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Satyajit’s Sai Baba ‘testament document’ causes stir up

Posted by robertpriddy on September 4, 2012

Sathya Sai Baba has faded out of public memory…not that he was news even when alive, except for 2 days a year whenever any political leader visited him…or of course when the exposé made him news all over the world. Now, his closest devotee in his last years –  his young ‘boyfriend’ Satyajit has “released” a document making a declaration which Sathya Sai Baba had made and registered in the year 1967 in Mumbai. (see text in inset on right).

One of my well-placed informants in India poses some most interesting questions about this document:-

This is bizarre and raises several issues . Here are a few questions that come to my mind.

1. If Sai Baba had indeed registered a declaration in 1967, to be treated as a “will” and if Satyajit had it from 1998, and if indeed Indulal Shah had been a witness and known about it for 44 years from 1967, why did Indulal Shah, Satyajit and the Sathya Sai Central Trust completely deny it after Sai Baba’s death and hide all facts about it?

2. When controversy broke out between Sai Baba’s family and the Trust, and when the Government was planning to take over the Sai Central Trust, why didn’t the Sai Trust lawyers make it public?

3. If Sai Baba had indeed filed such a declaration legally, how come SB himself didn’t make it public or part of the SB trust charter all these years till his death?

4. According to Sai Baba’s own legally sworn statement, he was 44 years old in March 1967…this would mean he claims to be born in 1922/1923. If so, he would have been duping his followers by saying he was born in 1926. (Editorial note: This adds new fuel to the subject as explored and documented by exposé writers such as Brian Steel However, the documentary evidence from the school record makes Sai Baba about three years younger than he claimed, not older! This seems highly unlikely since his among contemporaries there were reports and a writer too (Vijayamma) whose accounts would not fit with this. So there is good reason to believe this testament is a fake, a red herring designed to confuse the issue for ends we do not fully understand)  

5. If he was 44 in 1967, and claims he left his family when he was 12, does it mean he left his family in 1935? That would mean that he claims to have left  then… but this does not fit with known facts.

6. Sai Baba claimed that he “left his family”…but dont we all know he family didn’t leave him …his parents, sisters, brother, nieces, nephews, all of them stayed with him at the expense of the Trust, were allotted houses, cars and given positions in the Trust, ashram etc. Jankiramiah, his younger brother who Sai Baba made a member of his Central Trust (editor: after he organized the blackmail of police and killings of the found intruders was also running several businesses due to Sai Baba’s patronage. He made “riches beyond his wildest imaginings” according to former famous journalist V.K. Narasimhan, who knew about his goings-on and crimes.)


There must be some reason why Sathyajit has released this document to the media at this point, but – as with all matters concerning his close servitors and Trust members – the snake pit is unseen by any outsiders until, sometimes, the facts emerge unexpectedly. Perhaps there are legal issues pending, say between the Trust and some family members, or a move in the factions’ struggles to deny the Trust expropriating the hoarded wealth seized. Meanwhile, even if Sai baba had formally registered the document (as Indulal Shah – a man infamous for economy with the truth –  says he did) we can’t rely on Sai Baba’s word as he said whatever suited him at any time, contradicting himself many a time most blatantly!

Despite all that, the discovery after his death of Sai Baba’s vast hoard of gold, silver, diamonds, currencies, silver thrones, valuables, foodstuffs, designer clothes, shoes – you name it, all stuffed throughout his private quarters (even under his 3 by 3 meter bed) says everything about his actual relation to worldly goods and property! Among the huge literature about him it is repeatedly shown that he always had money to hand in quantity to give away or use as bribery, and always had rooms from which he would produce all manner of luxurious items for plays, for his students and who knows what else.  He always hid his private wealth and ‘treasure trove‘ and lied continuously.

BREAKING NEWS:  Fairly soon, I shall be posting new and most compelling evidence from an impeccable source that Sathya Sai Baba was indeed the ruling the godfather who personally and most audibly ordered the murder of four of his trapped devotees in the infamous June 6, 1993 incident.  Increasingly we see that Sai Baba must rank among the very most consummate liars and deceivers India has known, at least since Independence, and as informed observers and historians will know, that is really saying something!

The amazingly successful cover-up of countless crimes which was developed through the decades by the decisive majority of the Indian cadre of Sathya Sai Baba- including the top politicians who protected him – is slowly falling apart at the seams, as will be seen. This culture of despicable deceit, financial corruption, use of bribery and enforcement of silence (‘muerta’) was endemic, working on all around them though a tortuous mixture of fear and misguided faith, cannot have changed overnight… and there is plenty to show that Ratnakara, Bhagwati, Indulal Shah and Co. are still very deeply compromised. The rat’s nest remains unperceived to any degree by countless ‘true devotees’ of Sai Baba who remain – mostly wilfully – in ignorance of it all. The Sai Trust and cronies are making every effort to keep them so, not least with bogus vibuti materialization stories and other invented miracles… the same old tale of cleverly organized appearances.

The text of another, fuller, Indian news report (Mail Online) can be read by clicking on the thumbnail image on the right

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One Response to “Satyajit’s Sai Baba ‘testament document’ causes stir up”

  1. According to the declaration Sai Baba was 44 years old in March of 1967. How is that possible if he was born in 1926 according to official sai literature? Something doesn’t add up here and literally so.

    Reply from Robert: This has already been the subject of much writing years ago when was a photostat of his school record showed that he was born three years earlier. No doubt the birthday date chosen instead was because Sri Aurobindo has stated that Krishna had descended into a body on that date (only the date was a day wrong!) and also because a suitable auspicious birth chart was needed. This new revelation virtually decides the issue as already explored and documented by exposé writers such as Brian Steel
    See further articles about Sathya Sai Baba’s doubtful birth date and more:-
    Sanjay Dadlani – see also Sathya Sai Baba’s (un)Birthday (not born on 23 November 1926)

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