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Sathya Sai Baba’s false claims about cancer, healing

Posted by robertpriddy on June 22, 2012

Posting by former Sai Baba follower about Sai Baba and cancer cures - posted by Robert Priddy

A former devotee of Sai Baba replied to a posting by Andries Krugers Dagneaux about a case of alleged healing from cancer by a lady Danish devotee whose cancer diagnosis was changed after a visit to Sai Baba where she experienced a flow of water from her nose when he went past her.

Much has been made of Sathya Sai Baba’s alleged cures of cancer. There is, of course, no scientific evidence presented by any of the claimants that such cures were effected by him. There is plenty of evidence of cases where he was unable to cure cancer. He would say ‘Cancer cancelled’ to sufferers in interviews. The wife in a family in our Oslo centre had breast cancer and prayed continuously to Sai Baba for help over several years. Sometimes she thought it was receding, but eventually she was convinced to have chemotherapy. It did not help. I was given packets of vibuthi by Sai Baba at an interview in 1994 for ‘the patient’ (obviously that lady as this was foremost in our minds at that interview). The lady, Mrs. F. Fotland, ate all the vibuti and then firmly refused an operation, which her specialist said was her last chance. She died not long afterwards.

As has been written of his false promises of healing cancer It is one thing for a person to decide without prompting or encouragement to cease taking medical care. But for Sanathana Sarathi, a Sai Baba official journal, to give institutional sanction to the idea that the proper treatment of cancer is to abandon doctors in favour of whatever Sai Baba says, is cause for serious concern. This concern is further deepened by Sai Baba’s continued ignorance on the subject of cancer. The plain fact is that vast numbers of cancers are thoroughly curable by routine medical procedures.”

“In a more recent interview Baba told me that cancer is one disease which can be cured only by God’s grace and with love.” Phyllis Krystal, ‘The Ultimate Experience’, p. 205.

 Sai Baba’s incomprehensible medical advice is readily documented, for instance, in the following quotation:

“Baba then launched into a detailed diagnosis of my physical problems which Dr. Bhagavantam translated from Telugu into English. Baba spoke very fast and used complex medical terms which neither of us was able to comprehend and which I would not have been able to spell even if I had tried to take notes…” (Krystal, ibid., p. 37)

Further, in ‘The Findings‘ by the former very close devotee David Bailey wrote: “I have not seen him do a genuine healing on anybody in all my time of being close to him, and having had innumerable interviews. I have seen him tell people to stand up, and get out of wheel chairs, but the effect is not lasting. He generally ignores the sick and frail ones, giving out as reason, their karma.“ See much more on failed Sai Baba healing here.

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