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Basava Premanand – major whistle-blower on Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on August 17, 2012

The earliest sceptic and most prolific writer to expose Sathya Sai Baba was Basava Premanand. The Telegraph, Calcutta, Sunday, November 21, 2004 wrote of him:- “Premanand, who’s been honoured by the government with its highest award for the promotion of scientific values among the public, is among activists spearheading a campaign against religious and spiritual heads engaged in illegal and unsavoury activities.’ He was head of the Indian Rationalist Society, convener of the Indian CSICOP, and the Editor of Indian Skeptic. He was involved with Sathya Sai Baba’s organization early on and donated a large tract of land (90 acres) he had inherited from his parents, for the purpose of building a college. This land was illegally transferred from the trust run by a Gandhian congressman to the Sathya Sai Organization (Kerala). This awakened him to the corruption around Sai Baba. What he eventually discovered – murders, disappearances, sexual abuses and more – was so hugely contradictory to all the claims by Sai Baba about himself and his institutions that all devotees reacted against Premanand as an ill-informed fantasist. I admit that I – then a follower and the leading office-bearer in Norway – was scathing about his reports. The tables have turned completely however, as this blog site alone shows… That Premanand could make no headway with the law in Southern India, despite legal petitions and reports to police, was entirely due to the control fo police and judges that Sathya Sai Baba had by then achieved, and which is well documented (see one small example) and now acknowledged by most upright people in India and even the popular media there. Here is an appreciation of Premanand by a secular and rationalist Indian site saved which deserves to be widely known:-


Scan of article about Basava Premanand On Basava Premanand and Swami Shivananda of Rishikesh
BASAVA PREMANAND ON ABRAHAM KOVOOR'S 'MIACLE EXPOSURE' CAMPAIGN Basava Premanand on why he got involved in targeting Sathya Sai baba
On yoga, atheism, miracle exposure campaigns and facing death, by Basava Premanand



DID SATHYA SAI BABA INFLUENCE THE JUDICIARY? Yes, and this is documented fully by Premanand!

Summary: Key Points on the Sai Baba Murders 

Premanand on ‘Sexual abuse, healing, awakening kundalini or oil anointing?’ 

Nothing Supernatural – Basava Premanand on YouTube

An interview with Basava Premanand– nirmukta website

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Dr. Michael Goldstein; self-important fantasist, deceiver of self and others

Posted by robertpriddy on August 17, 2012

Dr. Michael Goldstein shows his angry talent on BBC's docu. 'The Secret Swami'

from the BBC film

Seldom has there been such an uninspiring and multi-compromised kind of top-down, insensitive and bullying leader in any large organization as Dr. Michael Goldstein in heading the Sathya Sai Organization for many years as its International Chairman.  His rostrum preachings, given before Sathya Sai Baba, in which he never had a single original thing to say were always delivered with pompous fanfare and flat-footed content, being carefully re-cycled parrotry and false humility within the ever-repeated maxims and constant old-fashioned finger-pointing ‘teachings’ of Sathya Sai Baba. He still drags on at various pseudo-events engineered in India by the now notorious Sathya Sai Central Trust , but there are signs that he may be handed his ticket home before very long due to a contretemps between various ‘leaders’ in India and his own caucus over how best to deal with covering up the latest revelations of sexual abuse, harassment and bullying of pupils etc. at the Sathya Sai School in Leicester, UK.  Time will show.

 Let us look at some of the claims and motivations evident in what Dr. Goldstein has written and said to get some measure of the man.

1) He set a strikingly bad example to devotees, if ever there was one. His finger-pointing harangues in private were literally that, as the BBC hidden camera revealed in the BBC documentary ‘The Secret Swami’. He had evidently forgotten one of Sathya Sai Baba’s (own finger-pointing) bit of slick but lightweight advice, namely, ‘do not point out others’ faults’ (Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 1, p 205)… because when one points a finger, the other three point back at oneself! This he did to Tanya Datta, who had asked him in a civil way about his reliance on the word of Sai Baba (i.e. the widely accused sex abuser):- “Why don’t you have thorough investigations, instead of just asking one question to one person? Goldstein’s evasive reply merely justified his own view as infallible faith, accompanied by strong agitation and finger-pointing body language, as one can see (images). When he asked Sai Baba about the sexual allegations the only reply he got was ‘Swami is pure’. This he accepted with the usual cringing humility and without raising a single point or telling who and how many had accused Sai baba in convincing detail. Soon after, Sai Baba held a public discourse praising Goldstein to the skies upon which his ‘devoted servitor’ made a complete ass of himself with solemn and ill-concealed pride over his reward and what he called the greatest day of his life, asking whether it had all been captured on video! He reveled in it and continued assiduously to cover up all questions of sex abuse and murder complicity by Sai Baba, whatever the amassed evidence of which he was very aware!

2) That Dr. Goldstein was totally under the masterful thumb of Sai Baba – duped and indoctrinated and tested to destruction to see if he would do just anything for swami – is seen from the following account by a very devoted lady known as Divya who lived for years with Sai Baba’s sister, Vijayamma:-

That was the strange idea about Swami’s love that devotees held- that he was teaching how to reduce the ego – when he was simply bullying Goldstein and humiliating him in public as if to say ‘See I can do this to anyone’! But Sai Baba had to make some small show of affection, he knew that! All most typical psychopath behaviour! It seems Goldstein almost revelled in his own debasement, probably because it seemed to show all how much close attention he got and thus how good and important a devotee he was. In short, an ego boost all in all!

3) He wrote a highly subjective account in Sanathana Sarathi journal (November 1986 see left image in box below) of a hi-jacking he and his wife Gloria Goldstein survived (Pan_AM_Flight_73 at Karachi – 5/9/1986) along with a majority of the 360 passengers. He made much of his wife having “raised her hands together to pray and said aloud OM SAI RAM five times with a dignity and calmness that were incongruous with the situation” (i.e. having had a machine gun pointed at her). He continued  “The terrorist was disconcerted for an instant. Then he said ‘Hands up; move back”. As if this had an import whatever, during the mere ‘instant’ the super-hardened Abu Nidal terrorist probably thought , ‘what kind of idiot is this?’  and went on with the attack plan. Likewise, Goldstein prayed to Swami many times during the 17 hours of the ordeal – “always the same prayer: Lord, intercede in this tragedy“. Notwithstanding a most gory mayhem resulted in which it was reported that 20 people died – being shot or blown up – and up to 150 injured. Even so, Goldstein saw it all as a divine plan and makes clear his belief that Sai Baba did intervene (presumably only because he and his wife were not killed when they jumped onto the escape chute and ran. No doubt he later figured that “The Lord looks after his own” if somewhat belatedly after 17 hours  – and his compassionate Lord apparently let ‘the devil take the hindmost’. Goldstein then effused: “From my contemplation of Swami’s words and my prayers to him, I derived detachment. Instead of being controlled by my own fear, I became a witness to it. This enable me to think clearly and act effectively” Actually, in such life-death situations, the minds of most normal people become clear, detached and concentrated on surviving. One wonders, what effective action did Goldstein take? Still silently praying? There has been no mention I can discover of anything other than escaping amid exploding grenades and machine-gun fire as fast as he damn well could when the chute unfolded?

By contrast, a stewardess, Neerja Bhanot, had shown real detached presence of mind plus personal courage and decided to hide all American passports under a seat and the rest were dumped down a trash chute. In so doing she made possible the saving of the Goldstein’s lives; when the plane’s power ran out and only emergency lighting remained, the terrorists threw a grenade so she also opened one of the escape chutes and then laid down her own life protecting three children from bullets! She was most clearly the hero of the episode and the factual saviour of many lives, which no invisible deity or any trumped-up Swami could have done.  Apart from the Goldsteins, not a single survivor is known even to have imagined that they were alive due to Sai Baba’s will! Of course, devotees will say they were unlucky not to be blessed with the truth (i.e. speculative dreams which made not a jot of difference to the outcome, other than further to entrap Goldstein’s into passing the test of total subservience to the narcissistic will of a pederast and accomplice to murder who escaped being convicted through power and money).

Scan by Robert Priddy of page from Sai Baba journal where Dr. M. Goldstein recounts his experiences during the hi-jacking ordeal at Karachi in 1986


Author Brian Steel has compared various versions of the event by Goldstein with the public record

Scan of part of Brian Steel's analysis of the accounts given by Goldstein and Sai Baba of the Karachi hi-jacking episode


Sai Baba’s discourse account of the incident on his birthday in 2004. Sai Baba enters the realm of incorrect guesswork, purposeful fantasy and the usual self-glorifying propaganda.

Excerpt from Sathya Sai Baba's discourse (from 23/11/2004) about Dr. Goldstein's hi-jack ordeal, as commented on by Robert Priddy



The former follower and Sai-biographical recorder, Brian Steel most cogently writes: “although SSB claims to have used his Divine intervention on behalf of the Goldsteins, his recent version of the events (editorial note: on Radio Sai in 2004)  in which he alleges he was intimately, and miraculously, involved diverges significantly from the public record, and also, alas, from Dr Goldstein’s own public recollection of the terrible events.” Further, “In his 23 November Birthday Discourse (as translated and edited by the SSO), SSB gave his version of this story, telling how he had intervened to save the lives of the Goldsteins. Without dwelling here on the self-promotional angle of this 18-year old story, the basic truth that must be admitted is that, once again, SSB has made very basic factual errors in an event in which he claims he was divinely, omnipotently and omnisciently involved. These errors are easily verifiable not only in media and other accounts of the happenings but also in Dr Goldstein’s lecture to a Vancouver group of devotees in May 2001).”

The errors in Sai Baba’s account are glaring and major! The whole story was embroidered in widely reported additional information given by Goldstein to US VIPs Rita and Robert Bruce (and others) who told me he said that Sa Baba had taken Goldstein in his car to the Hillview Stadium etc. and had said to him “I will not be seeing you again”. Goldstein had begged and cried until Sai Baba eventually said he would, after all see him again. This was supposed to show that Sai Baba knew all about what was to come.  Sai Baba claimed to have saved Goldstein, for it had actually been his karma to be killed in that incident! One must therefore ask, if the man he made top leader of his International organization should have died a most inauspicious death (as such killings are, according to Sai Baba) surely that person would not be fit to lead the organization created by alleged God Incarnate on Earth, the Avatar of the Age.  Goldstein wove all this together without any real evidence, of course, always having believed Sai Baba anyhow knew everything bar nil, and subsequently stating on BBC that he believed “…Sri Sathya Sai Baba IS Jesus Christ, Sri Sathya Sai Baba IS Buddha, Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the Founder of all the world’s religions”  – which would also include Mohammed surely? The cultist indoctrination of such preposterous nonsense speaks volumes about the sub-intellectual, thrusting business-oriented, 3rd class doctor that Goldstein proves himself to be (Note: Dr. M. Goldstein – supposedly a specialist in sex abuse cases – actually told the BBC that he could see whether a boy had been abused by looking in his eyes… and added that he is “a consummate professional”!). Much more could be said about him both contra and even partly pro, of course, and not least that he thought he was acting correctly and helping serve others in his tireless public activities and Sai-inspired tirades during endless expensive visits to Sai Baba and all over the globe. But many wrongs never can add up to a right!

See Wikipedia on Pan Am Flight 73 for the accepted public account of the incident.

Goldstein’s most inadvisable bullying of Tanya Datta and the BBC producer can be viewed in short video clips (with transcript). Also his break of faith with Al Rahm’s whose son were sexually abused when he fell victim to Sai Baba’s flattery trap
Complete sequence about Michael Goldstein’s non-investigation and how Sai Baba fooled him (mov small 2.30 MB,wmv small 10 MB, mov large 7.10 MB, wmv large 

Goldstein’s zealotry and pig-headed insensitivity to relations who lost their loved ones in disaster, such as the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers is truly disgusting. Read  9/11 Twin Towers attack and Sathya Sai Baba’s claimed intervention!

A timely letter from Glen Meloy to Dr. Michael Goldstein

Dr. Michael Goldstein, supporter of the totally indefensible

Sathya Sai Organization double morals

Sathya Sai Organization’s fear of investigative media

A vague and second-hand account of the hi-jacking was also posted by some devotee, which illustrates how distorted and vague all facts become by such credulous and inaccurate believers: An experience of Dr. Goldstein

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Paranormal researchers in Italy exposed Sai Baba as a fraud

Posted by robertpriddy on August 17, 2012

CICAP, is the ‘Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims on the Paranormal’,  which promotes a scientific and critical enquiry of supposed paranormal and mysterious phenomena. Naturally, their researchers were active in examining the many claims about Sathya Sai Baba, one result of which was posted here yesterday. In two articles on their website, translated to English and edited down slightly, we can read the results of two more evaluations of some of his countless claims:-

Translation of two articles on Sai baba - as edited by Robert Priddy

Two articles by CICAP researchers into the paranormal

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