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Falsified discourse of Sai Baba by a devotee on YouTube

Posted by robertpriddy on October 16, 2012

There is a YouTube video made by a devotee which claims to show the contents of a discourse by Sathya Sai Baba, though no date or reference to any published version of it is given. (Predictions of Sathya Sai Baba – with English Subtitles.mp4)

I have scanned frames from the YouTube video to select many of the assertions shown there — see images here on right.

This YouTube video is a sheer falsification in that it puts together as being one discourse, a string of statements made by Sai Baba from a number of entirely different discourses or other sources given anywhere between 1976 and long after 2000 (when in the infamous Christmas Discourse he first began to fight back against the increasing mass of such credible allegations of sexual abuse against him by young men). The YouTube audio is compiled with different voices from different times too. The falsification is is obviously why the devotee who concocted this disinformation cannot name the origin of ‘the discourse’!

Further, many of the predictions made on a medallion were first reported by the US resident devotee, Alvin Drucker, as having been made to a class of 18 students he was teaching in Ootcamund when Sai Baba entered and took over. That those predictions were ever made then was refuted by all Sai Baba officials, and Sai Baba himself even – after many years of different versions of them being circulated in the ashrams by persons who swore they were made. The reason for the denial was that the list of 38 predictions threatened a massive world catastrophe  had badly scared the students and had spread to devotees all around the globe through they years, without a word of denial from him. Reports that he had told the boys that after a world catastrophe  they would each rule a state in India and he himself would rule the world for 24 hours were also denied, though various parents of the students and other persons claimed that it was true nevertheless. Such was the unstoppable rumour mill and jungle grapevine which always throve at the ashrams in the absence of proper and factual information from its officials and the policy of great secrecy followed by Sai Baba and enforced on everyone at the risk of falling from grace into apparent ‘outer darkness’.

That the contents of the supposed ‘medallion discourse’ come from discourses made on widely differing dates is quite clear from the facts of which I was informed by Eileen Weed in the e-mail below here:-


Firstly, most of the predictions are very obviously not fulfilled, now that SaiBaba is dead! The first part of the video in which he states “This body will last for 46 years” was from June 1976. Now, 1976+46 = 2022, i.e. he predicted he would die in 2022!  Since he was 50 then, another 46 years means he would live until 96! This conflicts with all the various twisted calculations of his life-span measured in lunar years (from his birth), no juggling with calculations based on lunar years will help! Besides, various devotees are now saying they understood he “intended to go early” which conflicts again with the lunar year failed arithmetic.

His boys were never transformed to “leaders of the world” – not even leaders in India, nor are any known to hold prominent positions in India.” India is in a leadership crisis and his students are nowhere to be seen.

What evidence is there for “Very soon, you will see me in your classroom while I am here in the mandir”? None whatever, not did anyone report seeing him giving discourses in the auditorium at the same time as he was taking arathi in the mandir. All sheer megalomania and futile attempts to attract more people! I have resolved to rejuvenate the ancient cultures of India. This is bound to happen.” No sign of it, unthinkable! See here

I am intentionally suppressing my Divinity from being revealed to the world” Funny therefore that he was constantly announcing it in discourse after discourse, approving Radio Sai 24-hour world broadcast and running major book and other media outlets, while letting his official staff flood the Internet with the same message. How come?

But once I reveal My true nature, the whole world will become a Prashanthi Nilayam“. But he can therefore never did that, it appears, and Prashanthi is now more like a ghost town than a regular township!

As to the alleged ‘jealous’ and ‘evil-minded’ critics of him – who were mostly his respected servitors, organisers, donors and many favourite disciples – they discovered the truth about him and left in disgust when they learned of the massive sex abuses and the facts about the murders which it is evident he ordered himself (on the principle of ‘Love All, Serve All’ no doubt?)

“All the allegations made now will only help to maximize the glory of this Avatar” That is counter-intuitive indeed. On can see no signs of glory in the world media, not even world fame in any real sense of the word, despite the attempts to get him the Nobel Peace Prize and many other self-publicizing efforts too numerous to list here.

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