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Sai Baba 1993 murders: eyewitness reveals amazing facts

Posted by robertpriddy on September 15, 2012

An American lady known in the ashram as ‘Divya’ (Eileen Weed) knew Sai Baba’s sister Venkamma for many years between 1987 onwards – living with her from 1989-1993 (and she finally left Prashanthi Nilayam and Sai Baba in 2005) Divya is posting a very extensive set of her letters home over two decades. The content of these establish her complete authenticity as an honest and truthful person respected by Sai Baba’s core family and the ashram officials and devotees who knew her, besides which she sacrificed herself continually to look after the difficult and very demanding sister, Venkamma, and was chosen to be the only person with her 24 hrs daily during her last week on her death-bed! Divya was a totally devoted Sai bhakta (then – and until around 2005 when she left the ashram).

Letters with her eye-witness account of the murders episode of June 6th 1993 clear up many details about the incident, showing that it was systematically covered-up by all involved, including by a criminally concocted and discredited police report. See scan excerpts below:-

Note: Disinformation and wilful rumours were put out as diversionary tactics by the ashram, the Central Trust authorities, Sathya Sai Baba himself (in a discourse later).  The Indian Home Minister S.B. Chavan and Prime Minister Narasimhan Rao both conferred at length and often with Sai Baba (whom they had long worshipped as God) and worked ceaselessly to divert the course of justice, which they finally managed, quashing the Central Bureau of Investigation work before it could conclude! Reconstruction of what actually happened has therefore required a huge amount of investigations, elimination of rumours, lies, set-ups and piecing together of the most likely account relying on the facts that are most unassailable. I shall eventually put forward such an account, after presenting the new evidence in a series of blogs, with comments based upon other known facts and assertions that are probable red herrings or outright lies.

Before reading the letter in which Divya described the murders to her parents shortly after the event, a recent exchange between myself and Divya serves to introduce the matter:-

Sathya Sai Baba murder victims

Three of the victims placed in Sai Baba’s rooms for photographing and one sees how knives were put beside each of them in a ham-fisted attempt to show they were shot in self-defense!

In the above photographs of three of Sai Baba’s murder victims were taken in a series by Padmanabhan on direction of the Sai Baba authorities. The bodies have clearly been arranged to make it look as though they were attacking police with knives and had to be shot down (with about 30 rounds!). The ‘Vishnu snake bed’ remains show two of the bodies were placed in Sai Baba’s bedroom.

Note: The intruders did NOT go up the kitchen stairs to Sai baba’s room, but entered from the interview room, where they had killed Radhakrishnan and Mahadevan first. Besides, one of the photographs does show a piece of rope on the floor. It is also evident now that Sai Baba left his room by a door onto the second floor of the temple, and went to a room at its other end.

Divya’a first letter to her parents described the terrible night of the murders and is to be found at (See the main content as presented below in the next blog) 

Divya welcomes comments, questions on her site with wattpad. This is a chance to ask a knowledgeable ex-devotee and fluent Telugu speaker many thing you wanted to know (but had no one you dared ask?)


2 Responses to “Sai Baba 1993 murders: eyewitness reveals amazing facts”

  1. Who Am I? said

    Come on, this scumbag was just an ordinary piece of shit and the corrupt gullible Hindus believed him to be a God. These Hindus will believe anything if you tell them that it was told to them by Rama or Krishna or Shiva or Kali. They are a bunch of imbecilic nincompoops. And there are a billion of those morons in India.

  2. This is an exchange of e-mail I have just had with the Sai Baba zealot Michael M. Hollander,

    From Michael Hollander
    Date Sunday, September 16, 2012 14:53
    Lets wait and see – Natural Law Guides and Directs this Planet as The Universe – you totally mis-quoted me regarding the book Advent III. Furthermore you have spread evil and vicious lies regarding Sathya Sai Baba. How is it that everything He Established continues to Blossom day by day? So lets wait and see how it all unfolds.Your words also against me were totally false and slanderous,not that I care.It only shows your own ignorance, ego and sheer stupidity. It was easy to see that this was God on Earth and still is.He is the Omniescent One.This was so obvious.It is not so easy to practice what He Teaches. We all know that a persons own karma will find them sooner or later.This is Natural Law.Why you chose to spread such evil lies is only your own karma. So lets wait and see as the TRUTH comes out.Truth is the Divine Force that Guides and Protects.There is nothing better then Truth.Yes Lord Sai was God on Earth – this was the easy part -to practice His Teachings of “Love-All – Serve All” is not that easy that is for sure.
    The damage and hurt you caused is there this can not be denied.He – Sathya Sai Baba said Jesus had one Judas and He had thousands. The Universe is all based on Truth.So lets wait and see.He was without error.He was and is the embodiement of Perfection. Yes it is unfortunate you chose such a path.This is all within you-your own ego and issues. How you became so misguided is your own ego this is so so obvious from the way you speak. So Yes — the TRUTH will come out –no matter what one thinks or says.This is undeniable.

    Robert replies:-
    It is deniable, and to prove it, here goes! The above mail is just an excerpt/rehash of what Hollander has written about me before. Apropos, he has never anything original to say, his mind being programatically fixed on what Sai Baba has said about everything, especially his critics. One has to pity him for he is so totally enveloped in “Sai Baba illusion (maya)”. Talk about hoodwinked; he was well and truly deceived and has done further self-indoctrination to a degree. So I could easily reply off the cuff, as follows:-

    Natural law is just that, it in no way regulates the truth or ethics, good or bad. You (Hollander) are simply indoctrinated with an ancient attempt to explain what no one could then understand… i.e. almost nothing of natural law as it really is shown to be through centuries of science! God is truth is just an empty phrase that bigots spout, without real meaning or any known or observable consequences for human life (other than preaching, not forgetting what that constantly causes in conflict and religious hatred). Let the covered-up facts come out more and more and we can better appreciate the truth about Sai Baba!

    You accuse me of spreading evil and vicious lies, which is itself a vicious lie. I was for 18 years a selfless server of Sai Baba and his organisation as its leader in Norway, and my articles on spirituality and Sai Baba – mislead as I was – were in constant demand for his journal. I was initially a full believer in most of what he claimed and awaited his words coming true… but I was awakened by shocking inside information and despite my desire to believe I was impelled morally eventually to use my wits to seek what was true and what not… and I found knew people who then at last told me of his sexual abuses of them!

    How come you and all those who remain followers are all totally incapable of responding rationally or with any counter-evidence to a single part of the massed evidence against Sathya Sai Baba, including testimonies for hundreds of persons who knew him, many intimately. The reason is that it is just not possible. Apart from the massive hodge-podge of contradictions, lies, errors, ignorance and fantastic an unsupported claims and prophesies that run throughout his discourses, events before and after his most ignominious death from a wasting illness (guess what!) which massive weight loss that caused multiple organ failures have exposed him in India. He cried for help when taken away by his powerful minders who later disconnected him from his massive life support (according to Minister Nagi Reddy The critics are all evil and vicious persons to you, I guess (‘Judases’ of all the irrelevant claims one could invent!) Many of us were among the most respected and devoted service workers in action, not just in words. But we realized things that you dare not take in and the inevitable process began of reevaluation of Sai Baba’s false claims and countless failed predictions and promises, vast waste of money on luxury apartments, endemic corruption, and lies galore about never taking anything from anyone (he was fed hand and mouth, clothed, housed, given every convenience for nothing and never had to lift a finger!). That process of investigation eventually leads any intelligent and honest person to understand the magnitude and depth of depravity to which Sai Baba stooped. Almost everything he established fails to blossom (day by day, little or nothing happens for the movement and its highly corrupt Trust and leaders), for certain, but it declines, has lost previous major support, is in financial straits and donations are drying up while it has become the more contentious and infamous, especially in India. Now it is the subject of a court petition by a devotee who wants it disbanded and taken over, and also wants the facts about Sai Baba’s covered-up illness/death established.

    What do you say to Divya, whose letters from 1984 onwards secure her reputation as a totally devoted bhakta is beyond any possible criticism. She lived with Sai Baba’s sister for years and only began to realize the enormity of the deception in 2005. She was an eye-witness to the murders and knew that Sai Baba ordered them himself! She had more opportunity than any Westerner to see the inside workings of the ashram and Sai Baba’s actual behaviour… and, after two decades, realized she had been witness to the most thorough proof that he was far, far from being omniscient! (Few of his supporters really can believe that anyhow – his close servitor and famous editor V.K. Narasimhan – mostly but not only in private – ridiculed those who claimed it). You are unable to refute a single thing about any of it, the murders the countless …testimonies of vile sexual abuses; you are, in fact, without conscience or outright cowardly in not examining the fundaments of your false faith. You live within your own issues, not I. You think (like a programmed Sai Baba parrot) that I act egotistically, as an ego (i.e. for myself and mine). I do not, no more than anyone does (not least yourself). The whole Sai Baba and Hindu guru ego doctrine is an over-generalized and misused doctrine to control others which is ignorant of psychology and of the fact that an ego (in the true, research-based and developed psychological sense) is a health psyche’s means of controlling and channelling the instinctual urges and is a sine qua non of survival and sanity!

    My entire exposure work since 2000 – as a person who has sought to act in truth and goodness all my life – is now to make the world aware of the danger of this cult and the deceptions and crimes of Sai Baba and his gang so as to help all those who have suffered as a result of his depredations. When I have had a very full and fulfilled life, why else would I devote so much time and effort to the job? As a retired person, I have the time, energy, insight, knowledge, articulation and ex-Sai Baba contact net to correct the false impressions my former pro-Sai writings and activites and do a duty to the public.

    You harp on about how “easy to see” it was that Sai Baba was God and omniscient, and that I am “ego-driven” but you cannot see yourself. It is easy to see for independently-minded people how cognitively distorted your mind is! And why do you repeated “wait and see”? You can wait a lifetime but you will not necessarily see for you evidently don’t want to learn. Perhaps you are waiting for death hoping you might see then? Some hopes! Truth does not always come out, and if you believe so, you are all the more blindly foolish. But we many disaffected followers have been ensuring that the truth about Sai Baba has come out! Learning what is true requires great efforts and often also courage… such as to go up against powerful people with vested interests and few moral scruples (like the Indian Sai set-up).Your pompous assertion that the universe is based on Truth is without basis in any reliable human knowledge. The universe is not based on anything and truth is a value, a criterion, a measure of what is a fact, not something that exists as an entity or whatever. All vague maunderings about ‘The’ Truth is virtually mindless fixation on a grammatical substantive as if it represented an actual thing. One more truth has come out, that you have shown yourself to be a super-bigot, as your erstwhile ‘Sai-brother’ Barry Pittard has pointed out at length and at I am not writing this for your benefit, as you evidently are incapable of benefitting from factual truth, but primarily so I can post it for the good of others!

    The earlier mails and more are found here: Michael J. Hollander, bigot preacher of preposterous, untested beliefs

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