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Sathya Sai Organization: how to cow its leader

Posted by robertpriddy on September 8, 2012

The International Chairman, Dr. Michael Goldstein, was totally under the masterful thumb of Sai Baba – duped and indoctrinated and tested to destruction to see if he would do just anything for swami – that is seen from the following account by a very devoted lady known as Divya who lived for years with Sai Baba’s sister, Venkamma:-


Dr. Goldstein now presumably praying to the Great Empty Formless, Invisible,  Non-Existent Sai?

That was the strange idea about Swami’s love that devotees held- that he was teaching how to reduce the ego – when he was simply bullying Goldstein and humiliating him in public as if to say ‘See I can do this to anyone’! But Sai Baba had to make some small show of affection, he knew that! All most typical psychopathic behaviour! It seems Goldstein almost revelled in his own debasement, probably because it seemed to show all how much close attention he got and thus how good and important a devotee he was. In short, an ego boost all in all! Goldstein strutted around the world with his self-importance, despite having made himself a prime fool on the BBC’s Secret Swami.

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