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Telugu Minister insults Sathya Sai Trust members

Posted by robertpriddy on October 2, 2012

Some of the Indian media became partly de-hypnotised since the unpropitious death of Sai Baba to publish material which is negative – even insulting – towards the Sai Central Trust and even Sathya Sai himself. Here is an excerpt from Telugu Hub Net (9/9/2012) reporting on what Minister Vatti Vasanth Kumar said:-

Saibaba’s trust used to receive huge amounts of donations in various forms from across the world. No one used to question the usage of funds as people had immense faith in Saibaba. However after his heavenly journey things are not the same.

When Minister Vatti Vasanth Kumar commented that Puttaparthi’s sheen is reducing with less number of devotees visiting the place and promising developmental programs only if devotees increase, one gets the suspicion where siphoning of funds from the trust is already completed and ministers and Govt officials who spent days and nights together when Saibaba was ill and later after his demise, are getting ready to stop motherly treatment since their job is finished. Only God can unravel the secret.

One Response to “Telugu Minister insults Sathya Sai Trust members”

  1. It appears that you get some joy from playing the part of “Judas” so carry on –just remember that with death all is exposed and each must face the consequences of their own actions.
    You have slandered me severly and lied about me- this is all your own karma.One day you will see what a total loser you are.Promise.You have spread vicious lies about Sri Sathya Sai.So if this brings you joy then carry on.You are an evil man – to do what you have done.Just remember that upon death and before you will be exposed for the loser,liar and moron you have become.Promise.All the lies and negativity you have spread due to your own ego will return to you this is inevitable.Yes you and your life is less then trash.Your new name is Judas,lets see what fate brings you.You made your choice-now lets see how this plays out.I swear you have given new meaning to the word sleaze-bag.

    Robert replies:
    This arrived in my spam box. Note that Hollander cannot specify any lie I have told. Not about him or anyone. This is how yet another disciple of Sathya Sai Baba expresses his love and respect for another human being (Sai Baba was very strict in word – though not in deed – about all that loving everyone and criticizing oneself rather than others!) Need I remind that the above says nothing whatever about me or reality, I think not, for it speaks only of Michael J. Hollander’s himself. He believes that death exposed all and brings consequences… and relishes the idea that I might be influenced by his empty threat! He sets himself up to judge me and tries to impose his definitions and parroted false ‘teachings’ on me. It brings shame on him to call anyone evil, so why does he thus condemn himself as a bigot? I know that I have always held to truth in all matters I have written about. Ask yourself, Hollander, why would I have risked speaking out if I did not known I had truth on my side! What duty could have driven me to such an unpleasant task as confronting a dangerous, murderous and super-rich set of criminals as Sai Baba and various of his minions turned out to be.
    I am as certain as it is possible to be that the personality does not survive death. By that measure, even Hollander will escape punishment. Should it amazingly happen that some part of the mind survives death, then I would be o.k. as I have held to the truth wherever I have been at all times! So this is the very last time I shall waste a moment on posting anything – even for the record – of this deluded and vile Hollander rubbish.

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