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Professor Anil Kumar’s interview with the Thailand media – 2

Posted by robertpriddy on May 22, 2012

(Continuation from previous blog)

This is a continuation of my previous blog in which Professor Anil Kumar Kamaraju ‘s interview in Bangkok was first examined. This interview should be viewed in the light of Anil Kumar’s overwhelming gullibility as a translator and endorser of Sai Baba’s impossible claims. One small example is seen here where he translated into English Sai Baba’s claim that he regurgitated a three-ton golden lingam from his stomach (1 Mb video clip in wmv)! Kumar’s many on-line accounts of Sai Baba personality and ‘teachings’ were often revealing of Sai Baba’s immense pride and sense of importance and at times so absurd as to be hilariously funny (to the non-indoctrinated) as the author Brian Steel Ph.D. has ably demonstrated here  It was also the same Anil Kumar who made the announcement from the veranda of the temple (mandir) of Prashanthi Nilayam (October 3rd 2007) that Sai Baba would appear on the face of the moon the same evening and asked people to go to the airport to view this. In the event, Sathya Sai Baba was driven there but the entire sky was overclouded!  Anil Kumar was creeping and servile around Sai Baba but he always behaved like a big shot in the ashram (and he spoke in a most unpleasant trumpeting voice). IN a continuation of the interview he stated:-.

“Baba may not be accepted as an incarnation or as divine by everyone, but his teachings are universal. His educational system is universal. His educational system aims at total personality development, comprehensive growth. It is a value-based education. So, no matter what the religion, everyone can follow it.”

Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings are far from being ‘universal’, his human values denies human rights for a start! Though he constantly claimed ‘universality’ for his teachings, even a cursory study of his doctrines show that they are entirely Hindu-based. These teachings prove to be puritanical. often fundamentalist, and in conflict with most defining beliefs about divinity and theology of mainstream religions including most Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism.  His claim that all religions share the same core values is false… there are some general human values but they are shared equally by secular and atheistic people too… such values include justice (wholly absent from all Sai Baba’s doctrines), equality before the law and social equality (denied by Sai Baba), democratic rights, including exclusion of religion from elections. His human values are at once far too vaguely generalized (love, peace, goodness, truth etc.) backed only by anecdotal evidence and stories while they omit most modern social values that have evolved with civilization, not least because he insisted that human values are divine values set once and for all by God (i.e. himself).

Sathya Sai Baba’s ‘educational system’ (Educare and Education In Human Values – EHV) is primitive and rigidly unchanging, taking no account whatever of any system of educational pedagogy accepted and operating in developed countries. It is not open to any checks and balances or feedback from grass-root educational experience, the ‘human values’ being ‘set in stone’ as God-created (i.e. by Sathya Sai Baba himself) as a divine, eternal truth. A classroom syllabus was proscribed by some devotees, based on their own experiences teaching spirituality, but this exists in total intellectual isolation from all modern research, eschews sex education in any form and avoids serious discussion of its aims, teaching methods as regards ethical values in teaching methods and socialization.

A lot has been said and written about his reported clairvoyance. Apparently in 1998 he told his inner circle that the world was headed for many natural disasters and that the earth’s axis might even shift. We now know that during the Japanese earthquake/tsunami the earth’s axis did shift. Are you aware of any predictions he made which came true? 

“He said long ago that Muslim nations will go through turmoil and terrorism. We’ve seen that in Afghanistan and Iraq; he predicted the unification of Germany, and long, long ago he said the Soviet Union will collapse. Then, he also predicted the decline of the US economy and the dotcom bust.” 

Where this is not sheer mendacity, it is based on third-hand and anonymous reports which – as any experienced visitor to Sai Baba ashrams or centres knows – are part of an unceasing rumour mill which inflates every scrap of ‘news’ in the manner of the game of Chinese whispers! Sai Baba never once predicted “the unification of Germany” (this cannot – of course – be found in any of his constant discourses, especially not “collapse of the Soviet Union” – sheer fantasy). He was vaguely reported by some evangelizing devotee AFTER the event as having said ‘Communist come-me-next’ without further comment whatever. That is all… and the report is unverifiable as no one has written about this, let alone giving the date or context. I can guarantee that he never predicted the dotcom bust in any known discourse or authenticated publication, any more than he did so about the US economy decline. He has not stated in any discourse from the very beginning that Muslim countries would be affected by turmoil and terror! (I once indexed the entire literature authenticated as being his own statements in 1800 one-liner quotations covering everything of any note).


Talking about clairvoyance, he said more than once that he’d live to 96, but actually passed away at 85. How do you explain that?

Anil Kumar:
“He said Some Hindu scholars believe that, as per the lunar calendar, he did live to 96. According to the lunar calendar, a year has 324 days. Sai Baba never said he’d live to 96 according to the solar calendar.
Two years ago, he pointed to a spot and told me, “This is going to be my Samadhi [resting place].” When I told him “please don’t say that”, he said “why are you afraid? It’s inevitable for anybody. Death is the dress of life”.

This is the desparate rationalization of Sathya Sai Baba’s failed predictions of his death (of which he made a number of quite different ones – all putting his lifespan at well over 90 years all documented in the literature see here). The failure of his prediction of living into his 90s – touted constantly by Sai authors and believe for decades by all devotees would be a final proof of his prescience – was so damaging to his credibility that some explanation – however far-fetched – had to be put forward. Sai Baba never said that he’d live to 96 according to any lunar calendar either! The fact is, he celebrated all his birthdays according to the solar calendar (his last being his 85th, meaning he entered his 85th year. Actually his age by normal reckoning was 84). Not only that, but the various kinds of Hindu reckoning by lunar months – which makes for apparent ‘lunar years’ which are shortr than the solar year – do not agree mathematically with his actual date of death All this can be examined here

(Moreover, his actual date of death is uncertain to within a few weeks as it was evidently covered up by his minions who eventually disconnected him from a massive life support system to coincide with Easter Sunday! See here).

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One Response to “Professor Anil Kumar’s interview with the Thailand media – 2”

  1. Quite right, Robert.

    Professor Kumar seems to be busier and busier giving interviews off late, most likely to reassure the dwindling and doubting ‘masses’. In a rather lenghty interview taped December 28 2011, he answers questions from ‘overseas'(mainly Italian devotees).

    It is interesting to watch how he rationalizes away the very pertinent question about Sai Baba’s prolonged suffering and ‘medical course’ towards attaining mahasamadhi, for instance.

    This is the link:

    The only definition he does not use in this context is consciously leaving the body, of course, as this would be an outright lie so obvious that not even the most gullible devotee could swallow it.

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