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Sathya Sai Baba reported to have ordered executions!

Posted by robertpriddy on September 18, 2012

The terrible events on the night of June 6, 1993, were described by Eileen Weed, known as ‘Divya’ who was then living in the apartment of Sai Baba’s sister Venkamma (also called ‘Amma’).

The Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad 26-6-1993, briefly reported eyewitness accounts as follows:“Meanwhile, Janakiramaiah and Col. Joga Rao, who is also one of the trustees, came rushing and conferred with Satya Sai Baba for 10 minutes. Coming out of the Baba’s ground floor chamber, the eyewitness said, Janakiramaiah reportedly told the students to ‘lynch them’. (Vallani kattesinaru, champeyundira…” They are tied. Now kill them).” (Ed. note: I have checked with a Telugu speaker who gives as a more precise translation  “They have been tied up, kill them”)

Since Divya also stated that Sai Baba had ordered the executions, I asked her for a check on the translation (she is conversant in Telugu) and she wrote:- “… the Telugu is correct (“Vallani kattesinaru, champeyundira…”), as is the translation, with a small adjustment: “They have been tied up, kill them!”  It absolutely sounds like something Janakiramaiah, or any blinded-by-rage Indian villagers would say, and do! Just look at all the Indians, even women, murdered outright, for ruining the reputation of a family! Reputation is like the Indians very life-breath: try to ruin it and they get really merciless, really fast. 
Note that Divya/Eileen Weed is available for questions and comments on her web pages here

Here we see how Divya and all around her during the infamous 1993 executions of four devotees accepted it without question as the necessary work of the Avatar (Sai Baba).

Eileen Weed (aka 'Divya') mail about June 6th 1993 murders

Eileen Weed (aka ‘Divya’) mail about June 6th 1993 murders

The following scan is an excerpt of the main recorded facts sent in a letter to her parents by Divya her being a true devotee – as all can see – who at that time therefore had not a sliver of criticism due to her complete faith in Sai Baba):-

Murdered Sai student Sai Ram with piece of rope visible in top right corner!

In the above photograph of Sai ‘university’ student Sai Ram, taken in a series by Padmanabhan on direction of the Sai Baba authorities, there is a rope above his head in the corner of the room. The eyes are closed in three photos of him, while in another (photograph 19) they are wide open. Someone has raised his shirt and his stomach part is seen with his left hand on it. His mouth is open and everything looks unnatural.  The warden never explained how he came out of the hostel at night when it is claimed that the hostel rules are very strict. The side of the ‘Vishnu snake bed’ on the right shows his body is located here in Sai Baba’s bedroom.

2 Responses to “Sathya Sai Baba reported to have ordered executions!”

  1. Shocking. Also beause of Mrs Weed’s condoning the murders when she was a devotee.
    Reply from Robert
    Hello Andries. Nice to hear from you. She has more than made up for not speaking out when she was in the throes of total indoctrination and living within the circle she did (i.e. people willing to say or do anything Swami ordered, especially against those who expressed serious doubts or gave away secrets. The indoctrination was so powerful in both her case and that of hundreds of residents of Prashanthi who have STILL remained silent about what they know, as well as the many thousands, perhaps more, who still are in total denial. Eileen Weed was brought up by parent who worshipped Yogananda and other gurus, later also Sai Baba… with such a background,it takes great personal strength to overcome all that one has believed and been taught constantly.
    Best wishes, Robert

  2. Eileen Weed said

    The “Kill them” needs an explanation mark! “Kill them!” That is because the word ‘kill’ (champeyundi) has the RA at the end of the word. RA is added only when men are talking to men (women never use it) and it is a sort of a colloquial banter between men, to add emphasis, and even a feeling of ordering – when used in this way as a statement, not a question or a matter of consultation.

    Telugu, like the Indian psyche, is so full of subtitles! ‘Champe’ is the word ‘kill,’ then the ‘undi’ is a respectful term thrown at the end of various words with no rhyme or reason, to convey that the person one is talking to is respected, and then ‘ra’ is the banter between men to show camaraderie, and to put emphasis. Such a delicate dance to balance respect for equals (or in this case, the police in a very important position of power) with an order!

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