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“It was good while it lasted” for Sathya Sai Baba too

Posted by robertpriddy on October 12, 2012

In the Western world there have been rapid developments in the last two decades as regards the seriousness with which the crimes of serial sexual predation is taken. The Catholic Church is now infamous for the number of institutions where sex abuses took place by priests and were covered up by cardinals reaching right up to the upper echelons of the Vatican. The Hare Krishna movement was likewise exposed, and in some countries financially bankrupted through enforced compensation payouts. Increasingly, stars of sport, screen and stage who engaged in sexual abuses – often with minors – have been indicted for their crimes, something which simply did not happen during most of the 20th century. Even most powerful figures in the political world, such as the head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was finally charged with rape through an unprecedented change in police policy to act upon allegations against the highest elite. Recently we noted here the case of serial sex abuse conviction (30 years imprisonment) of a prominent US sports coach Jerry Sandusky. In the news at present is the case of Sir Jimmy Saville, on whose grave the headstone was engraved with the epitaph “it was good while it lasted”. This would also have been equally fitting epitaph for the grave (samadhi) of Sathya Sai Baba.

The latest rapidly increasing number of sex abuse allegations against the world-famous British Radio and TV star, Sir Jimmy Saville, are being taken very seriously and investigated by a score of police forces in the UK, despite Saville having died one year ago. What is emerging is that many persons had suspicions that he may be a sexual abuser and pedophile and others knew well… but none of them dared to report him, such was his fame and power, and especially within the BBC. Those who did were totally disregarded. The allegations stretch back 40 years in some cases. The prominence and social power wielded by Saville was so considerable that many persons (including medical doctors) had suspicions that he may be a sexual abuser and pedophile and others say they knew it for a fact… but none of them dared to report him, and the BBC paid him enormous sums and reportedly rejected any criticism of him. Unlike Sai Baba, however, he could not list a series of Prime Ministers or State Presidents among his fans and followers. Immediately one must see that Sai Baba was effectively above the law in India, and accusations of sexual abuse and murder were easily quashed by his devotees in government and the Supreme Court of India.

When will the Indian  authorities really begin to take child sexual abuse seriously and not, like most of the populace, turn a blind eye to it, not least the homosexual misuse of minors? With the Prime Minister refusing to look at the evidence against Sai Baba and many prominent persons in government and the judiciary still worshippers of that self-proclaimed God Incarnate of this age, a lot of them will probably have to die off before those who would otherwise speak out will feel free to do so without too much persecution and harassment. No one can doubt that sex abuse generally and of children specifically is one of the big elephants unseen in the Indian room. If they do so, consider this: 

“A study into child abuse in India has found that more than half the children questioned said they had been sexually abused. Researchers spoke to more than twelve thousand children. Two-thirds said they’d experienced physical abuse. India’s Minister for Child Development, Renuka Chowdury, called the findings disturbing and said it was time to end the conspiracy of silence surrounding child abuse. The extremely revealing research was commissioned by the Ministry of Women and Child Development of the Government of India and carried out by independent researchers. It is supported by Save the Children and UNICEF and is a major and authoritative and highly representative social psychological study which goes into great detail and spans the whole of India.” See the whole report in its systematic detail at

Virtually all known allegations of Sai Baba’s sexual abuses are documented here 

and his involvement in murders are documented here

One Response to ““It was good while it lasted” for Sathya Sai Baba too”

  1. chandjai said

    I really feel sorry for Crores of Indian who beloved this Homosexual Sanyasi. Dr should have killed Sathya Saibaba then it self.Why did Doctor Naresh Bhatia enjoy had 15 years of sex with him. what prevented him to come out and leave Prashanthi nilyam. . Now i request you all to publish and come out openly against sathysai’s misdeeds and his Sexual behavior and tell people the truth about him.

    Please come out and tell the Media and people India about it.

    Obviously this request cannot be directed at the author of this blog or other exposé workers, we have done our utmost to get the Indian media to respond with little result at all since they were either in the pocket of Sai Baba or have been warned of consequences if they take up such matters against a ‘national treasure’… but it is exactly what everyone would like those who were abused might do. However, there are still too many Sai baba devotee persons of influence in India and the Central Trust has money galore and is most unscrupulous in trying to repress or bribe the media or individuals who might take up these allegations. Further, it is well-known that it takes a generation or more for most sexually abused persons to reconcile themselves with the idea of speaking out, even when speaking out is dangerous and will for some of them most likely lead to harassment and other reactions from people they know who are still attached to their (false) ideas about Sai Baba.
    Robert Priddy

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