others. This applied not only Puttaparthi villagers living in grinding poverty and searching for ways to get ahead and be helped by foreign visitors, but also among trusting, educated and too-gullible Westerners. Add to this that Sathya Sai Baba positively throve on rumour and myth (see here).

There are countless baseless rumours, accounts of miracles, ‘stories’ and the like circulating in the Sai movement. Many unlikely stories about Sai Baba – especially those spread by him personally – are supported and encouraged by Sai Org. office-bearers, and even the wildest fables are tolerated as an enhancement of Sai Baba’s fame without any refutation of them.Rumours making Sathya Sai Baba seem much more than he was, are allowed to spread unhindered, while Sai followers and officials frequently denounce as rumours anything that casts a critical light on any of Sai Baba’s words or acts. The Sai following imagines itself to be the cream of the world’s spirituality, destined to save humanity from catastrophe, and their agenda is to expand their numbers and influence at almost any cost, certainly at the cost of fact and truth.


Prof. Kasturi also showed signs of problems in keeping total trust in Sathya Sai Baba – at least privately – when he told me in his later years that Sathya Sai even claimed that what was recorded on a tape Kasturi made in his presence was NOT WHAT HE HAD SAID! It was evident that he had some doubt about this… and he wondered what I made of it. I must admit that I was somewhat befuddled and had to disregard it as best I could. Then I did, but not any longer, though! Sai Baba’s response to those who dared to even suggest  a possible discrepancy in what he said or did was, according to some observers, as if to rise up like a cobra. If he thought he was being confronted, he would avoid being held to account by a wide range of clever diversions. Following Kasturi’s ever-repeated lead, blind devotees would put everything untoward down to ‘His Mystery’ and call it “His divine leela” or the like. SSB saw how devotees swallowed everything (well, most of them most of the time). Incidentally, he once claimed in a discourse that he is ‘the lion among animals, the eagle among birds’ (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 8, p. 13). Since he also claimed that he appeared as a hamadryad to devotees in the past, he is then ‘the king cobra among reptiles’. One can divine what he is driving at… massive pride and no real compassion to anyone who arouses him, as also pointed out by his one-time chosen ‘soul-brother’ in his teenage years (the Krishna who shared his sleeping room for years but then left him permanently).

Sai Baba repeatedly warned against listening to or spreading rumors. He compared this to dogs barking at nothing (eg. p. 130, Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 13). Remarkably, however, his ashrams and movement were and still are certainly far more subject to rumours and non-confirmable stories than any other place I have ever been. Many originated from him in private interview sessions but which sometimes were then reported outside, where they conveniently could be dismissed by the hierarchy as ‘just hearsay’, which he then neither needed to confirm nor reject. Why was all this soon so widespread in the Sai movement?

A regime of secrecy, unaccountability and suppression of fact developed in the entire Sai movement early on, along with a burgeoning semi-militarization of the ashrams which had to cope with the thousands of undisciplined visitors and often frenzied people from every country and class. This regime was extended to what was accepted in written for or said in Sai gatherings. Early on the ashram officials would exclude the mildest critics – whether they contested various miracles or Sai Baba’s countless claims of super-divinity and actions which could not be reconciled to his own words or teachings.  Authoritarian ashram officialdom increased enormously after the 1993 murders in Sai Baba’s bedroom and critical or doubtful persons would be banned from the ashram, while anyone could be – and was – summarily excluded from the Sathya Sai Organization without their having any chance of redress or even without being offered any explanation. This reached the point of cultist frenzy after 2000 and the developing exposé of Sathya Sai Baba’s fraud, untruth, failed predictions, cover-ups and abuses of faith.  

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Death of Sathya Sai Baba: no valid certification

Posted by robertpriddy on February 18, 2012

Note: the white spaces between the paragraphs has been deleted for the sake of compactness. No text on the original paper had been left out or altered

Sathya Sai Baba’s death certificate was not legally valid. The doctor who signed it resigned from his post almost immediately, the suggestion being that he was forced into a role which he could not accept.
The Dutch academic, Chris Dokter, posted this information on his website ‘Mind Your Mind’ under The Case of the Missing Death Certificate

Sathya Sai Baba’s death was announced on April 24, 2011. The certificate above was published widely in India on that same day.
The Indian media company NDTV posted a copy of it and a comment was made on this by Dr. Soumitra Mukhopadhyaya (24-04-2011)

“As a doctor I should point out that the cause of death mentioned (cardio-respiratory failure) is medico-legally unacceptable. The cause leading to cardio-respiratory failure needs to be clearly mentioned. The international death certificate does not accept cardio-respiratory failure as a valid cause of death”

Not producing a death certificate is in strict violation of Andhra Pradesh State regulation, Indian law, and international law. This kind of cover-up attempt is typical of virtually every announcement made through decades by Sai Baba authorities whenever there was anything untoward involved. The ‘spin doctors’ of the Sathya Sai Central Trust are just continuing a tradition of secrecy… in this case keeping the public from knowing from which illnesses Sathya Sai Baba actually suffered which led to his weight loss (to 28 kilogram) and successive failure of his heart, lungs, liver, kidneys… until he was evidently disconnected from life support in a cynical ploy to make it appear he was akin to Jesus – passing away on Easter Sunday.

The resurrection that was  widely expected – in many instances of posted comments on newspapers and web outlets with fanatical certainty – never occurred.

See also
Up-dated overview page on the DEATH OF SATHYA SAI BABA, 24-4-2011

Sai officials’ secret collusion over the death of Sathya Sai Baba

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Rationalism and dogma – Narendra Nayak lectures throughout India

Posted by robertpriddy on February 16, 2012


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Sathya Sai Baba’s life and preaching from an ordinary Christian viewpoint

Posted by robertpriddy on February 15, 2012

Sathya Sai Baba has made many declarations about the life of Jesus Christ and Christianity, not least that he was the father who sent Jesus to earth! (See proof at the foot of this blog)  That claim cannot fail to offend nearly all remotely orthodox Christians. However, few Christian books or web sites ever mention Sathya Sai Baba in any connection. This can be accounted for partly perhaps as tolerant non-interference by Christians in the beliefs of others, but more likely that his life and message appear as some form of megalomania to which one need not pay serious attention. Sai Baba has claimed to know the inner thoughts of Christ as he suffered on the cross… a phenomenal claim of the same kind as his promise that he would lift a range of mountains (not just one, as Krishna is told to have done in Hindu mythology). Adding to healthy scepticism are the fantastic and amusing blunders Sai Baba made in numerous Christmas discourses about Christ, his disciples, other Christian or Judaic figures and the history of Christianity (see links below article).

Therefore I am posting an article by a Christian to give voice to that community… for once on this blog site. I concur with much of the critical content, though I am a non-theist and do not subscribe to ideas of Satan, exorcism, miracles etc.

Sai Baba compared to Jesus Christ – by Kristina Jure

1) In the New Testament Jesus Christ was acknowledged as the Son of God but He died on the Cross among the greatest sinners; Sai Baba was widely testified as a sexual abuser, also of children, but he was buried as a great saint.

2) According to the New Testament, Christ while fasting in the desert was tempted by satan by food, power and recognition by the world, but he refused all temptations;
Sai Baba had all of the best of life without working – food, shelter, unbounded power in India beyond the limitations of Law and recognition in the variety of circles all around the world… It is hard to guess which of the temptations he renounced, having visibly succumbed to most of them.

3) Most of the prophesies of Jesus came to pass;
Only Sai Baba’s minor prophesies had any significance, most were unfulfilled, such as lifting a mountain range, flying in the sky and living into his 90s.

4) After His death Christ was renounced even by his closest disciples – they put their faith in Him only after His ressurrection;  Sai Baba’s devotees are still faithful and honour him even after realizing that he did not live up to his teachings… (and was of course not resurrected)

These contradictions between Jesus and Sai Baba can never be erased.

Teachings: Sai Baba vs Jesus Christ

1) Jesus taught profound truths which through millennia became the object of thorough analysis by many prominent world thinkers – His Sermon on the Mount is still regarded as a masterpiece by representatives of various faiths  Sai Baba’s teachings are overly repetitive and simplistic – for a serious spiritual aspirant there is nowhere to dive for depths.

2) Jesus was a revolutionary teacher who presented new ideals of behavior and formed new ways of thinking; Sai Baba did not bring a slightest new message but parroted the famous sayings written long ago in Indian scripture and by famous people (he was keen on leisure reading).

3) The New Testament tells how Jesus was seen to cast out demons and cure the sick; Gandhi once said: “Sermon on the Mount pronounced by Jesus is the basics of all the ethics; the measures to distinguish between right and wrong should be based upon this sermon…” Thus we must acknowledge that for millennia he has been accepted as a teacher leading people towards right conduct beyond the boundaries of culture and religion.

Even closest Baba’s devotees acknowledged that the messages he spread bore the overly-simplistic character. This needed to be explained and the explanation was as well simple – the message needs to reach as broad audience as possible and Sai Baba stated that constant repetition makes it stick. But even Baba realized and commented that his messages had little effect on the minds of devotees. Besides his sermon he used to give trinkets from beyond his cushions and this created a strong effect on the minds of devotees, which cannot be underestimated or neglected. Moreover, especially in the last years Baba was known for not curing the sick (this was claimed by the leaders of Sai centers to sick pilgrims); people were supposed to go through their karmic challenges themselves.

4) Jesus was a friend and teacher of many sinners of that time – he came to convert them and he made them change their ways. In fact, multiple conversions were supposed to be as one of his most prominent miracles.
Sai Baba himself was widely accused of being a sinner: 1. Sexual abuses 2. Suicides. 3. Murder involvements. 4. Plagiarism. 5. Faith abuse (brainwashing). He never changed or repented,.

5) Prayer esp. for those who sin and are weak, as well as for those who are your foes, was the most important tradition in Christian spiritual practice. Jesus and his followers were praying for his tormentors while dying on the cross saying: “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do”.

This point is ABSENT in Sai Baba’s self proclaimed ‘new Jesus’ teachings. In his infamous Christmas Day discourse in 2000 – on that day of all days to be so unforgiving – not exactly in the spirit of Christmas he preached hate towards his critics (was he afraid of them?).

“With his condemnatory Christmas 2000 discourse, Sathya Sai Baba destroyed at a stroke what remains of his previous lifelong claims to never to condemn anyone, to love all and always to adhere to truth. He blackened those who criticize, spread negative news or raise doubts, even when there are valid grounds and openness is justified. He goes to the length of branding dissenters as ‘Judases’ implying that their actions can never be redeemed, and elsewhere he adds that they must all suffer shame throughout any number of future births.

Sathya Sai Baba has refuted the main tenet of his own lifelong teaching that ‘The Divine Spark is in everyone’ Further, in a later discourse he proclaims that there is not even a spark of divinity in his critics! [“… a hard-hearted person cannot be called a spark of Divinity; he is verily a demon.” {p. 323, Sanathana Sarathi, November 2002].

6) Jesus taught to be careful and to stay awake. In his prayer the Pater Noster given to his disciples Christians are encouraged to ask: “deliver us from evil”. Jesus believed that personified evil existed and he taught to stay awake and be careful against evil seduction.
Meanwhile, Sai Baba renounced the existence of personified evil as well as the presence of hell.

CONCLUSIONS. It is supposed in the Christian theology that the main work of evil in this world is to make people believe that he does not exist and lull them into the labyrinth of false teachings. Sai Baba’s claims about Jesus and his assertions about evil and hell contradicts the basics of Christianity, thus he simply cannot be called ‘nouvo Cristo’ by any measure, esp. by those who really follow Christ’s teachings.

Regarding the response from Christian leaders towards Sai Baba’s cult, it is not true that they gave no response. Pope John Paul II NEVER accepted Sai Baba as “nuovo Cristo”. A Catholic priest, Don Mario Mazzoleni, was formally excommunicated from the Catholic Church due to his endorsement of Sai Baba and his claims.  Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina who lived in Rotondo and his disciples identified SSB as a “False Prophet” long before the 1970’s. For those who are interested in a more insightful journey regarding fundamental differences between the teachings of Baba and Jesus, please read:
Armando Pavese, Sai Baba. Anatomia del “Nuovo Cristo” e dei suoi miracoli attraverso la psichologia del profondo, la parapsichologia e la fede cristiana, Cesale Monferrato (Alessandria): Piemme, 1992

The same opinion regarding Sai Baba can be found in the books by exorcist Gabriele Amorth who shares the clear statement of the official position of all the exorcists of the Catholic Church.

Another most revealing statement, made by the Chairman of the International Sathya Sai Organization – Dr, Michael Goldstein – at a promotional lecture in London and filmed by the BBC – was that he believes Sathya Sai Baba actually “is Jesus Christ… is Buddha… is the founder of all the world’s religions…. has always been er er God” (!!) See the short transcript and brief video clip where Goldstein states this here. Goldstein was either unaware, or ignored, the fact that Sathya Sai Baba corrected the former Chairman of the US Sathya Sai Organization, Dr. Hislop, for saying that Sai Baba had been Jesus (in a former incarnation), saying that he never was Jesus. Instead he has claimed he was God the father who sent Jesus (see scan from his authenticated discourses below).

Some of Sathya Sai Baba’s many ‘howlers’ about Christ and Christianity can be viewed here:-

Sathya Sai Baba’s absurd Discourse: Christmas Day 1996

Sathya Sai Baba: 1998 Xmas Discourse (Sandesh)

(1) Sai Baba on the Birth date of Jesus

(2) Sai Baba’s on Jesus’ own words about himself

(3) Sai Baba about Jesus’s sufferings

(4) Sai Baba on the early years of Jesus

(5) Sai Baba on Birth of Jesus/and 3 kings from the East

(6) Sai Baba on the Status of Jesus

(7) Sai Baba on (St.) Paul and closest devotees of Jesus

(8) Sai Baba on Romans and Jews

(9) Sai Baba on Jesus and the term Persona

(10) Sai Baba on Jesus and animal sacrifice

(11) Sai Baba on Jesus and his disciples

(12) Sai Baba on Moses love of Jesus!

Sathya Sai Baba’s inordinate Jehova-complex claims is exemplified by this one:-


Professor Kasturi, Sai Baba’s official biographer and prime devotee for decades was so scared out of his skin that he lost the remains of his sanity.

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Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust goes begging

Posted by robertpriddy on February 13, 2012

June 2011, the government of Andhra Pradesh decided to rein in the Sai Trust (see here). There is now a public petition by the current Sai Trust authorities to get the taxpayer to subsidize the social projects started in the name of Sathya Sai Baba. They want free electricity for all their institutions! This is yet another indicator of how donations to the Sai Trust have fallen off following on the importunate demise of Sathya Sai Baba, the utter scandal of his massive private hoarding of valuables, the confiscation by the Trust of the valuables from the rightful owners – the family of Sai Baba – and the open struggle for control of the Central Trust with the various police investigations and court cases which disappeared so mysteriously (suggesting quashing through big payouts to movers and shakers behind the scenes, as is reported as having been done before to avoid yet bigger scandals).

The Sathya Sai Central Trust is run by a board including key persons whose reputations are frayed, to put it mildly… not least former Chief Justice P.N. Bhagwati and Ratnakara, the son of Sai Baba’s brother the super-rich property speculator Janakiramiah who, I was informed by V.K. Narasimhan, masterminded the blackmail of Puttaparthi police so that they murdered four devotees who intruded into Sai Baba’s apartment in 1993. Other Trust members at that time were involved in the stand-off between police and the intruders while Sathya Sai Baba cowered in his garage nearby, such as Colonel Joga Rao. Sathya Sai Baba himself was never even questioned by the police or CBI, all of whose investigations were quashed through the influence of the Sai devotees PM Narasimha Rao and Home Minister S.B. Chavan. However, V.K. Narasimhan did question Sai Baba – the only person who dared to question him – and made known to various persons that Sai Baba’s answers were “not convincing, not convincing!” (See here)

SB’s secret chamber

Sai Secrets  Lakhs seized – Sai Trust  Police refute Trust


Though Sai Baba is deceased and can no longer himself be brought to legal trial. However.  you can see a selected list of prominent signers of the Sai Petition here.

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Can a dead guru answer prayers?

Posted by robertpriddy on February 11, 2012

The former follower of Sathya Sai Baba, Chris Doktor of the Netherlands, has a blog site (‘Mind your Mind’) where he discusses some of the important critical issues about the now-deceased guru. The following posting was an extended comment on a posting I made earlier here.

Pray tell: can a dead guru answer prayers?   by chrisdokter

The question raised by Robert Priddy in his recent post of January 20, 2012, whether praying to Sathya Sai Baba (or God for that matter) can be effective, is a highly interesting one, in my view. Mr. Priddy deals with this subject in an astute manner, and has some notable remarks concerning the practices followed and testimonies given by Sai Baba devotees, to convince themselves and others of the miraculous nature of their personal God(man). In short, he who prays earnestly to the master gets his prayers answered. If not, it is through his own lack of faith or some karmic trouble.

Because of the ever-increasing unavailability of direct contact with Sathya Sai Baba over the previous decades, which was the inevitable result of the sheer increase in numbers of visitors to the ashram and the very limited amount of time the master provided for interaction with them (twice a day for maybe twenty minutes  darshan, plus the rare interview, accosted to the ‘happy’ few), large groups of devotees resorted more and more to indirect ‘proof’, whether through prayer, dreams, premonitions, contact with VIP-devotee-clearvoyants like Phyllis Krystal, and other, sometimes all-too-primitive supposed channelers and channelings of the master. The use of the three pieces of paper mr. Priddy refers to, which I too remember well, is a typical example of the latter: a crude form of divination.

Being unavailable is one of the devices cult leaders use in order to gain an ever-increasing aura among their believers, by the way. Especially when their followers are cooped up in primitive dwellings, and are deprived of contact with the outside world their whole day revolves around the master. Not seeing him, not being able to come into close, personal contact with him, makes people anxious, which in turn serves as an incentive to listen to tall tales and boosting the master’s omnipotence through any number of stories heard through the grapevine. It also hides the master quite effectively from any altogether too inquisitive a view from people who are a bit more sceptical.

If a master at all, Sathya Sai Baba certainly was one in this respect! He pulled off the most unlikely feat: not letting himself get caught for the massive fraud, deception and abuse he was involved in during sixty odd years. Instead, he managed to achieve an enormous following and influence the world over, culminating in a state funeral, with full honours, and very few awkward questions asked even after his demise. The whole issue of whether praying to a personal God is even feasible, let alone effective, has been hotly debated inside and outside the scientific community for well over 140 years. Wikipedia provides a rather extensive and well-informed expose concerning this topic: the efficacy of prayer.

In a debate/interview in Newsweek with Christian evangelical Rick Warren, atheist Sam Harris commented that most lay perceptions of the efficacy of prayer (personal impressions as opposed to empirical studies) were related to sampling error because “we know that humans have a terrible sense of probability.” That is, humans are more inclined to recognize confirmations of their faith than they are to recognize disconfirmations.

Harris also criticized existing empirical studies for limiting themselves to prayers for relatively unmiraculous events, like recovery from heart surgery. He suggested a simple experiment to settle the issue: ‘Get a billion Christians to pray for a single amputee. Get them to pray that God regrow that missing limb. This happens to salamanders every day, presumably without prayer; this is within the capacity of God. I find it interesting that people of faith only tend to pray for conditions that are self-limiting.’

Another eloquent critic of the inefficacy of prayer is internationally renowned evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. As it happens (and no, not by divine intervention!), Dawkins visited my alma mater, the University of Groningen, just a fortnight ago (January 12 and 13, 2012). He stayed here for two consecutive days, entering into public debate, giving lectures and appearing as the guest of honour for the opening of the new Biology Building of the University, named after famous Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. In his writings (of which the most controversial is his 2006 bestselling book The God Delusion), Dawkins claims the ‘God Hypothesis’ is fallacious. In fact, he depicts people who believe in a personal, compassionate God as being delusional.

Whichever way your outlook on this complex question, suffice it to say that I agree with Robert Priddy that Sathya Sai Baba took advantage of many well-intentioned (but perhaps too gullible) people, people from the West and the East, the North and the South, people from all walks of life, from highly educated to illiterate. Did he answer prayers while alive? I don’t think so. It certainly has not been my experience. He very often broke promises he made in direct contact, that I do know, for sure, first hand. If he is to answer prayers right now, he has had to have been some kind of supernatural being, an otherworldly entity, transgressing the laws of nature. Is that even possible?

He certainly claimed to be just that, a deity, a supernatural being, nay more: he assured everyone willing to listen he was the highest of the high, the guru of all gurus, master of all masters, god of all gods, king of kings, the centre of the universe, with the whole of creation resting in his almighty palm.

So: do I think Sathya Sai Baba can answer prayers now that he has ‘shed his mortal coil’? No. Dead men tell no tales.  Prayers fall unto deaf ears, as they all too often did whilst the master was still walking this earth, or did they not? His staunch believers will, I am sure, always see some proof beyond doubt of the divinity of their late master though, and of him answering prayers even from beyond the grave.

It has ever been so: voluntary questioning your innermost belief system is rare. If you have allowed yourself to become brainwashed, it is even harder to really familiarize yourself with opposing information. You’d rather vilify the messenger. Many who harbour doubts rationalize these thoughts away. I am afraid the bottom line is that many of them secretly think themselves unable to confront the harsh truth, and live another day.

We so much like to be sure. We so much seem to need to be…

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Sathya Sai Baba’s effect on India’s future most negligible

Posted by robertpriddy on February 9, 2012

Now Ramachandra Guha, renowned historian and author of India After Gandhi: The History of the World’s Largest Democracy, is close to concluding that instability is India’s destiny.

Mr Guha argues that democracy and nationhood in India face six complex challenges. They are:

  • Large sections of the population in the restive north-eastern states and in Indian-administered Kashmir want to break away from India
  • The festering Maoist insurgency threatens to further undermine territorial integrity in vast swathes of central and eastern India
  • Religious fundamentalism is “receding but by no means vanquished.” A “sullen peace rather than an even-tempered tranquillity” prevails in the country
  • Public institutions are getting corroded. Political parties are increasingly resembling family firms; the police and bureaucracy are heavily politicised; corruption is rife and patronage triumphs over competence
  • Massive environmental degradation is promoting scarcity of resources and leading to discord and inequality. The poor suffer most from land grabs, deforestation and soil and water pollution
  • Growing economic inequities. One example: India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, is worth more than $20bn, and his new home is a 27-storey high, 400,000 sq ft building in Mumbai, where 60% of the population live in grimy slums

Quotation of major (false) prediction made by Sathya Sai Baba to John Hislop

What did Sathya Sai Baba’s endless talk and few social projects achieve?

Compare the above points with the tremendous and repeated boasts of Sathya Sai Baba that he was revitalizing India, cleaning up corruption and heralding a Golden Age which would eventually spread to the entire globe from a unified India! (see inset scan on the left).

Today is Krishna Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna. I am making a promise today that the people   of all the countries, viz. Pakistan, China, Germany, Russia will be united. That should be our goal. The goodness of Bharat will lead to this unity.” Sanathana Sarathi Sept. 2002, p. 267

The projects which are the  keystone of Sathya Sai Baba’s remaining reputation (as to water, health, education and his university) are but drops in the ocean and are proportionally minor in relation to government projects, and all the less impressive when compared to the still unfulfilled needs of the populace. I contributed what was for my family a lot of money to the Sai Trust and following its work closely, but repeatedly found that these projects were nearly all mismanaged and the results were of low quality (in all three areas). Yet the Sai organization was able with the aid of huge donated funds to propagandize and bribe their way – also in the Indian media – to cover up all the many failings to which I and others refer.

  Also:- India – God-driven or God-forsaken?

  Sathya Sai Baba’s Mission: Words and Facts by Serguei Badaev

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India Today advertisement to promote Sathya Sai Baba – a sly move

Posted by robertpriddy on February 7, 2012

Capture of a frame from a YouTube video designed to sell a magazine on Sathya Sai Baba as if it had been a supplement published by India Today, which it was not. It was merely advertised through India Today! Sathya Sai Baba’s star as the Godhead Incarnate and a pure and perfect omniscient and omnipotent being (also no less than ‘Creator of the Universe’ – see here) has been sinking rapidly in recent decades, for his publications have played down his megalomaniac claims as far as possible and promoting instead the social projects his devotees have financed and effected under his name. His star fell below the horizon, figuratively, when he died under such obscure circumstances from a completely unknown cause (see below here). The reputation built up for him as a selfless server of mankind with no connection whatever with property or money was further seriously damaged by the amazing discoveries of hoarded cash, jewels, gold, silver and countless other valuable items and luxury goods – and even out-of-date dried foodstuffs – much stored under his 5 meter square bed. A Midas hoard!

Now, obviously suffering under various restraints which apply to them and the ghost town, Puttaparthi, no longer a haunt of the “Eternal Charioteer”, Sai Baba, The Sathya Sai Central Trust has invested a lot of money is  advertising its latest hagiographic propaganda about Sathya Sai Baba, carefully leaving all of the massive controversies aside – as all Sai publications have done under the strictest censorship for decades, as far back as there has been any organized activities.

Two of my well-placed informants in India – both top professionals in their fields – investigated with their news agents, who never received any copies along with the regular India Today in the period involved. The so-called “special supplement” was not received by subscribers to India Today, it was a booklet for which one had to apply and pay Rs. 50– separately. There was apparently no bar code on the ‘Divine Grace’ supplement either. The choice of placing the magazine as if it were a regular supplement to the India Today magazine – when in reality is was financed wholly by the Sai Trust and placement was paid for too – was a clever deceptive ploy. This was not least since India Today was formerly one of the few national media which undertook to report on the exposed deceptions and sex abuses of Sathya Sai Baba (see article)!  India Today is now under the leadership of a Congress Party stalwart, who is trying hard to revive its lagging fortunes… so the Sathya Sai Baba advert was taken in, also unsurprising considering the support of the PM, President and Sonia Gandhi plus many Congress and Hindu government ministers for the self-proclaimed Divinity and their “national treasure” namely, “God in India”.  A marriage of necessity between two failing enterprises? 

India Today even did a story last year….in the issue just 3 days before his death, entitled ” The secret world of Sathya Sai Baba’s Rs 40,000 crore empire”
It was by Amarnath Menon…who did the original cover story in December 2000….and referred to sb as “the afro haired Caesar: and “platinum preacher”…rather irreverently… he still does refer to him as “godman” etc…Amarnath Menon is obviously not a devotee….but Ashok Malik…another journalist who did a story in the 2000 issue, had left India today sometime back and has written a flattering story on sb service activities after his death.

Death of Sathya Sai Baba
Sathya Sai Baba’s death – no miracles 

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Mariana Caplan on grief over guru Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on February 4, 2012

It is with good intentions, no doubt, that Mariana Caplan – a psychologist involved with so-called ‘religious spirituality’ wants to contribute to helping people whose teachers die and ease their transition and grief. I must take exception, however, to her assertion that – even if these teachers employed fraud as part of their teaching – that it would be a benefit if people found their faith healed or it brought them closer to the love of the Divine, not ‘altogether bad’. She knows about Sathya Sai Baba, and wrote: “I wish his families and followers ease in their grieving, all of us spaciousness and forgiveness around any of Sathya Sai Baba’s weaknesses, and most of all, integrity to those who are charged with the responsibility of spiritual leadership. She wrote on Huffington Post:-

“I have tried to write about these issues extensively in my forthcoming book The Guru Question: The Perils and Rewards of Choosing a Spiritual Teacher. However, the fact remains: discernment is a lifelong process, and there are more questions than answers. Each life, each relationship is distinct. We can simply cultivate greater discernment as we journey through a labyrinth of increasing subtlety.”

To have to stimulate faith through fraud already speaks of the hollowness of these kinds of faith. What is the ‘love of the Divine’ other than a subjective emotional belief in matters which cannot be proven and which, in all likelihood, are delusions which encourage people to project onto ideas and imaginings about goodness external to themselves and external to the known universe too their dearest wishes and hopes?

There is no serious evidence that prayers ever work – and nearly all children even soon discover that – as do those who go to Lourdes or such places for healing of incurable illnesses (intensive research has shown this cannot be proven in a single case). Yet massive religious industries work to maintain and reinforce the delusion, and those involved are most likely themselves unwitting victims of indoctrination.

Sai Baba followers have been inculcated with the simplistic (and practically unworkable) moral commandment never to see, hear, think or speak negatively of anyone (and that mostly meant, not of Sai Baba or his minions!) So they cannot go to exposé websites to learn of the many alleged crimes he is held responsible for (including scores of signed and testified statements by young men around the world). Nor can they investigate the political quashing of court petitions, the cover-up and protection from prosecution by his devotees in the government and supreme court (as High Chief Justice Bhagwati has recently astonishingly revealed in an interview with the Times of India).

Add to that the massively-documented deceptions, impossibly fantastic claims and outright frauds that Sathya Sai Baba carried out – not forgetting the opportunistic, simplistic hodgepodge of often self-contradictory teachings,  and scores of false statements of fact, and the ‘perils of choosing a spiritual teacher’ become far more important than and subjective ‘rewards’ of false spiritual security. See

Mariana Caplan’s articles are favoured on Huffington Post

A comment on her article was made by ‘grihasta’, to which I replied with my e-mail identity (rero)

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Keith Crichlow, Isaac Tigrett and ‘mystical number seven’!

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A collage of images captured from the latest crackpot video made and ominously presented by Isaac Tigrett Himself

The beef-burger salesman and Hard Rock Café millionaire Isaac Tigrett has set himself up as the conveyor of the ‘living will’ of Sathya Sai Baba, who he alleges told him to promote his own ashram as a ‘spiritual school’ in the Coorg area, the project being called “The Mystic Inn of the 7th Ray”. Despite this, all the long-established Sai Baba institutions including the all-powerful Sathya Sai Central Trust totally ignore Tigrett’s claims. Tigrett says on the video:-

In 1990 during the planning of the hospital he donated to Sai Baba, Tigrett  tells (in a melodramatic portentous voice) how he had then asked ‘the Teacher’: “Will the ancient holistic and metaphysical disciplines be part of the temple of healing?” SSB proclaimed “It will come later”. Tigrett then says: “Seventeen years later in 2007” he was called by the Teacher who said three times “Tigrett, we will build a spiritual school”. SB then moved his hand “in a chopping motion through thre air as segmenting time” (imaginative eh?) and proclaimedSeven all day”, which words Tigrett says “that moment contained reverberations that continued through this servant to this day“.  Then Tigrett tell of “Seven events filled this mysterious and glorious day“, and he proceeds to list a number of incidents in which the number seven was mentioned or somehow figured. This included his a talked with “the famous sacred geometrist” Keith Crichlow, who told Tigrett he was lecturing on the number 7. This kind of experience is a symptom of a selective mental set up in finding mysterious significances in daily events, one which if pursued can lead to cognitive disturbances of the kind observed most often in mentally-unbalanced or psychotic persons. One can thereby surmise what kind of a “spiritual education” Tigrett is preparing! Enough said…

If Sai Baba DID accept the Mystic 7’th Ray name, as Tigrett claims, then he was promoting the long-discredited Ascended Masters hoo-ha of Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant and theosophy with all the absurdities involved, not least the Count of Saint Germain mythology.

The incoherent antics of those who believe in numerology always provide material for mirth for most people who are not deceived by the tricky illogic and recondite allusions of its promoters and ‘learned impostors’ (such as his friend and supporter, the architect Dr. Keith Crichlow) who pretend to have had mystical revelations. When this is further convoluted by beliefs about The Count of St. Germain as a supernatural being and ‘Ascended Master’ (who was not least, in the form of Francis Bacon, the author of Shakespeare’s plays), we recognise that the line has been crossed into the lunatic fringe… in this case a place where these pseudo-intellectuals gambol freely amid post-Blavatsky speculations about the great unfolding drama of occult spirituality beyond the ken of ordinary people – but to which they imagine they have extraordinary access. They are not themselves ordinary people, of course, for their proclamations set them well apart from  anyone with their feet firmly on the ground and those whose minds are disciplined by tested knowledge, reason, considered experience and all the benefits of the vast advances in science and all forms of increasingly genuine and well-founded understanding. Were this not enough, Tigrett proclaims the genuineness of crystal skulls and their occult powers to change the fate of humanity – despite the original crystal skull having been throughly investigated scientifically (and exposed in a Discovery documentary) as being human-made artefacts, and not what they are claimed to be. 

It is well known (and much publicised by the Sai movement!) that the architect who Isaac Tigrett brought to Sai Baba to design the hospital he had donated was Keith Crichlow, later chosen by Prince Charles as head of his Prince of Wales’ Institute of Architecture in the UK. Sai Baba got Crichlow to design the Hospital in a particular shape and style (partly also modelled on the lines of Buckingham Palace). Keith Crichlow is still an adherent of Sathya Sai and is still connected to Prince Charles. On the video,’The Miracle of Puttaparthi’ about the building of the Super Speciality Hospital in Puttaparthi, in an interview with the architect, Professor Keith Critchlow, he refers to how he was so impressed but confused by Sathya Sai Baba’s words about numbers. The fact is that sai baba often repeats the same well-known numerological ideas about the significance of numbers, especially number 9 (the number of divinity itself!) and number 7 (long held to have ‘mystical’ properties, which is a widely-held superstition) and the ‘meaning’ of numbers 0, 1 and 2 etc. However all these quite simplistic ideas have long been a part of common Indian life. I was told them all by young Indian seamen on the first ship upon which I sailed, back in 1953-4). But Crichlow evidently did not know any of that and was very impressed! As to the “Hindu science of architecture”, it is definitely no science, but a collection of speculations about the supernatural influences involved in where one places a door, the fireplace, the cooking area and so forth. All entirely unempirical and loaded with religious and ‘spiritual’ presumptions, just like its Japanese equivalent feng-shui. Crichlow seemed happy that Sai Baba believed in astrology, while holding that only he could interpret it properly since human perspectives are limited to viewing the cosmos only from the earth! As to Swami’s supposed “technical knowledge”, his chief engineer, Colonel Joga Rao, had a very low opinion of Sai Baba’s knowledge. When questions arose on what was the right solution to the sewage problem at Prashanthi among the group of experts from abroad one said, “We should ask Swami” to which Joga Rao replied, “And what does Baba know about engineering?’ (see the Prashanthi sewage scam)

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