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Exposing major deceits by guru Sathya Sai Baba in India, incl. murders cover-up & widely alleged sexual abuse

‘The Secret Swami’: A resumé for latecomers to the exposé

Posted by robertpriddy on June 8, 2012

The BBC film ‘Secret Swami’, shown to an audience of millions in Britain on June 17th, 2004, was seen on BBC World in over 225 million homes in almost every country (bar USA). It is a gripping documentary masterpiece, rated pick of the week by all UK national newspapers. Since 2000, Sai Baba followers have had no excuse for not investigating the truth about him. In 2003 Denmark’s national TV sent a documentary ‘Seduced by Sai Baba‘, seen by millions in Denmark, Norway and Australia, with testimonies on his sexual abuses. Top Sai Baba leaders in Denmark and Australia made unavailing threats of legal action in attempts to stop the airing.

Taking this matter further, BBC’s 1 hour film ‘The Secret Swami’ confined itself to four areas: 1) his alleged ‘materialisation miracles’. 1) accusations through many years of Sai Baba’s sexual molestation of young males. 2) his complicity in police executions in his private quarters on June 6, 1993. 4) Cover-ups by him and the leadership of his worldwide organization, and by successive Indian governments, of major criminal allegations. 

The film is most credible, revealing the many experiences with Sai Baba of a former long-term devotee family whose lives were ruined for many years by Sai Baba’s most despicable and threatening pedophile sexual abuse of their son (Alaya Rahm). One must see this to understand the authenticity of the accounts of this family and another ex-devotee who was pressured into oral sex in 1976 by this most unlikely ‘God Incarnate’. Even so, the BBC could only show a tiny fraction of their 80 hours of film footage with many persons, reportedly including other sexually abused young men and boys. This is the clear message left in the minds of sensible viewers who have not been indoctrinated with the insupportable avatar claims of perfection, purity and omnipotence.

It is remarkable how few devotees spoke out to defend Sai Baba from the many allegations of sexual abuse and the massive corroborative evidence available on the web. Sai Baba always insisted his devotees should ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’, which was the perfect way of stopping them from investigating the facts about him. Most evidently did not make even the most superficial inquiries for many years, though a considerable fall off of members in his organization began and increased in time, showing that many grew convinced of their truth.

From 2004 onwards, Sai Baba gave far fewer interviews to followers, eventually deteriorating visibly until his 85th birthday celebration where he was wooden in appearance and movement, it since having been revealed that he was being drugged alternatively with sleeping pills and stimulants until his hospitalization and ignominious death in April 2011.


Sai Baba was filmed faking the ‘birth of a lingam’ (egg-like spheroid made of gold) from his stomach through his mouth. The clear BBC film showed that he only vomited water, and the lingam was held in a towel. He was evidently so poorly that he did not even pretend to bring it out of his mouth this time, and collapsed on camera after the trial of his obvious faking under the close-up TV camera. After this, no shadow of doubt can remain in the minds of sensible people (i.e. if not infected with the Sai belief mania) that Sai Baba was a major deceiver. He was also a very, very rich and politically influential one too. Murders that took place in his bedroom in 1993 were also investigated in the documentary.


The former Home Minister of Andhra Pradesh, V.P.B. Nair,  made it clear that the murders in 1993 in Sai Baba’s bedroom (while he stood by) were cold-blooded. He stated that the police reports about the four intruders they executed were all sheer lies. He intended to support the reopening of the quashed case. By rights, Sai Baba should have been called as a witness, but he formerly managed to avoid it through a Government made up largely of devotees, who quashed the CBI investigation before it could publish its findings. Sathya Sai Baba was under major suspicion of being an accomplice to the fact and active in the ensuing cover up. This was documented in great detail by his chief accuser in India, the skeptic B. Premanand, who made this evident in an interview with BBC. Before he died in 2009, Premanand had survived attempts on his life, several severe beatings and three recent burglaries by Sai Baba followers. It is know that he has an extremely compromising photograph (and the negative) of Sai Baba engaged in oral sex with a student. Protection for the student was to be sought in the Supreme Court in case lodged with the High Court.Due to governmental and judicial cover-up agents at top level, no further legal process of any kind involving Sai Baba could be instigated a coming case.


The top leader of the world-wide Sai Organisation and close associate of Sai Baba, Dr. Michael Goldstein from California, told the BBC interviewer, “We believe that Sri Sathya Sai Baba is Jesus Christ. Sri Sathya Sai Baba is Buddha. Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the founder of all of the world’s religions. Sri Sathya Sai Baba has always been God.”

A hidden camera was later used to film him since the BBC team were by then aware that Goldstein presides over hidden agendas and an organisation which is wholly unaccountable to anyone and actively covers-up anything that could cast a shadow on him and illustrates how he covers up for Sai Baba, a ‘secret swami’ from the viewpoint all but his inside circle. Dr. Goldstein came across very badly indeed as going back on his word and as a most distasteful ranting and finger-stabbing person – another comical performance of his blinded and hypocritical faith!


Isaac Tigrett is a multi-millionaire businessman (founder of the ‘Hard Rock Café meatburger empire) who donated US$39 million to Sai Baba in the 1990s for the hi-tech hospital near the ashram in Puttaparthi, South India. (But $19 million just disappeared’!) He performed on the BBC film as an egocentric fanatic, laughing quite out-of-place in a manic way and admitting firmly that he believes the sex abuse allegations are true and it makes no difference whatever to his faith! He stated, amazingly, that Sai Baba could go out and murder someone tomorrow without it affecting his faith! This seems to be how the “human values” which Sai Baba and his huge machinery propaganda to teach it turns out to be in practice. Tigrett Everyone with any conscience and decency who sees this must surely recoil in revulsion?


The Indian ex-Minister of Human Resources and former Minister of Education, the Sai devotee Murali Manohar Joshi (who arranged for the Indian Government to finance Hindu astrology!), had agreed to a BBC interview. He had evidently not expected to be put any tough questions! His reaction was that of an arrogant and ignorant bully behaving as the threatening big shot he is towards the BBC’s young lady interviewer…. a great ‘example’ of what is behind the fronts of most Sai officials and leaders when questioned.


This the most hard-hitting, engaging and personalized study gets right behind the thick smoke-screen of secrecy and security… it would convince anyone (who has no investments or attachments to lose)! Sai Baba looks ghastly in many clips – we now realize him to be a sick and lying cheat seen with great and indisputable close-up clarity on the BBC film of the lingam scam!

Those young men with the courage to speak out about being sexually abused were constantly maligned on the Internet by various Sai followers (there are dozens of instances of this heartlessness to be found). Those who questioned Sai Baba as an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Godhead of perfect purity were thrown out of the Organisation without even a letter or phone call! From being a largely unquestioned guru movement, the Sai communities retracted into a narrowing and ever more secretive and censorious cult, yet one with such political and financial power in India that it was protected at the highest levels of society from any public investigation or legal proceedings. This changed after April 2011, when a huge fall from acceptance followed on his premature and closely guarded death, then with the the discoveries of huge hoarded treasures hidden in his very secure palatial apartment, even under his 5 by 5 meter bed, and subsequent police actions which caught out the Sai Trust while siphoning away large funds from the treasure trove.

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