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Telugu Minister insults Sathya Sai Trust members

Posted by robertpriddy on October 2, 2012

Some of the Indian media became partly de-hypnotised since the unpropitious death of Sai Baba to publish material which is negative – even insulting – towards the Sai Central Trust and even Sathya Sai himself. Here is an excerpt from Telugu Hub Net (9/9/2012) reporting on what Minister Vatti Vasanth Kumar said:-

Saibaba’s trust used to receive huge amounts of donations in various forms from across the world. No one used to question the usage of funds as people had immense faith in Saibaba. However after his heavenly journey things are not the same.

When Minister Vatti Vasanth Kumar commented that Puttaparthi’s sheen is reducing with less number of devotees visiting the place and promising developmental programs only if devotees increase, one gets the suspicion where siphoning of funds from the trust is already completed and ministers and Govt officials who spent days and nights together when Saibaba was ill and later after his demise, are getting ready to stop motherly treatment since their job is finished. Only God can unravel the secret.

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