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Sai Baba: ‘Calumny’ Confirmed

Posted by robertpriddy on June 20, 2012

Though Sathya Sai Baba is no longer with us, it is still important to document and publicize the facts of the matter, not least for the sake of those who may be deluded into the cult by believing the denials by him and his minions of his continual sexual abuses – not least on the grounds they give that he was never convicted of any. The fact that he was protected by his devotees at the highest level of government and the Supreme Court of India explains why he was never brought to justice (he never left India after 1968 either, for he would have been liable to prosecution in other countries. Here is a telling statement by one of the foremost and most articulate early exposé activists:-

‘Calumny’ Confirmed

by Andries Krugers Dagneaux (former webmaster of

Like so many others I became a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba (SSB) after reading Samuel Sandweiss’ book ‘The Holy Man… and the Psychiatrist’.  In the two years preceding my disillusionment with SSB, I was an ardent devotee, daily fostering my devotion and was the seva (charity) coordinator of my local group. See also  for an elaborate description of my bhakti yoga (fostering of devotion).I had been a devotee for about nine years and had been active in the Dutch youth group.  And there are at least 3 young Dutch men that I knew to whom SSB behaved in a way that can be interpreted as sexually intended. I can’t believe that even one of them lied about his experiences.In none of these cases SSB asked permission or gave an explanation for his behavior.  None of the persons mentioned hereunder can be contacted via me, but I give my word of honor that this is the truth as conveyed they me.One of those three cases was Edwin R. whose story is already on the internet. See

Another friend told me that he noticed that SSB changed into a woman i.e. SSB’s penis suddenly disappeared when my friend touched SSB in the groin. Of course his strange ‘sex-change’ testimony made me wonder.

In the third case SSB rubbed the penis of a friend in a way that nobody could see it. He also received an oiling just above his penis and SSB told him not to tell the others. He had gone to the ashram with very serious personal and spiritual problems and expected to get some help. In stead they only grew worse after staying in the ashram and his interview with SSB. SSB gave him a ring that he didn’t want and said ‘3 very good diamonds’ about a ring that SSB had given to him. When my friend eventually had the ring tested by a Dutch jeweller they turned out not to be diamonds.

Some time before I had heard these stories and before the ‘calumny’ on the internet I had already glanced over A. Nagel’s 1994 article ‘Sai Paradox’ (See Sai Baba Paradox – only available in Dutch) that was available in the nearest public library. When the ‘calumny’ about SSB started I didn’t have the courage to read the information on the internet. However I re-read the article and was amazed to read another testimony about the sex change of SSB. In that article the author also wrote that Keith Ord and Tal Brooke had been inappropriately sexually approached by SSB. It was clear that the author believed K. Ord’s testimony and not SSB’s denial in spite of the lack of proof. Because of the sex-change story and because it was a balanced article about SSB and his movement I slowly started to find K. Ord’s and T. Brooke’s testimonies believable.

Some time later I heard indirectly a serious case about sexual abuse by SSB from a very reliable source including graphic details of SSB’s behavior. Apart from everything that has already been written on the internet. Unfortunately I can’t disclose the source.

But even after hearing this shocking story which confirmed the ‘calumny’ I stayed a devotee for some months until May 2001. The main reason was that in the night following the confirmation I had a dream in which SSB gave me the perfect spiritual advice regarding my sadhana (spiritual exercises). And also, of course, because I had emotionally invested (both personal and social) so much in my faith in SSB so I struggled hard not to lose my faith in SSB. Besides I had no rational explanation for some of the miracle stories that I had heard from people I trusted. They remain a mystery for me.

The final blow was when I realized that SSB must have lied in the Christmas 2000 speech in which SSB said that people who attacked him had done so because they had been bribed. I could not imagine that sincere young men who paid a lot of money to see SSB and were just like me on a quest for Truth and God could be tempted to lie for money.

When I was a devotee I had fostered my trust in and devotion for SSB intensely, at the expense of other emotional attachments. This was a direct result of the SSB’s claims about himself and his teachings about sadhana (spiritual exercises). Naturally it was an extremely painful experience for me to lose faith in SSB in May 2001 and to disengage myself from the organization. I needed more than a year to recover from it.

Kind regards, Andries Krugers Dagneaux, The Netherlands, August 2002

An overview of the most prominent testifiers of Sai Baba’s sexual abuses who are most credible is at FULL SIGNED TESTIMONIES BY THOSE REPORTING SB’S SEXUAL ABUSES

One Response to “Sai Baba: ‘Calumny’ Confirmed”

  1. its all false.Baba never travelled but he has been seen physically in Mauritius island east of Madagascar u need any detail contact me

    REPLY from Robert Priddy:
    At one fell swoop you declare all I write is false? This shows you are quite unable to sort fact from fiction to any degree… and I figure you are literally “blinded by faith”.
    You claim that Sai Baba never left India is ignorantly false, as he travelled to East Africa in 1968 and went to Uganda to visit Idi Amin!
    Further you believe he was “physically seen” in Mauritius… but evidently you were not one who saw him. This is explainable by the deceptive nature of the human brain… it even creates living and most intense delusions of people in clear dreams. These can affect the waking person (through the phenomenon known now as narcolepsy). The brain can be induced to believe fully in a virtual reality (which has no real existence) through countless means, from morphine and strong painkillers, to high fever, psychotropic substances, peyote, mushrooms, loss of blood, mental illness, severe shock and also certain forms of meditation.
    That people see Sai Baba – rather than Jesus, Satan, alien invaders, diverse ‘saints’, Maitreya or whoever – is because they believe in them, concentrate constantly on his form (which Sai Baba strongly advised!), pray to them for contact, a visitation. Those who instead believe in UFOs and aliens etc. see all that instead.. and are totally convinced what thy saw was real.
    Thousands of persons have been “seen” by millions across the world through history… but it is all just subjectively-experienced appearances, not actual sense information. I have met many people suffering for these belief syndromes and reckon none of them were very intelligent as regards psychological insight or knowledge of neurology and modern neuro-scientific explanations of visual ‘hallucinations’.

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