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Puttaparthi report by former long-term devotee

Posted by robertpriddy on July 31, 2012

The former very devoted and extreme “true believer”, known as Divya, who lived in the Sathya Sai Baba ashrams and was very close to Sai Baba’s sister Venkamma and other prominent elderly Sai Baba ladies for many years has posted a number of letters she wrote during the period of her most unquestioning devotion between 1984 and 1989 (she has stated that they extended to 2005. so more can be expected). This important documentation of a devotee’s mindset and events observed at the ashrams (mostly suppressed by the Sai authorities) will be commented on in a later blog. She writes that she is posting these letters for the enjoyment of devotees. In view of the fact that Divya has not yet posted about her subsequent disaffection and the reasons for it useful that this should be known already. At the time she was unable to make her evidence public as she was still living in Puttaparthi and made clear to us that she felt she could have been in danger were they to be posted by the exposé. This reservation is no longer necessary, since she left Prashanthi Nilayam and India in 2005 and returned to the USA where she lives at present.

Divya's dissident e-mail to Barry Pittard scanned - on Robert Priddy's blog


Divya’s parents became dissenters in 2001 and made a website (snowcrest) exposing Sathya Sai Baba as a sexual abuser and more. At the time, Divya commented on that as follows:-  “when my parents became ex-devotees in 2001, they cut off my funds and sent me some of the negative stuff, which of course I tore up to shreds like any decent sai devotee would do!! I had the impression that one or two devotees were making up stories due to not having their wishes fulfilled – the propaganda given by sai himself!” She maintained her faith until 2005 when she volunteered to work with an international group of students and others on literal and full English translations of Sathya Sai Baba’s actual discourses. They were posted on a website under the header ‘premsai’. These translations showed up by comparison the censorious editing done by the editors of Sanathana Sarathi. Consequently, the group was told by the Sai authorities that they must remove all their postings, but the English versions have nonetheless been preserved in full see here.  The reason for her losing faith she stated in an e-mail to Barry Pittard:-

“I became more & more disillusioned while doing the literal discourse translations – all the fumblings, mumblings and contradictions showed this wasn’t the all-knowing god I thought he was. The excuses of him doing it as a “leela” and “playing” became thinner and thinner until I just wanted out. When I heard devotees saying they KNEW what he did to boys were true, but it all had a good reason because sai knows what is good for everyone etc., well, that was just too much for my practical mind to take. I became an ex-devotee without even consciously knowing it. I just went less & less to Darshan and I could not put my hands up in devotion anymore. I just looked at him with a suspicious look on my face!  (full text in scanned page above on right).

It was always the former followers who eventually saw most clearly Sathya Sai Baba as he really was because they had already learned through years the gamut of rationalizations about his every mistake, deceit and failing until they realized how it was all simply a façade of organized appearances. Likewise,  Divya also wrote:-“I am in a unique position at the moment, to observe the actions of sai without a clouded mind, observations which I have been sharing with my parents. It looks to me like sai is fast becoming senile – all explained away by the avid devotees, including a few friends whom I dearly admire for their sweetness, as “taking upon himself the karma of the world,” “enacting a drama of being an ordinary person”. (NOTE These extracts were written in 2005, years after the various DivyaWeed YouTube videos showing her father and others up until 1999 – the year in which the sex allegations began to flood in). 

The Sai ashram authorities were most careful to stop those in the ashram and Puttaparthi from seeing the BBC exposure documentary when it was shown in India on BBC World, as we learned from various sources. Divya told us:-“Guess what? ‘Secret Swami’ on BBC aired here in India on BBC too – about half a year or more after it aired in UK. However, as I sat eagerly down with my TV in Parthi to see it, the BBC channel suddenly went blank after the first five (positive) minutes of the show! It remained blank for over 24 hours, until the last showing was over. Then the channel came back as normal. Quick-thinking Trust Mafia, perhaps?? (Later, I was able to read the transcript from the Internet.)”

Since the letters recording Divya’s experiences in the ashram of Sathya Sai Baba were no doubt genuine and honest, they reveal a lot of facts which the Sai authorities long tried their utmost to bury, they are worthy of further dissemination. Further, they show very clearly the more extreme kind of false hopes, shared delusions and indoctrinated misinterpretations of Sai Baba’s every word and act, they are still of interest when provided with serious commentaries to balance their zealous fervour. This will be shown in subsequent blogs. (See Sathya Sai ashram honeymoon delusions depicted)

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Sathya Sai Baba cult’s destructive influence

Posted by robertpriddy on July 30, 2012

The Daily Mail (18th July 2012) featured an article by former UK TV producer Samantha Brick entitled “The cult that tried to take over my life” subtitled: “It started with a massage — but soon she was paying thousands to a sect that preyed on the lonely. Years later, she still fears they’re watching her”. Read more:

She wrote: “I became a follower of Sathya Sai Baba — an Indian guru and mystic, who died last year — for 12 months, during which time I spent close to £10,000 on various ‘services’.”
It is, however, unclear from the article how involved she actually was with Sathya Sai Baba and his doctrines. From what she wrote, she evidently could not have informed herself more than most superficially at best about Sai Baba. It seems rather that she let herself be duped by the worst sort of New Age pseudo-healer of the kind who worshipped Sai Baba and made a business out of people who followed him (see here). There is plenty of evidence proving that there are many such both well within and outside the Sathya Sai Baba movement.

The following account of how the Sathya Sai cult has been operating in UK was written by a person I know well who is a relative of the elderly lady who was virtually conned out of a very large sum of money that should have gone to her descendants.I also happened to know at least one of the sathya Sai Organization officials who was presiding at the time this lady was targeted. Here is the account I received as a comment on the above posting, which I am appending now:-

“This form of abuse so well described was and probably still is typical of the mechanics of the cult in London. In another case a wealthy widow was ruthlessly targetted for her money. She was taken to weekend retreats and told that as her family had moved abroad to work they had deserted her and so she must desert them . The group members with code words like Sai Ram were her new family now and Sai Baba would look after her. She was invited to make a contribution to the good works including the fatuous water project and was ordered to donate one-third of her estate in her will. this was a wholly cynical exercise as the cult knew from its legal advisers that if the family contested the will the legal costs would come off the rest of the estate. But she still gave lots of money and was clapped at weekend retreats to give her a feeling of importance. Her daughter returned from abroad to find her unconscious on the floor. She called an ambulance saving her life as she had a heart attack. When her daughter told her that she had saved her life there was a three-day silence while she went to her cult controllers and then cruelly she told her daughter that the daughter had not saved her life but Sai Baba had done so.

A former market trader selling fruit in the open air with a gift of the gab was put on to her as a sort of “minder”to keep the loving family away. She bought him a Mercedes car! But on her deathbed and before she could change her will she told her daughter that she was so sorry and had been conned and now realised the cruelty of her actions and begged forgiveness. The cult took her money, ruined her life and that of her family. When she died none of the cult members came to the funeral or even sent a single flower. The cult had moved on to its next victim. Meanwhile the family found out that cult members had taken her life savings from her bank accounts so that there was not even enough money to pay the outstanding gas and electricity bills until her house and shares had been sold. The family still cannot forgive the obvious calculated evil of the cult members who so obviously targetting such a vulnerable and sick old widow.

See also

Warnings against Sathya Sai Baba impostors
Sathya Sai Baba imitators and impostors

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The Greatest Indians since Gandhi nominated – & Sathya Sai Baba?

Posted by robertpriddy on July 28, 2012

An Indian web site conducted a large-scale survey to determine who is in India enjoys the greatest popularity and influence, who have made the greatest contribution to the history of the country. An initial list of 50 candidates included many prominent Indians, including many no longer alive, freedom fighters, politicians, businessmen, artists and spiritual leaders. From them  the 10 most influential personalities were selected. In no category at all was Sathya Sai Baba nominated, though Mother Teresa and Iyengar were listed.

Sathya Sai Baba followers boast that he carried out unprecedented social projects in India (including schools, hospitals and so on.) and that he has initiation a new Golden Age for India. Despite his own claims to have done the greatest ever service to mankind  – 1000 times more than anyone else – he was not even mentioned on any of the greatest Indian lists which subsequently sprang up on in the Indian media and on the Internet! The reason for his total omission from the limelight  is known to all who seriously studied the issue. His reputation is forever tainted by scandals involving accusations of sexual abuse, his involvement in unsolved murders, financial mismanagement, many breaks of trust and vast unsupported claims to be the Godhead performing major miracles of materialization (but exposed as sleight of hand and fraud).


At, nine pages of comments include dozens of lists of proposed greatest Indians and countless spiritual figures are named. But not once is Sathya Sai Baba mentioned! Likewise the suggestions found at

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Language of the head or heart?

Posted by robertpriddy on July 26, 2012

The head and the heart contrast of Sathya Sai Baba as discussed by Robert Priddy

Scan from Sathya Sai Baba’s discourse on the head and the heart – discussed by Robert Priddy in refuting the false dualism between the two.

It is universally said that the human heart is filled with hopes, wishes, desires. The characteristics are what promoters of Advaita call ‘ego’. So there is much confusion about the so-called ‘heart’, and much conflation of terms altogether in spiritual talk about the heart. It is also referred to as ‘the seat of the emotions’, ‘the seat of consciousness’, even ‘the golden womb’ (Sathya Sai Baba)

Religious – or more commonly today ‘spiritual’ – conceptions of the human heart are always vague, never defined in any practical or precise way, but always assume the heart is the seat of emotions. For example the slogan used by Sathya Sai Baba. “There is only one language, the language of the heart”. His absurd distinction between ´’head and heart’ and how he applied it in education (inset scanned text excerpt) is not uncommon in religions and New Age substitutes today. The schism between the rational and the irrational mind of much traditional religiosity – as seen in the contrast created between sacred and profane living – is based on the fantasy of two different realities – that of worldly life and a supposed eternal spiritual realm. It underpins most religious moralism, suppression of the individual, the critical mind and not least arises with the age-old stigmatization of women.

The tendency is to identify the heart with positive values like forgiveness, compassion, sympathy and altruism. (as in modern usages like “have a heart”, “from the depths of my heart”). Meanwhile this overlooks the common usages like “hate in the heart”,  people’s heart as filled with envy, ill-will, even evil,  ‘black-hearted’  and other emotions or values regarded as negative (mistrust, loathing, revengefulness) which have also long been related to the idea of the human heart.    All this is sheer obfuscation of the true state of affairs, which is that the emotions are generated and sustained by neuron connections in the brain and they are virtually inseparably bound up with thought, arising from the brain’s neuronic pathways. Therefore, the contention that “sacred qualities” of the heart – as opposed to rationally guided worldly activities – are ‘positive in nature’ and “cannot be acquired through the study of books” since they reside in our hearts is a confused and out-dated obscurantism. ‘The heart’ as conceived in religious sentiment is not an entity, the heart is a necessary organ of the body and no more than that.

Despite all that, the heart has nothing specific to do with being human. All mammals have hearts, all have the same basic functions at the various levels of evolution. However, from ancient times the crucial nature of the heart for life was observed and it was variously concluded that it is the organ that houses the human personality, where the personality resides etc. and it therefore was seen as the seat of human emotions, since it speeds when excited or fearful and so forth. We now know with absolute certainty that it is no such thing. It’s functions in pumping blood to convey oxygen etc. keeps the physical body alive. It is exclusively the human brain that is ‘the seat of human emotions, thought and intelligence’. So the fanciful opposition so often quoted by those still bound up in religious views, or in language traditions and poetic iconography, between ‘the head and the heart’ is an empirically empty and rationally false construct.

Apart from being false – hence misleading – and essentially vague (not being based on facts but only on traditional superstitions) this dichotomy has many bad consequences for those who adopt it in respect of themselves… especially in connection with following the dictates of  ‘spiritual masters’ or ‘gurus’. Since the emotions cannot easily be transformed from negative to positive – certainly not though acts of will – those ‘aspirants’ who harbour negative emotions will often suffer from ineradicable guilt feelings, which the basic feelings remain in the subconscious (i.e. or “in the heart”) and will weaken self-esteem and confidence, tending to reject rational arguments about the matter and so distorting perceptions and social relations outside the sect or cult to which they adhere. Experience shows that such emotions can usually only be modified through a long process of maturing or possible by rational forms of psychological therapy. 

When feelings are detached from rationality, judgement or are in opposition to the thinking mind – or in the spiritual jargon ‘the head’ – they are irrational and projective. In depth psychology these have been shown to arise from the subconscious mind and will often be disturbed, obsessive or compulsive and involve strong affect. Contrariwise, reasonable feelings, sympathies and antipathies— they are not irrational or unduly projective, being based on rational value judgements, natural desires and the concerns and cares of normal life.

The supposed qualitative difference between speaking and acting “from the heart” and “from the head” (which is seen as comparatively cold and even negative) is a miasma. That one can distinguish roughly between ‘the language of the heart’ and ‘of the head’ does not alter this false dualism. In all cases it is the brain and not the heart which controls the feelings, and which also controls the forms of expression used both for feelings and abstract thought. The prosaic and the poetic are simply different general forms of language with each their appropriate spheres. The precise type of prose such as is used in non-fictional (and fictional) literature, standard journalism, the many sciences from medicine to mathematics, the law, philosophy, technology, engineers in and of course, also in conversation and much everyday usage is neither more nor less an expression of human values than are the symbolic and emotive styles which use literary, tenuous, and sublime imagery. The accurate language of prose and non-fiction is less open to wide and often false or contrived interpretations.

A monograph on “The History of the Heart” by Ole Martin Høystad of Syddansk University (215 pages) which combs through religion and philosophy from the earliest records up to modern time charts how the heart became a symbol of our essential desires. The work is mainly historical and – though it illustrates the wide range of different and conflicting speculations about the nature of the heart as a symbol – lacks sufficient critical insight into the overall fallacy which makes that non-mental and non-emotional organ into something more and ‘higher’ than the brain, compared to which it is a relatively primitive organism.

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Murder of foreign youth at Sai Baba’s Brindavan ashram

Posted by robertpriddy on July 22, 2012


The Australian author Mary Garden, who was at Brindavan for many months in late 70s, wrote in her book ‘The Serpent Rising’ how she visited Brindavan and what she experienced with Sai Baba there. The experience turned very negative until she met a US lady called Joanna who had a restaurant who told her about Sai Baba’s fraud and homosexuality (click on thumbnail to read excerpt)

The following exchanges are from mails between Mary Garden and KarK (identity known but restricted for security reasons) Jan 23, 2004

“I left in 1979, things had completely changed and a Tamil friend of mine was murdered in Sai Baba’s back yard and he did nothing about it. My friend’s father was with Indian Intelligence in Delhi. Arvind was engaged to a British girl and his fiance was pregnant when he was murdered.

Arvind and I went to Ooty to Summer School (1978) once together and it was at this time that we both got a hint that something was going on with Sai Baba and the “boys”.

Scan of e-mail about Arvind murder

Feb 4, 2004 from KarK to Mary “Now I have changed my mind again about Sai Baba and think he is a Demon.  He has gone way too far with his games and antics and his vicious manipulations of Indian culture and religion.  Besides I had a dream that explained to me very clearly that he is doing all of these things that people say he is doing.
So, after taking a break from all of the very depressing Sai Baba files, I went back and started reading them again.  The Quicktopic files discussed by the Sai students and Barry Pittard’s long letter are really excellent. In those files are lots of new Internet addresses that go deeper into Sai Baba as a phenomenon.  Highly recommend it as good reading.   Now I, too, feel that things might get done.  If these students keep at it with confidence, they might be very surprised how successful they might actually be in the Sai Baba community at large.

To Mary Garden from KarK… addition on Arvind:-“He had his stomach cut out while he was sleeping and they found him still alive in the morning.  Sai Baba did not do a thing to assist anybody in the investigation.  There were other “deaths’ in Bangalore and nothing was done about this either.”

Apl. 6 – 2004 from KarK to Mary on her new visit to India: “I can’t say that Sai Baba didn’t hurt me; he did, but it was not a physical violation that is purported to be going on now.  Also, I did not know he is gay or I probably would have gotten back on the road and gone to Malaysia .”

to Barry Pittard from KarK  6 Nov. 2004

“I saw the BBC Docudrama and think it is a real good start.  Some of the issues have to be picked up again and again until you start to uncover some of the things that are hidden; casual conversation for the TV probably will not reveal very much, but will expose some people to the public.”

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Sathya Sai Schools: Leicester, Puttaparthi, Gothenburg etc. up-date 27/11/12

Posted by robertpriddy on July 20, 2012

Breaking news: Dr. Michael Goldstein, who was trying to cover over the entire matter at Leicester Sathya Sai school has already been replaced as Chairman of the Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation by a certain Gary Beltz. In short, the rule of man picked  by the self-proclaimed omnipotent God Incarnate to lead the International Sai Organisation was overruled by the Prashanthi Council. The official announcement gives no reason whatever, but it is widely known that it is due to the Leicester Sathya Sai school scandal. it is said Goldstein had to resign because of his high-handed and bullying attitude and his going against other hotshots in the Indian Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation and Prashanthi Council (of which Dr. Narendranath Reddy is a Chairman). The school board of the Sathya Sai School, Leicester, have reportedly had to step down, which included director Dr. Madhavi Majudar. More news later on this subject.
Dr. Michael Goldstein for better or worse

Previously we wrote:-

I am assured by a concerned informant that he has heard  “…from the actual complainants the parents of SS School. These news are 100% true and not made up. The headteacher Usha Lim has reported couple of parents to the police, so things are getting a bit touchy here.” “The drama unfolds  even after all the complaints against headteacher Usha Lim and reporting her to the social services by the parents.  She is still there, thanks to Dr. Michael Goldstein who is the ‘godfather’ supported by Kalyan Ray, while the chair of school directors Dr Madhavi Majmudar and her stooges just obeys their masters.  Parents who had the courage to complain the headteacher to the social services are now in a vulnerable position to face the bullying headteacher Usha Lim.”

So much for the “Love and Light” policy the teachers are supposed to promote! BTW, ‘love’ is not something expressed by sexual advances to a lady half one’s age. The latest development is that: “Vibhuti” powder started appearing all over the school and some superstitious cult members believed this weird  incident and truly believed that their “GOD” has done this to protect the Lims.”

One must realize that probably most of the parents of the pupils at the Sathya Sai school are believers in Sai Baba and his alleged miraculous powers, which involve the appearance of ‘holy ash’ on pictures and elsewhere to ‘prove’ his Omnipresence. It is very convenient to the Lims that this should appear just now, since no such thing has been seen at that school in all the years it has been open. The public will probably not buy this obvious cultist deception and perhaps someone should report the allegedly ‘spontaneous’ appearance of this otherwise unknown very fine ash substance around the school to the local health and safety authorities for chemical analysis and evaluation as to how it got there and whether it can cause allergies or other problems. 

A further comment on developments made on this blog site (see August 8, 2012 at 10:52 am)

images of Usha Lim, head teacher at Sathya Sai School, Leicester

Mrs. Usha Lim, head teacher accused of bullying harassment of child under her care

Mr. Cheng Ho Lim, husband of head teacher Usha Lim and PE instructor at Leicester Sathya Sai School, stands accused of sexual harassment

Mr. Cheng Ho Lim, PE instructor at Leicester Sathya Sai School who is accused of sexual harassment

“News of sexual harassment in Sathya Sai School – I have come to know through parents of this school that the headteacher’s husband (Mr Cheng Hoe Lim) who is a PE instructor in the school is being accused of sexual harassment by a female staff member. All this going on in this school with a Sathya Sai name is revolting. Parents have already lodged a complaint against Mrs Usha LIm the headteacher of bullying and physical punishment to students. Dr Michael Goldstein and Kalyan Ray along with Dr Madhavi Majmudar (chair of school directors) are doing their best to hide this news from the rest of the world. Nice human values they teach eh????” Smith Rajeswar.

Sathya Sai School Leicester abuse complaints:  “The headteacher is accused of bullying, emotional abuse, physical punishment of children. Parents complained to the social services who conducted an inquiry which proved true. Even sexual abuse is heard of. The top officials at Puttaparthy etc. are busy protecting their names and the headteacher’s. This is a shame that this is happening in a school having sai baba name attached to it.” (S. Rajeshwar , who is an ex-Cambridge University graduate working  in London).

This comment was made on this blog site about public complaints investigated by the social services in Leicester about the head teacher (Usha Lim) of the Sathya Sai School in Leicester, UK, which is run by Indian supporters of the cult of the self-proclaimed God Incarnate avatar, Sathya Sai Baba – deceased Deity of all Deities (etc. etc).  The outcome of this allegation of sexual crime is not yet confirmed by any public source. The headteacher is Mrs. Usha Lim (see inset image)

Sathya Sai Baba schools, colleges, educational programmes and his university have frequently been under clouds of suspicion for misrepresentation, false claims and sex abuses and some have had to close down. Some of the reasons are illustrated by the following cases:-

The large Indian diaspora in Leicester has a lot of Sai Baba supporters even now, after his ignominious death and much more scandal besides. Prominent devotees have made this place something of a UK haven for remaining true believers. One of the directors on the board of the Sathya Sai School of Leciester is Dr. M. Majumudar, whose pedagogical standards are far below the UK norm, according to her own published articles. See more on the Sathya Sai School in Leicester here.

Gimle Sai Baba School, Gothenberg, closed down in 2000 due to sexual abuses by Sathya Sai Baba. The leader Britt-Marie Andén discovered that her son had been sexually molested by Sathya Sai Baba, whereupon she investigated among other sex abuse claimants in Sweden and found that she must close the school forthwith.

New Zealand’s Ministry of Education scrutinised a Sai school’s underhand method for getting government funding  The Tokoroa Arorangi Sai school and a Sai school in Murupara were under suspicion of false representation.

Projected Sathya Sai College in Copenhagen forcibly withdrawn due to public anger The Danish national television programme about Sathya Sai Baba called ‘Seduced’ interviewed the mayor of Fredriksberg in Copenhagen, who related that the then recent acquisition with US money of a famous castle in Copenhagen called Arresødal had been made though the Sathya Sai Organization concealed vital facts about their organization and intentions. A former accountant of the Sai Organization in Denmark – my good friend Eddie Helshøi – reported to me the amount was US $6 million, donated by US Sai leaders to a Danish group led by Mr. Thorbjørn Meyer. The plan was to convert the castle into a Sai Baba type school which, in everything but name, would have been based firmly on Sathya Sai Baba’s main teachings, with Sai devotees as key staff, directed and controlled by completely committed Sathya Sai Baba believers. The local mayor was very critical of the sale of this cultural treasure to a group who had been so deceptive about their true nature and plans. The local populace gave various forms of expression to their strong dislike of having as neighbours what they realised, after the Danish documentary ‘Seduced’ is a cultist religious sect, so the project had to be dropped completely by the Danish Sathya Sai Organization.

Sathya Sai School in West Hartford, Connecticut: Elena Hartgering – who is a licensed professional counselor who works with with victims of sexual abuse and incest wrote (2002): My husband and I were serving on committees organizing the Sathya Sai School in West Hartford, CT and the Sathya Sai summer camp in Woodstock, CT. I have also been a workshop facilitator at the regional retreats, and numerous meditation retreats held in our region. Both of us have been officers in our local Sai Center several times; I was vice-president before my resignation in July, 2000. Dr. Goldstein and other officials in the organization are suppressing information, and attacking former devotees who have testified against Sai Baba. There is, for example, a letter from a woman in California which was sent to all Center presidents. In our center it was suppressed by the president and devotions coordinator because they were told to do so by the regional president. In the US freedom of speech and access to information are rights protected by law. This material cannot be suppressed. People will eventually find out as we did and then feel doubly betrayed; first by Sai, and then by the organization and our fellow devotees. Sai devotees resent the organization being labeled a cult, yet these are clearly cult practices and mind control techniques.”

UNESCO Withdrew from SB Education Conference UNESCO Media Advisory: Paris, September 15 – UNESCO has decided it will no longer sponsor nor take part in a conference it had been due to co-organize with the Institute of Sathya Sai Education (ISSE, Thailand) and The Flinders University Institute of International Education (Australia), in Puttaparthi, India, from September 25 to 29. The decision means UNESCO is no longer associated in any way ­ through sponsorship, organization or participation of any kind ­ with the conference on Strengthening Values Education: Innovative Approaches to Teacher Education for Peace and International Understanding.

UNESCO’s withdrawal was prompted by several factors. Certain decisions were taken by the ISSE without consultation, such as plans to hold some of the sessions at the Ashram of the Sathya Sai movement in Puttaparthi, and the inclusion of some speakers in the conference programme without their previous consent. Furthermore, the Organization is deeply concerned about widely-reported allegations of sexual abuse involving youths and children that have been levelled at the leader of the movement in question, Sathya Sai Baba. Whilst it is not for UNESCO to pronounce itself in this regard, the Organization restates its firm moral and practical commitment to combating the sexual exploitation of children, in application of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which requires States to protect children from all forms of sexual exploitation and violence. (See and the advisory on the wayback archive machine at

Sathya Sai University, Puttaparthi  The methods, nature and standards of education on which Sai schools model themselves are set in Puttaparthi and Brindavan by the Sathya Sai education institutions. Unfortunately these are appallingly traditional in outlook with out-dated rules, constant moral preaching and rote learning without investigative freedom or individual uncensored research. Testimony by an ex-Sai University student shows just how the system works -see  ‘Life at Sathya Sai University’ by Kartik Vaddadi

More incisive and revealing accounts of the sexual abuse culture at the Sai colleges and University have been sent to me by a number of former students – some who remain in India and dare not reveal their identities to the public (only to me)… this in view of the fact that some of their friends and acquaintances were shot down in cold blood in Sai Baba’s apartment by the police while he stood by! Read such striking accounts here ‘Dramatic testimony from ex-student at Prashanthi Nilayam also Evidence piles up on male sex abuse by Sathya Sai Baba and teachers also Strong Sai Baba sex abuse testimony from ex-’form boy’ also Sathya Sai College: ex-student tells of awful culture there

Sathya Sai schools have been set up here and there around the world by the more devoted cult members. Many of them have done so no doubt with the best of intentions, but without the information concerning the nature of Sai Baba schools and colleges in India and in the indoctrinated belief that there is something more holy about the work than in other schools – that it will help renew society and promote positive values and ‘spirituality’.This makes it the more saddening that they remain so fundamentally misinformed and refuse to re-examine their own beliefs in any serious way or to study the evidence against them properly. Unfortunately, leading members of the Sathya Sai Organization have – on Sai Baba’s own example – systematically tried to cover up many failing of Sai Baba and especially his institutions… including murders at his ashram (even in his apartment) and his unpunished sexual abuses of young men through decades – especially of his schoolboys, students and foreign visitors. Many devotees nevertheless know of his sexual molestations but – in their utter dependency on him and their beliefs and hopes – rationalize everything however bad as a divine blessing from SB or a payback for bad karma from a previous life and other such absurdities. Many of the young students abused by Sai Baba through the years – his favourites – became teachers at his schools and colleges, and a number of them have travelled to other countries to spread Sai Baba’s (simplistic and very one-sided and inadequate) ideas about education!

Read this important summary of the status of THE CHILD’S DIGNITY AND INDIAN EDUCATION in law and practice.

Sai Baba’s unasked for and unwanted molestations of the genitalia of young men – especially his students – oiling and rubbing them, was openly admitted even by his defenders involved in leading the ‘Educare programme’ – a shocking fact since handling of genitalia without prior agreement even by a doctor – is an offence under the law and even in India. This was confirmed under intense media pressure – and only after many years of keeping it a secret – by several leaders of the Sathya Sai Organization, not least in Denmark and the Central Coordinator in Europe, Mr. Thorbjørn Meyer and his close associate Director Jørgen Trygved (On National Danish TV News), have supported this form of molestation of young men and minors. Meyer wrote to me that it is “the age old Indian oil ceremony”. There is absolutely no justification for it, however, and it is neither ‘religiously’ nor ‘spiritually’ significant’, as some claim. No such ‘age-old ceremony’ can be documented anywhere (not surprisingly), and several experts on Hinduism have denied that any such practice is traditionally condoned. (Further documentation concerning ‘genital oiling’ can be viewed at

See also Revealing e-mail correspondance between Madhavi Majmudar and Serguei Badaev

Sathya Sai Baba cult-biased and Hindu-biassed religious conceptions of morals in ‘Human Values in Education – exemplified by Dr. M. Majmudar

See the UNSECO Media Advisory warning against Sathya Sai Baba due to sexual abuse allegations and the Notice of Withdrawal by UNESCO from an educational conference in Puttaparthi

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Sathya Sai ‘University’ cardinal failings

Posted by robertpriddy on July 19, 2012

One of the most credible, clear, incisive and hard-hitting accounts of the experiences of a student at the Sathya Sai University was posted on a blog last year. The whole account of his experience of being a virtual prisoner within the Sathya Sai educational institution at Puttaparthi is striking. Moreover, it bears out to the full and more all the criticism of the quality of the teaching methods and doctrine that I and others have raised, not to mention the oppressive rules and counter-productive social restrictions. The level of insight into youth was appallingly old-fashioned moralism without understanding and the hierarchical and anachronistic institution allowed no change, no development and above all no intellectual curiosity or autonomous study and research by students. No access to the Internet or modern media (this in the 21st century!) and no free speech but only blind respect of elder person, however unfair, deluded, morally incompetent and corrupted they were. In short, a backward, obscurantist and under-achieving organization where the ignorance of the breadth and depth of science, world history and other religion ‘taught’ by Sathya Sai Baba permeated the daily ‘spiritual’ fare took precedence over all modern thought. Here is one short from the penetrating article Life at Sathya Sai University – by Kartik Vaddadi:-

Kartik Vaddadi's article 'Life at Sathya Sai University' scan of excerpt

Excerpt from ex-student of Sathya Sai University – click on image to go to its source

Supportive comment posted on ‘Life at Sathya Sai University’

Scan of info. om Dr. Sundareshan, Sathya Sai Baba true believer and college teacher referred to in the article 'Life at Sathya Sai University'

Dr. Sundareshan, Sathya Sai Baba true believer and college teacher referred to in the article ‘Life at Sathya Sai University’


“I doubt many people will want to study at his university. In fact, I don’t think it made sense to study there even when he was alive.”

“The problem with the university, which is residential-only, is that it’s a bad place to learn stuff, and more generally a bad place to live or grow. The first thing anyone needs to learn is opportunity, which is highly restricted here. I studied computer science, and we were allowed practically no access to the Internet, and having a laptop of your own was frowned upon. Why?”

“…you are given no room to figure out what principles and practices you want to live your life by… it’s intellectually and emotionally crippling…. the place is an intellectual prison”. “Students are allowed to leave campus only once in six months, and sometimes not for a year. This place is not just a metaphorical prison, but also a literal one.”

“Watching movies, or listening to music, is considered immoral. This is like the Taliban’s Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. They have approved kinds of music, approved plays (spiritual, most of the time)” It is o.k only “if you have no tastes or preferences of your own”

“And you can’t question anything. The place expects mindless compliance rather than a healthu give-and-take. You are not allowed to question “elders”… Baba’s philosophy is like something out of Monty Python. Everyone knows that when a group, in any society, gets unconditional respect, they tend to become undeserving of that respect”.

The university’s staff have “knee-jerk reactions to suppress anything and everything that might look bad, no matter the human cost to the victims.” “it’s ironic that the authorities are more immature than the students they are nominally looking over”

Most unfortunately, this institution is the flagship of the Sathya Sai educational aspirations. It is regarded by Sai followers as a touchstone for the methods of teaching and especially discipline by all Sai education projects. The name Sathya Sai and the official ‘Sarva Dharma’ symbol (representing five or six religions) are the copyright of the International Sathya Sai Organization, so the International Chairman virtually controls which school or institution may use these insignia. Thus, Dr. Michael Goldstein is the virtual overall controller of the Sai education brand and can allow or deny the use of the Sathya Sai Baba name and icon. There have been a number of scandals involving sexual abuse and also bullying and punishment – the latest being noted at the Sathya Sai School, Leicester here (the female director, Dr Madhavi Majmudar, is working to cover-up the facts which have already been vetted by the Leicester school authorities.

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More Cancer Cases where Sai Baba failed completely

Posted by robertpriddy on July 16, 2012

Death from cancer among residents and visitors to Prashanthi were always hushed up as much as possible: One such prominent case, little known to others than residents and insiders of the PN ashram, was that of the Head of the ashram in 1989, Mr. Kutumba Rao. This was recorded in her diaries by Divya or Divya – daughter of William and Eileen Weed of Walnut Creek (San Francisco) who made the SB exposé site at Divya lived at Sai Baba ashrams from the age of 18 (1984-1993 and again – even though her parents were fully disaffected,  from 2001-2005). Divya has recently posted her diary-type letters from that period as a record of her experiences recorded then, apparently without altering anything (though she became disaffected around 2005). These letters are also a valuable testimony on how very devoted believers thought and behaved in accepting the extremity of the Sai Baba doctrines, since she did not gloss over difficulties and problems, though she saw the whole as divinely glossed nonetheless. In the following excerpts on the death by cancer of Sai Baba’s most prominent VIP in the 1980s, she wrote:-

January 13, 1989, Divya wrote:- “Now, Kutumba Rao was ill so Sai sent him to Madras to have an operation. Unfortunately, when they opened him up they found that there wasn’t a single organ in his body clear from CANCER. They were afraid if they touched him, he’d die. So they closed him up. Meanwhile, a telegram arrived from Swami saying, “Cancer cancelled”. And it said he’d be well soon. Word is that he’s able to eat and drink again, and he’s coming back here soon. We await his arrival. “
( Source)
On March 29, 1989, Divya reported:- “Meanwhile, Kutumba Rao is in the last stages of cancer, throwing up blood. He’s here in Parthi, in a room. His wife is taking care of him and countless doctors and VIPs are visiting the room daily. They say he only has days left.”
Then Divya recorded how K. Rao died (NB! cancer not cancelled by any means!):-
Kutumba Rao’s Death – April 4, 1989 – Prasanthi Nilayam – Sai Ram All!
“All is continuing as usual here. Kutumba Rao had a saaad death here in Prasanthi Nilayam on March 28th. Meanwhile, Sai was in Whitefield. it seems that early that morning, the office people called Swami on the telephone to say that Kutumba Rao’s condition was drastically sliding downhill. Swami reportedly replied, “Yes, I know. Today the good time of day is between 11:30 and 12:30 PM, he will die within that time”. So all were prepared and kept vigil outside his house. He died at 12:05 PM. Later Swami sent word that the cremation was to be held that very day, before dusk, at 5:30 PM. Sai Ram.!

Comment on the above: Why Sai Baba sent Kutumb Rao to Madras and hospital is not explained. All such obvious blunders are left unremarked by Sai followers, not least on the grounds that “only the omniscient Swami knows, we can never understand his actions”. His oft-repeated claim “Cancer Cancelled” however was once again shown by events to be sheer bluff.

His closest American devotee – the top foreign VIP Dr. John Hislop who was ever privileged as with exclusive interviews and much more by Sai Baba, also died of cancer, and though he had been promised liberation from rebirth by Sai was later shockingly told he would have to take one more birth! How could anyone therefore trust any promises Sathya Sai Baba gave, especially as to protection of his devotees?Another failed cancer healing by Sathya Sai Baba: Sai Baba’s claims of protection and healing in giving a special blessing did not stop the death within days of a Danish man while at Prashanthi Nilayam, where he had been praying for Sai Baba’s help. This took place shortly before I arrived there in the early 1990s. The same incident has been described by Conny Larsson in his book ‘Behind the Mask of the Clown’ as follows: “I had once heard him declare that a Danish man who was ill with cancer had been cured by him. That had been celebrated by Baba manifesting a gold ring as confirmation. I was shocked to hear that the man died three days later and was to be cremated just below Sai Baba’s ashram. I was invited as a Swedish group leader to comfort the baffled Danish group .What remained the day after the man was laid on the wood pyre and cremated was scraped together by the Indians, who made every possible effort to find the gold ring.

The major whistle-blower – once the favourite of Sai Baba and most VIP devotees – David Bailey reported how he had “not seen him do a genuine healing on anybody in all my time of being close to him, and having had innumerable interviews. I have seen him tell people to stand up, and get out of wheel chairs, but the effect is not lasting. (Note: one well-known case of this was the Sai writer, Joy Thomas, whom he made walk a few steps but who then had to revert to wheelchair for the rest of her life!  The Australian “pink twins” continue to use wheel chairs, in spite of Sai Baba’s claims of healing them and their claims of being healed. According to the most prolific Sai Baba hagiography author, Howard Murphet, Sathya Sai Baba “…told Valmai Worthington to tell the ‘Pink Twins’ from Australia to be cured of their arthritic knees by him.  ” Tony O’Clery reported on this too:- “He even told them to cancel their appointments for knee replacement surgery. They came, he circled his hands over the knees, with coloured vibhuti and then walked her around to show a cure. She could manage to walk a little anyway, but in pain. I was a member of the SWARA centre – where Dorothy and her sister worked -, for the years 1986 and 1987, with partial year attendances through to 1992, after that my Australian attendances were in the Sydney Centres only, and I was the secretary of the Vancouver Sai centre and was well-known in Canada. My friend lived with them, and my children knew them both as well. So it was more than a passing acquaintance. There is even a photo of me working as a volunteer there. It was sent to India, perhaps it is in the book with all the others. Well folks that was it, next time in Oz I saw her at the ‘Wayside Chapel’ in Sydney she was uncured for all to see… (Tony O’Clery). As David Bailey wrote: “…The fact remains Dorothy was in a wheelchair in 1993 and still up to her death in 2003 as indicated by her sister and ABC.”A sad case for me is Maynard Ferguson. Over three years of deterioration in his hearing; during several interviews with him and his wife, he, his wife and myself asked – pleaded with Swami, to heal him. Every time, he promised to do so, but now Maynard is very deaf and has to rely on two powerful hearing aids to help him. As a fellow musician I know what this must mean to him in his heart.”

David and Faye Bailey had an interview in the company of an elderly, rather frail Indian gentleman who used to sit on the verandah near David. He asked Sai Baba for help for his failing health. Swami, behind his back shrugged his shoulders at us, saying in what we both thought was a rather an unfeeling aside “And what can I do? Cancer. Too far gone, too far gone. David also wrote: ”Faye has had her own experience of him giving health advice she trustingly followed, which nearly caused permanent damage to her, before she at last resorted to western medical treatment for her complaint. The German coordinator whom I visited in the super specialty hospital after he’d had a stroke, was eventually taken back to the verandah, but Swami did not heal him. The elderly man has gone back to Germany, and some two years later is little improved.” (Note: The German organization Central Coordinator was Mr. Bernhard Gruber, who I knew well and who recovered partly and temporarily from his stroke – as so many usually do anyhow – before dying not long thereafter.)

To put all that in perspective, Faye Bailey wrote in the introduction to ‘The Findings’:- Apart from our separate personal experiences, there are also included experiences of others, chosen from many such, which are an integral part of unveiling this huge, illusory global scam – the biggest hoax in the God business. A veritable mountain of information is now available, far more than I can possibly place before you. My task is to report the findings I do offer accurately, while presenting a cross-section of untenable behaviour, lies uncovered and magic exposed. David has spent long hours and many months, talking to people all over the world, whilst unravelling this tangled skein of years of deceit accumulated around the said “divinity incarnate”, but he is not alone in this. Courageous people on every continent are banding together to expose the monumental spiritual fraud which has been perpetrated for the personal gain of a select group, headed by Sai Baba.

See also  Sathya Sai Baba’s false claims about cancer, healing

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Key Sai Baba exposé pages highlighted

Posted by robertpriddy on July 14, 2012

KEY SUMMARY OVERVIEW OF EVENTS IN 2011 Chronicle on Sai Baba's demise: illness, hospitalization, organ failures, death, funeral and aftermath

SATHYA SAI BABA IN WORLD MEDIA Some of the chief international media reports on Sathya Sai Baba.

Many young men claiming sexual contact with Sathya Sai Baba List of over 20 have written their testimony on the Internet (with links) or have been filmed on documentaries stating their experiences. All of these are highly credible witnesses, while many others have testified anonymously on-line or in confidence to exposé investigators (remaining private for many good reasons, not least harassment and worse also against their family and friends in India and elsewhere by Sai people).

Professor Erlendur Haraldsson – by Robert Priddy: very revealing materials! Haraldsson informed me that he knew Sai Baba was active sexually and was homosexual, but wanted me to keep his mails secret!

Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson revision of his book ‘Modern Miracles’ a betrayal of dissidents and victims of deceit and worse – suppression by EH of known facts about Sai Baba’s sleight-of-hand and his view of the guru’s personality and behaviour as the author reported repeatedly on his many visits to me.

Midas hoard revealed was in Sathya Sai Baba’s private possession (The self-proclaimed owner of no property was a hoarder of  unsurpassed dimensions)

Corruption India: Sai Baba cult hoard plunder by Trustees?

Former Minister accuses Sri Sathya Sai trust members for the death of Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba’s death – no miracles  and   Sathya Sai Baba’s lunar age not 96

Sathya Sai Baba crying, see the short video clip (3.9 Mbs) from his 85th birthday celebrations in which he breaks down and cries during the ceremony (clip was extracted/compiled from a very long boring video)

Main overview of the 1993 bedroom murders and follow-up Further to this…
Resumé of the murders cover-up issue Summary of Basava Premanand’s key murder points
The 1993 murder episode graphically explained in India’s ‘The Week’

Murders in the Prashanthi temple – reflections 1
On how I came to learn of the murders in the bedroom of Sai Baba, and how – despite misgivings – I rationalized the matter for some years until I was awoken to the realities by V.K. Narasimhan’s private confidences. Also: Murders in the Prashanthi temple – reflections 2

Main overview of the sexual allegations against Sai Baba through the decades and index of further pages detailing the accusations from all quarters

Sexual abuse complaints with impunity against Sathya Sai Baba. Serious allegations put forward in signed letters to the Sathya Sai Organization by Mrs. Payne in 1980 and by Alaya Rahm on a BBC documentary still stand, as they were never legally pursued as libel by Sathya Sai Baba or any of his institutions. Were he innocent, he could with his Government and judiciary behind him, get a fair trial in India. Yet he dare not try to clear his name because  the full facts and testimonials – and affidavits held in London – plus witnesses claiming they were abused by him could then stand forth under foreign ambassadorial protection. See also Revealing letters on sexual abuse claims by Dr. John Hislop

‘The Secret Swami’ & U.S. State Department Warning against Sai Baba Tanya Datta of the BBC reports that the November 23, 2000 US State Department ‘Travel warning page and Consular information sheet was confirmed by the US Embassy in Delhi as referring directly to Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba and the faked Duke of Edinburgh Award Despite a rebuff from the Duke of Edinburgh Award for false representation in the name of Sri Sathya Sai, this wannabe Nobel Laureate is still eager to have his ‘holy’ name associated with the award, having reintroduced the false publicity about it on his official websites.

Sathya Sai Organization’s fear of investigative media Dr. Michael Goldstein, international chairman of the Sathya Sai Organization wrote an urgent private circular warning all members to avoid all investigative media (after the BBC filmed him secretly).

Sai Baba’s miracles The main testimony about Sai Baba faking ‘materializations ‘comes from devotees – many of whom lost all faith in him as a result. Others remained believing this to be ‘a test of faith’! Faking is seen clearly on video clips

Sathya Sai Baba claims of bribery! made during his infamous angry and lying Christmas Discourse, 2000.In which he refuted his lifelong teaching that there is a ‘divine spark’ in everyone, denying this of “hard-hearted” persons, especially his many young male accusers of sexual abuse, calling them “verily demons”.

Cash for Honours, Sai Baba Style The subtlety shown by Sathya Sai Baba in obtaining donations and testaments is exceptional. He gives blessings and some cheap trinket (containing some gold but only synthetic gems) to the well-to-do and the grateful victim usually pours cash to him. No case is more remarkable than that of the US billionaire, James Sinclair!

Sai Baba (Baa-Baa Black Sheep) a misunderstood ‘Second Coming’ Sai Baba declared he is the one Jesus said would ‘come again’- that Jesus actually said ‘Baa-baa’, and that the Lamb of God and suchlike was a misunderstanding! SB has been acclaimed as the Cosmic Christ.

Sathya Sai and the Turin shroud photos It has been claimed that SB took a black-and-white photo of  the Turin shroud image, passed his hand over it and it became a colour image. No independent witnesses  or verifiable documentation is found. In fact, it is a painting by Ariel Agemian, combined with the image on the Holy Shroud of Turin

Sai Baba’s fame and name Claiming that name and fame should never be striven for, Sai Baba strives for them continually, letting the organization which bears his name promote him to the skies – on scores of websites, radio sai, at meetings in many very costly public venues, as well as in his centres around the world. See also Sai Propaganda

Sathya Sai’s good works Though there are numerous good works by followers of Sathya Sai Baba, they are done in the name of a person who – bearing the name ‘Truth’ (i.e. Sathya) is still a proven liar, fraudulent ‘materialized’ and stands very widely and credibly accused of sex abuses and complicity in murder cover-up.

Sai Baba Lies SSB angrily attacked his critics as demons and Judases in 2000 on Xmas day for taking money to make allegations against him. A direct falsehood without a shred of evidence. He imagines his critics are jealous of him, but they are disgusted by him. See also Transparent Sai lies

On Visiting Sai Baba ashrams All one needs to know – but is not told! Why foreigners visit his ashrams and some of the many and tiresome difficulties plus outright dangers they risk from theft, corruption, embezzlement and yet far worse. Buying a mini-apartment is now exorbitantly expensive, and one gets absolutely no legal rights, even of occupancy for more than up to 1 month per annum! Books and videos of the ashrams give highly misleading ‘Prashanthi’ propaganda. In the ashram one is supposed to keep oneself strictly to oneself, not talk, not form friendships or other associations. The reason given is pseudo-spiritual, the actual reason is doubtless the attempt to control information, especially suppress negative facts. The security arrangements with metal detectors, undercover and armed security staff, close body searches (men and women) to remove all objects that may threaten Sai Baba! [claimed to be for the protection of devotees!} Out of the supposed millions who have been through the ashrams during 60 years, remarkable few credibly claim healing of any significant kind.

Sathya Sai Baba throve on Hindu-Indian nationalism He was provably not universal but divisive and very Hindu-nationalist oriented in his approach to other religions, despite his many claims to be a ‘The Universal Teacher’ etc.

Sai Baba: Prayer, not environmental awareness? Sai Baba regards worshipping the earth as a goddess is right and that scientist are ignorant of the inner significance of things! Aeons of Indians praying to Mother Earth have not made the planet any more safe, less polluted… but species death, global warming and a host of related problems are flourishing… but Sai Baba does not suggest anything for all of that other than planting trees!

How the Sathya Sai mythology emerged beyond India On the origin of much of the more fantastic mythology about Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba – an enigma or a myth?If indeed, as has been reported, Sathya was born as a physical hermaphrodite (with both genitalia, which occurs and is a medical fact) this would explain much of the mythology around him from his earliest years. That it is the case is backed up by diverse reports.  In the 1920s in remote Andhra Pradesh the villagers would surely have thought the child a Divine Phenomenon – Shiva and Parvathi in one, Purusha and Prakriti in one body.

The transformation of India by devotees of Sai Baba Conversion to what followers believe is Sathya Sai Baba’s spiritual panacea to save the world and liberate themselves from the sufferings of human life (not least through avoiding being reborn) has observably not radically changed India at all.

Sathya Sai Baba

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