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Accusations against Sai Baba always blasphemy?

Posted by robertpriddy on September 29, 2012

That is what the majority of devotees were instructed to think, and most of those who remain most likely still do. I get e-mails accusing me of being evil and vicious in blaspheming against God when I am mostly only bringing forth reports on Sai Baba made by countless other persons. Though I have never written any lies whatever, I am still accused of lying all the time – and evidently this refers to every statement I post about Sai Baba (for example, repeatedly from the New York fanatics like Michael J. Hollander) One would think these bitter slanderers would realize that no amount of e-mails from them will change my mind one iota, for it is based on massive testimony, evidence and personal experience too. The dangers of speaking out about the sins of Sai Baba while in the ashrams was at least as dreadful as maligning Muhammed in public is today… i.e. murder and mayhemThat is what silenced the countless sexually molested students, and but a relative handful have even dared contact us until now, despite our cast-iron assurances of total confidentiality if required. It is still therefore relevant and important to remind at intervals of the many terrible things that have been done to dissidents, also by Sai Baba’s people who go under the hyper-false banner ‘Help ever, hurt never’. Two salient examples will serve for today:-

Excerpt from the book 'The Godmen of India' by a top Indian CID inspector who was awarded the President's medal for exceptional sleuthing in clearing up most difficult criminal cases.

Excerpt from the book ‘The Godmen of India’ by Janaki Ram, a top Indian CID inspector who was awarded the President’s medal for exceptional sleuthing in clearing up most difficult criminal cases.


Eileen Weed (@eileenweed) x

Submitted on 2012/09/29 at 8:46 pm

I remember that incident at Birthday 1985 in Hill View Stadium, of some guy standing up and shouting something, and then the police dragging him away! We weren’t sure what in the world he was shouting, we were too far away (on the ladies side) – but we knew it was negative – I remember thinking it sounded a little like ‘fake’ or ‘imposter’. He was quite close up, in the foreigners section, right behind the small section of VIPs & teachers. I did not think it proper to mention that incident to my parents, so did not mention it in my letters to them.

Barry Pittard has also related the following:-
Between 1979 and 1982 I heard four stories, described below, relating Sathya Sai Baba to homosexuality: from Joseph (U.S.A.) in 1979; Donna (U.S.A.), perhaps in the same year; Connie Raadsma, a close neighbour of mine in Australia, in 1981; and an Australian woman who spoke to me at Puttaparthi in 1982. Like me, Joseph and Donna were of the tiny handful of long-stay Westerners he permitted to live around him, mostly in Whitefield I taught for two years at his college there), about 20 km from Bangalore, India’s fifth largest city. Donna was now one of a few Sathya Sai Baba forbade from entering his ashrams but who, ever faithful, would stand outside the gate straining to glimpse him. She claimed that she had spoken to various older Puttaparthi residents who said that Sai Baba had been homosexual even as a boy. (Note: expert evidence attests that most homosexuals do not practice child molestation). Perhaps Donna was expelled from the ashram for opening her mouth a bit too widely! Let us see in a moment what happened to Joseph when he opened his. And what happened to me, too.

In July 1982, acting only out of care for her (and indeed for all who may hear such stories), the moment I passed on the Australian woman’s concerns – who in great anxiety had sought me out for advice as having lived at the Sathya Sai Baba ashrams extensively – to two of Sathya Sai Baba’s top leaders Howard Murphet (Australia) and Richard Bayer (USA) about allegations of his homosexuality, I was called up to the office day after day by the Puttaparthi ashram manager, Kutumb Rao, a retired High Court Judge, confronted with patently ridiculous accusations, and on the forth day told “Swami has asked that you be sent out, and never return.” (One of the accusations was: You were seen in the ashram talking to a woman.” It can only have been the Australian woman who came up to me in distress).

In 1979, in the crowd awaiting Sai Baba’s public appearance (darshan), sat Joseph. Called a hippy by the village children (who may have been right), he appeared to be in his psychedelic thirties, and was one of three or so Westerners remaining after the hippies and others had departed from Sai Baba in the late sixties. Joseph began to discourse, for all of us to hear – and I sat just behind him. With rising stress levels and moral outrage, he said more than once that some college boys had told him that Sai Baba had asked a number of them (in Joseph’s words) to “line up and masturbate.” On the third or so day of Joseph’s dark rumblings, six hefty Indian male service volunteers (seva dals) came and carried him out, ordering him not to return. The immensely powerful Joseph fought them, roaring out the accusations for all to hear. A very distressed Indian man said to me, “If Sai Baba is God, why do they need to use all this violence against this man?” An hour afterwards, one of the volunteers told me that ejecting Joseph was ‘like wrestling a tiger.’ He told me that his task saddened him, as he had known Joseph for so many years.

For the next days, while people awaited darshan (Sanskrit: viewing of a holy person), Joseph climbed a tree outside the ashram wall, and cried out the allegations for us all to hear. Then, he was gone. I heard from my close friend and local resident, Siva Subramanian, a Tamil who knew some of the Tamil police constables, that the Kadugodi police had badly thrashed Joseph and sent him on his way. So much, then, for the cardinal doctrine of ahimsa or non-violence in Sathya Sai Baba’s ashrams and in the land that still daily venerates Mahatma Gandhi along with the Dalai Lama, the towering apostles of non-violence.

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