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Sathya Sai Baba: self-proclaimed master of maya (delusion) and deception

Posted by robertpriddy on May 30, 2012

Avathaara Sathya Sai Baba states he is beyond the illusions of Maya (appearance)

Sathya Sai Baba spoke and claimed he is impossible to understand.

Sathya Sai Baba proclaimed himself as ‘the master of maya’, which means a master of delusive appearances, and that he is entirely beyond its illusion as an avatar of God. That nothing was as it seemed to be was doubly true in that he exercised massive deceptions on his following and much of the elite of India, and most successfully, though many decades.  Now, there is more than sufficient evidence – even from some devotees – that Sathya Sai Baba employed sleight of hand when seeming to produce objects from thin air. I also know two persons who have experienced him making mistakes in this, though I have not seen a clear instance of it myself. On the contrary, in 1986 I  saw at close quarters him manifest a laddu sweets underneath his hand, and all present ate  some of the warm, sticky product! The only explanation I have of this is that it was a most subtle form of mass hypnosis, though it seemed as real as anything else at the time. However, there are many others who can create such appearances through hypnosis and other means – perhaps the most convincing and extraordinary current practitioner being Derren Brown of UK whose abilities are legion, but are – on his own account – not psychic, spiritual or anything of that nature.  Yet, IF it were true that Sai Baba could – as so widely reported – materialize small objects and foodstuffs – why would he therefore ever have cheated? The study of mediumism and related phenomena shows us that many mediums assessed as genuine, later began to lose their powers and took to cheating due to the pressure to go on producing results. Madame Blavatsky is one such famous instance, and there are many more. Sathya Sai Baba has nevertheless been exposed widely as faking ‘materalization’ – even by currently believing followers. Notably, he was never put to the test as he refused to allow any investigative scientific or technological study validating his alleged ‘miracles’.

Anything Sathya Sai Baba did that caused doubts was said to be one of his inscrutable ways of testing people so as to teach them to trust him rather than their own (supposedly fallible) perceptions and minds! That is the entire aim of  ‘a test of faith’. So in what does the alleged ‘test’ consist? Is it to see whether one’s faith in Sathya Sai Baba and all he says and does is sound enough for one to continue to be a follower? Is makes clear who is reliably gullible enough to depend on, and hence how well you can be used for various tasks.  Had there been more than a very few percipient skeptics like V.K. Narasimhan around (even though he did not speak out his real doubts in public) Sathya Sai Baba’s reputation for ‘genuine miracles’ would surely have collapsed long ago. As it is, the exposé has done the job instead, so that few but zealous believer in his divinity and that miracles (surpassing any Jesus is accredited with) really occurred.

Sathya Sai Baba tells in interview with John Hislop of his omniscience and power

Sai Baba indoctrinates John Hislop

Taking the first baits until hooked and landed, the true believer became almost entirely in his power in the sense of losing a will of one’s own to assert anything whatever that went against him. Such confounded followers are ideal for spreading the word – that is, the countless stories, rumours and conveying his deceptions and lies to anyone who will give them a hearing. Their mentality amounts to a kind of cognitive trance into which only the most severe shocks can penetrate. Even then the loss of one’s cherished beliefs and self-image is evidently so powerfully felt that the person concerned retracts into the former cocoon of blindness and tries to salvage faith. Sathya Sai Baba has also used people repeatedly for conveying his lies to others since his teenage days is fully described by one of his most servile of devotees, Smt. Vijayamma (in her autobiographical book ‘Refuge there is none’ see Sathya Sai thrashed a 3-year old boy regularly in his mother’s presence!) who was subjected to extreme tests by him when her baby son was repeatedly beaten ‘mercilessly’ by Sai Baba before her own eyes. This was rationalized in the usual way: ‘The Lord knows what is best for each one of us’ and the bad karma from an imagined previous life of that baby was blamed, and Sai Baba revered as a corrective saviour of his soul!

Of course, many of the apparent tests of faith that arise were not designed as such at all by Sai Baba, but were simply disturbing observations or compromising facts that occurred. In the ashrams it was widely believed that every smallest event was under his cognizance and direction, hence even trivial matters were often taken as corrections by the guru, or tests he was setting up. Such as losing one’s place in a food queue, being told to move back at darsan by some imperious ‘servant’ (Seva Dal) or even more minor annoyances (leaving one’s spectacles behind when one needed them… just name it!) Sai Baba’s insistence that he was omnipresent in every heart  constituted a catch-all advance precaution against all the unfortunate facts that could arise, which was reinforced yet further by his insisting on total, unquestioning faith at all times, never ‘seeing or hearing evil’, thinking and saying only good things… and so on.

One Response to “Sathya Sai Baba: self-proclaimed master of maya (delusion) and deception”

  1. chandjai said

    Now let Me comment. Year has passed after Sathya Sai has passed Away. A week or so after his death my Guruji who is Chennai saw him in his house standing 10 feet away from their Puja Room. My Guruji is called Meenakshi Mama. His house is a temple. Sathya Sai’s Athma was not allowed to come inside the Pooja Room. After 45 days Sathya sai again came and seen by my Guruji standing just before Pooja room . this time also he was not allowed by the Goddess Meenakshi to come inside. Belive me not ,I swear on God it is true.. Then My guruji mediated in the Pooja Room and told me that Since he is only a Human Being he is not allowed inside. Sathya Sai’s Athma came again to Ask Kanchi mahaSwami who is Omnipresent in My Guruji’s House certain QUestions.. Goddess Meenakshi has told my Guruji long back that Sathya Sai was not given any Siddhi’s by Her. He is nor Siddhar nor Maharishi nor Avatar.Just a Human Being.Same in case of “Pondy Mother’. Both worship are Nara worship that means worshiping Human being who not divine people.

    But Satha Sai was greatest Social Worker India has ever seen. Mother Teresa is no match for him .This is !00% True. no Doubt about this. I salute him for this.
    Robert Priddy replied:
    It is correct that Sathya Sai Baba was only human, the evidence is overwhelming and all the rest is a creation of the mind, fantasy, calculated disinformation and deception on a very wide scale. That your guru says so is not convincing to me – as you relate it, he is subject to vision appearances of goddesses etc. which are the very kind that a cognitively disordered religious mentality produces after much mind-numbing mantra-chanting, prayers, bhajans or whatever. You believe in his visions, but that does not put you in any position to know it is true, however much you swear by God. Remember that nearly all gurus who aim for a following and the influence, social prestige etc. that this brings in India are competitors and are seldom very accepting of those whose success and power they envy. They may put on a show of mutual recognition, but it is mostly only skin deep, as events have show all too often.

    Your view that “it is 100% true” that Sathya Sai Baba was the greatest social worker India has ever seen is badly misinformed. Firstly, as soon as he got a temple, he spent most of his life walking about being admired and praised, not working or getting his hands dirty either figuratively or actually. He never lifted a finger to provide anything for himself. (At least Mother Teresa did no shirk the many duties he neglected, though I am no follower of her or her twisted religion!) His success in duping people with false trinkets produced by sleight of hand (said to be diamonds etc, but never were) brought him massive ‘thanks’ in the form of donations of gratitude worth hundreds or thousands of time the value of anything he gave away (bicycles for handicapped, silk saris for rich devotees, cotton for others, laddus and cheap meals). The Sathya Sai Super Specialty Hospital was donated entirely by the beefburger US millionaire Tigrett (many millions of dollars disappeared entirely too, as Tigrett told other top VIP devotees like David Bailey). Only when the opulence of the buildings setup to promote him (many palatially-appointed apartments, several museums in which he figured as the Deity of all Deities and his constant new top model cars, expensive private jumbo flights became too much for the poverty-striken villages around Puttaparthi did he set about using a portion of the untold accumulated riches and laundered secret funds for the first water project (which was deeply flawed too and suffered from corruption). His massive deceptions alone were a form of social destructiveness and caused endless sufferings to those whose energies he stole under false pretenses. After his death his miserly hoarding of massive riches (under his 6 x 6 meter bed etc) showed that he was a secret and selfish scrounger (he even asked me how much money I would donate!). As to his educational establishments – the boys’ schools and colleges were his private fiefdom from where he selected countless sexual partners even from the age of 6 years upwards. Read about the true nature of his useless university by a former student – a truly accurate and striking report

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