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Keith Crichlow, Isaac Tigrett and ‘mystical number seven’!

Posted by robertpriddy on February 3, 2012

A collage of images captured from the latest crackpot video made and ominously presented by Isaac Tigrett Himself

The beef-burger salesman and Hard Rock Café millionaire Isaac Tigrett has set himself up as the conveyor of the ‘living will’ of Sathya Sai Baba, who he alleges told him to promote his own ashram as a ‘spiritual school’ in the Coorg area, the project being called “The Mystic Inn of the 7th Ray”. Despite this, all the long-established Sai Baba institutions including the all-powerful Sathya Sai Central Trust totally ignore Tigrett’s claims. Tigrett says on the video:-

In 1990 during the planning of the hospital he donated to Sai Baba, Tigrett  tells (in a melodramatic portentous voice) how he had then asked ‘the Teacher’: “Will the ancient holistic and metaphysical disciplines be part of the temple of healing?” SSB proclaimed “It will come later”. Tigrett then says: “Seventeen years later in 2007” he was called by the Teacher who said three times “Tigrett, we will build a spiritual school”. SB then moved his hand “in a chopping motion through thre air as segmenting time” (imaginative eh?) and proclaimedSeven all day”, which words Tigrett says “that moment contained reverberations that continued through this servant to this day“.  Then Tigrett tell of “Seven events filled this mysterious and glorious day“, and he proceeds to list a number of incidents in which the number seven was mentioned or somehow figured. This included his a talked with “the famous sacred geometrist” Keith Crichlow, who told Tigrett he was lecturing on the number 7. This kind of experience is a symptom of a selective mental set up in finding mysterious significances in daily events, one which if pursued can lead to cognitive disturbances of the kind observed most often in mentally-unbalanced or psychotic persons. One can thereby surmise what kind of a “spiritual education” Tigrett is preparing! Enough said…

If Sai Baba DID accept the Mystic 7’th Ray name, as Tigrett claims, then he was promoting the long-discredited Ascended Masters hoo-ha of Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant and theosophy with all the absurdities involved, not least the Count of Saint Germain mythology.

The incoherent antics of those who believe in numerology always provide material for mirth for most people who are not deceived by the tricky illogic and recondite allusions of its promoters and ‘learned impostors’ (such as his friend and supporter, the architect Dr. Keith Crichlow) who pretend to have had mystical revelations. When this is further convoluted by beliefs about The Count of St. Germain as a supernatural being and ‘Ascended Master’ (who was not least, in the form of Francis Bacon, the author of Shakespeare’s plays), we recognise that the line has been crossed into the lunatic fringe… in this case a place where these pseudo-intellectuals gambol freely amid post-Blavatsky speculations about the great unfolding drama of occult spirituality beyond the ken of ordinary people – but to which they imagine they have extraordinary access. They are not themselves ordinary people, of course, for their proclamations set them well apart from  anyone with their feet firmly on the ground and those whose minds are disciplined by tested knowledge, reason, considered experience and all the benefits of the vast advances in science and all forms of increasingly genuine and well-founded understanding. Were this not enough, Tigrett proclaims the genuineness of crystal skulls and their occult powers to change the fate of humanity – despite the original crystal skull having been throughly investigated scientifically (and exposed in a Discovery documentary) as being human-made artefacts, and not what they are claimed to be. 

It is well known (and much publicised by the Sai movement!) that the architect who Isaac Tigrett brought to Sai Baba to design the hospital he had donated was Keith Crichlow, later chosen by Prince Charles as head of his Prince of Wales’ Institute of Architecture in the UK. Sai Baba got Crichlow to design the Hospital in a particular shape and style (partly also modelled on the lines of Buckingham Palace). Keith Crichlow is still an adherent of Sathya Sai and is still connected to Prince Charles. On the video,’The Miracle of Puttaparthi’ about the building of the Super Speciality Hospital in Puttaparthi, in an interview with the architect, Professor Keith Critchlow, he refers to how he was so impressed but confused by Sathya Sai Baba’s words about numbers. The fact is that sai baba often repeats the same well-known numerological ideas about the significance of numbers, especially number 9 (the number of divinity itself!) and number 7 (long held to have ‘mystical’ properties, which is a widely-held superstition) and the ‘meaning’ of numbers 0, 1 and 2 etc. However all these quite simplistic ideas have long been a part of common Indian life. I was told them all by young Indian seamen on the first ship upon which I sailed, back in 1953-4). But Crichlow evidently did not know any of that and was very impressed! As to the “Hindu science of architecture”, it is definitely no science, but a collection of speculations about the supernatural influences involved in where one places a door, the fireplace, the cooking area and so forth. All entirely unempirical and loaded with religious and ‘spiritual’ presumptions, just like its Japanese equivalent feng-shui. Crichlow seemed happy that Sai Baba believed in astrology, while holding that only he could interpret it properly since human perspectives are limited to viewing the cosmos only from the earth! As to Swami’s supposed “technical knowledge”, his chief engineer, Colonel Joga Rao, had a very low opinion of Sai Baba’s knowledge. When questions arose on what was the right solution to the sewage problem at Prashanthi among the group of experts from abroad one said, “We should ask Swami” to which Joga Rao replied, “And what does Baba know about engineering?’ (see the Prashanthi sewage scam)

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