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Isaac Tigrett is in the Building

Posted by robertpriddy on October 21, 2012

Tehelka fell for the propaganda: Sai devotees no longer contribute at all so generously, nor do hardly any of the 1,200 centres have much more than a handful of members; the pressure is on everyone to keep up the centres at least on paper.

 What with his claims to be Sai Baba’s living will, and his vast plans for a spiritual centre in the forests of Coorg (which he cooked up together with the ailing and failing Sai Baba in his senility, there is evidently much interest among his cult survivors in Isaac Tigrett. The otherwise respectable and critical media outlet recently published an article which presented Tigrett as a “trendy new heir” who plans a “new boom town”. The interesting omission by Tehelka is that Tigrett no longer has the millions he once had and moved to India because he was almost broke (see report below). Tehelka wrote: “When quizzed about how he intends to get land for the project, Tigrett says, “Sai Baba told me not to worry about anything and to focus just on the planning. He said he will bring the money, people and the place. He told me that I would know when to begin. I just kept it in my head and it kept evolving.” So he will be relying on donations of land, capital investment and the like. There has certainly been a thriving market for spiritual hogwash and seems to survive at present, witness Sri-x-3 Ravi Shankar, the hugging mother, the continued expansion of the Osho ashram and org., the spate of Sai Baba emulators (see the Guru Gallery

The facilities and technologies Tigrett plans to develop are no doubt seem very cool to  all manner of ‘spiritual aspirants’ and ‘alternative practitioners’  to New Age visitors seeking ‘different’ holidays (i.e. “holy days”?) where they can meet the kind of people they would flock together with and enjoy ‘sattvic’ food (no more Hard Rock beef fare), the “phenomenal vibes” of the kind Tigrett believes exist in holy places and not least cheap living (if billeted outside Tigrett’s complex, one thinks).  Apart from Sai Baba survivors one can imagine how many would fancy meeting all the kind of social drop outs and dreamers such a place would attract: would-be ‘healers’ of all descriptions, clairvoyants, tai-chi types, mediums & channellers, astrologers, yogis (not forgetting yoginis), sadhus and disciples, number mystics, believers in all the wildest Hindu ‘spiritual masters’ of the ages, and no doubt individuals from the entire religious lunatic fringe peddling all manner of speculative baggage and doubtful goods (genuine ‘crystal skulls’?)… you name it! Hey, man, far out, man! The very name of the project “The Mystic Inn of the Seventh Ray” (which goes back to the  totally unfeasible mythology around the reincarnating Count of St. Germain) gives away the core loopiness of it all.

Considering that Tigrett has been cold-shouldered by all those who have usurped the mantle and monies of Sai Baba’s spiritual projects, despite his claims to be the “living will” of Sai Baba (that is some tall self-serving usurpation of the divine, is it not?). It seems high time to re-post a blog which a lady in the ashram put on wordpress in 2009 but which she withdrew (from fear of harassment). It gives the flavour of the one-time beefburger king, ladies man, former drug and drink abuser:-

Posted by prashanthi on April 25, 2009

Isaac is in The Building

 A little bit about the mystical, magical, elitist and his colossal ego.

Issac Tigrett came to live in the Abode of Perfect Peace late in 2007. He claims to have been swindled out of all of his money and was broke. Broke? No, I don’t think so. Even now he seems to be able to find money to buy a horse for his daughter who is living in her newly acquired flat in Sai Towers. Another gift from her finacially strapped father.

Isaac is a tall, obese, balding man with an attitude. His scanty hair is dyed jet black, combed back and tied in a small pony tail. Beats me how he manages to get so few hairs into a pony tail, and one wonders for how many more years he is going to manage to retain his old image of a wannabe rock and roll star. Isaac Tigrett seems stuck in the past. This maybe due to him having such a fantastic lifestyle back then. Although he has been given the best chair on the Sai Baba’s veranda, this concerned him greatly at first, as it was on the women’s side. His seat is, never the less, the envy of the veranda men, most of whom sit on the floor and towards the back of the veranda. Issac’s chair is placed directly where Sai Baba accesses his car. No one has darshan like Isaac does. Having said that, he still seems to be hankering over his old life style. I suppose like most of us, we hope living with Sai Baba will bring peace and joy to our troubled lives, but the truth is that living near such a powerful guru is going to be difficult. The guru will be on your case in no time.

For those people who know little or nothing about Isaac Tigrett, he is the first person to have given Sathya Sai Baba an over-sized check to the tune of between 40 million and 54 million US dollars. I am not quite sure how many millions he gave, but it was a large check. Apparently he wrote the check one day, just before darshan. Baba took it in no time, taking the check from him personally as he walked by Isaac later that day. The check was intended for a hospital to serve 500 poor people. I believe the check was given sometime in 1989.

I have no idea why Isaac would give over 40 million dollars for a small hospital to serve the poor. 40 million dollars, in those days would have built 5 -6 hospitals with plenty of change left over. Up until the time of writing the check, Isaac had not received an interview. After his huge donation, he became a firm favourite. He has retained that title ever since.

[In an interesting talk he gave to Sai Baba devotees after giving the donation] Isaac explains in full, how he came to meet Sai Baba and his experiences with him. In that talk, he comes over as a really nice guy, a person full of compassion and care for others. Sadly, Isaac Tigrett has changed. He now appears to be a bitter, unsmiling, unfriendly elitist figure with a haunted expression upon his face. The Sai Baba honeymoon period with Isaac seemed to have ceased within months of his arrival. He does not mix well with ordinary Sai devotees anymore. (2009). He is aloof and cold, and avoids former acquaintances. His once “Love All – Serve All” moto used to be in every Hark Rock Cafe, but seems to have crumbled into a sad and broken mantra of the past. If love was ever his victory march, and Sathya Sai Baba his business manager, then Issac must feel let down.

The First Few Months in Puttaparthi

When Isaac Tigrett first came to live at Prashanthi Nilayam, he appeared happy enough. He was living outside in Sai Towers Hotel. By all accounts, he was approachable and spoke casually with the devotees. In fact, he seemed happy. He ate his meals with others, often enjoying long conversations with friends who held him in high esteem. He has reportedly said he was happy to have less responsibilities, and he believed he had done the right thing by coming to live in Sai Baba’s Ashram. I was not there at the time so have little info. His first few months in Puttparthi were reported to me by several others who were there.

Commonly reported among Sai Baba followers:

He had his breakfasts out in the village. I was told he spent much of his time discussing women. He reportedly told the same story every day to other men who joined him at the table. He boasted that Sai Baba had told him ‘no women’ in an interview several years back, yet Isaac found himself, on his return home, to be sleeping with two women at once. I am not sure that ‘at once’ meant just that, or he had two affairs going on concurrently. Isaac married again several years ago. His new wife, whose name was Kate, joined him on a visit to Sai Baba at Brindavan some 3-4 years ago. In an interview with Sai Baba, Isaac introduced his wife, Kate, to Sai Baba who referred to her as Cake. Anyway the marriage didn’t last long and I am not sure that “Cake” – did not end up with more than her full share of Isaac’s Cake.

Another interesting tale from Isaac. One morning in Mid. December. 2007, he began yet another conversation with his friends, about a dream that he had the night before. He said that he had dreamed of a clothes line full of washing and behind the line was a naked woman. Isaac is loud, his words are easily overheard in a small restaurant where visitors gather. I am not sure he is altogether aware of how often his bravado is overheard and repeated. ”

Eventually Sai Baba told him to move into the Ashram. He was ’gifted’ an extra apt. next to his old one on the top floor of the South Prashanthi complex. He has, since that time, had it completely refurbished and painted purple in the hallway. It looks like something from a Harry Potter movie. Isaac, himself, is also such a character, he reminds me of one of the Wizards in the Harry Potter books.

Issac’s chair on the ladies side is placed up against the pillar on the veranda. He faces out on to the wheelchair ladies. Due to Isaac’s awkwardness about the placement of his chair, a retired ashram gentleman now sits quietly to the left of him. Sometimes other important guests are given chairs close to Isaac’s. Isaac is no longer the only man seated on the women’s side on a chair. Yet in a recent talk (Jan 2009), he gave to Dallas Sai devotees, he claims he is.

During Isaac’s First Year on the Veranda.

Isaac was pretty punctual in attending darshan during his first year on the veranda. He came almost every morning at around 8.30 and again at around 4.30pm each afternoon. He sat quietly meditating most of the time. Sometimes he appeared to sleep. I am sure he was trying to avoid the ladies seated close by who faced him. Yet Isaac’s attempts at sadhana and sannyasin seemed to fall apart after a while. He couldn’t help himself when it came to a pretty face. It became common knowledge that Isaac’s large cold eyes wandered over the women seated for darshan. He would sit watching several ladies he was attracted to, even while Sai Baba was sitting inside the Mandir. Although Isaac is aging, I suppose he has not lost entirely his attraction to women nor the need to be with one. Yet despite his prominent position on the veranda, he comes across now as a man wearing golden handcuffs. He has been given orders, he states, “that Sai Baba has told him no women”. During February, 2008, he had a crush on a visiting Danish woman whom he made friends with. But to give him his just dues, he ended it very quickly.

Towards the end of 2008, Isaac came later and later to Darshan, often arriving after Sai Baba was already seated in the Mandir. Seems like Issac was growing tired of the constant long waits in the heat where he looked bored and fed up.
Why is Isaac Seated on the Ladies’ side?

Many of the ladies enjoy discussing the reasons why Isaac is seated on the ladies’ side. Some of the reasons given are as follows: Issac Tigrett seems to have difficult relationships with women and therefore he is meeting his demons face on. Others say that he is there to bring up the women’s stuff. Well, I find that one a bit hard to swallow. As mentioned before, he is an aging and fat man with a grumpy personality.

Also reported among followers:

”Issac himself believes he is seated there to act as bait for evil. I expect he means he is bait for the evil in women. Perhaps he sees all women as evil? Having married several who have taken him for a ride, perhaps he has a right to such an opinion.”

The aging Isaac does have a problem with some of the younger women living around the ashram. Some claim to have received messages from Sai Baba indicating that Isaac is to marry them or something like that. One lady actually approached Isaac with her Sai message. He replied. “Sorry Maam – I have not received the same message.”

To be fair to the women that claim ”they are receiving messages concerning Tigrett, Sai Baba often uses telepathy to convey his instructions. I am not sure all the women who claim they are hearing something about Tigrett are making it up. Perhaps they are ’receiving’ their messages from the Sai Source itself. If so then Tigrett should be aware that, he too, is having his ego button pressed by Sai Baba. After all Tigrett would be the first to admit that people receive messages from Sai Baba.

He himself reported that when he was staying in a hotel in North India during 1972, a voice came into his consciousness telling him to visit Sai Baba. Isaac had no idea where the message was coming from, he looked behind him and saw a photograph of Sai Baba of whom he had not heard of. He decided to follow the dictates of the ‘received ‘message and went to Brindavan Ashram, where Sai Baba walked up to him and offered him vibuthi and uttered the very same words as he had conveyed in the message, that Tigrett had heard in North India. For more about the ‘messages’ – see Isaac Tigrett’s talk, posted in the links.

He held pujas in his apt. for many months after his arrival. They were later closed to the public because too many women turned up. I believe the pujas are still continued but by invitation only. Isaac being Isaac, felt the general public women were only attending out of curiosity or to make friends with him.

Towards the end of 2008, he became even more aloof. He sold his flashy red sports car which had given him a high profile. Everyone knew where Isaac was due, to the bright red sports car. He now walks though the ashram and takes rickshaws when he needs to go outside. He is seldom seen outside of darshan times. Seems like he has put himself in a corner, not a happy situation for a person who wants to be a true ‘chela’ of his Master.Isaac’s mantra: “I see God in everyone I meet.” He even mentions that in his latest talk given in Dallas Texas. Yet Isaac avoids almost everyone living in and around the P.N. Ashram, giving most the cold shoulder

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