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The Sai Critic – Bon Giovanni, the unscrupulous

Posted by robertpriddy on November 1, 2012

The Sai Critic is the title of a web site which is not critical of Sai Baba at all, on the contrary. It is aimed at attracting those who are looking for evidence of the fraudulence of Sai Baba etc. The owner, an American called Bon Giovanni, tries to rationalise away all the many reports from former follower of fraudulent ‘materializations’ by Sai Baba, done by sleight of hand. When the fraud is undeniable, they claim it is him playing with people, testing their faith and so forth. Their entire attitude towards all the countless exposures of Sai Baba is psychological denial at its peak.

Not only are a large number of sworn testimonies of his sexual abuses, but there is massed evidence that he was involved in the murder of four devotees in his bedroom. In their haze of zealous beliefs and indoctrination not to see anything negative (especially about Sai Baba) the ‘Sai Critic’  avoids the latest otherwise well-reported facts leading up to his death – his of his falling ill (which he had said could never happen to him due to his purity etc.), having to use drugs, tremendous weight loss, systematic failure of organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and brain), being disconnected under suspicious circumstances from the huge life support technology by persons unknown and the huge scandal about the finding of his mass of hoarded gold, currency, silver, diamonds and a very wide range of other valuables hidden in his secret rooms, even under his huge bed! Born into poverty, having collected a vast fortune, largely through trickery and fraud, he evidently always kept a large portion of wealth aside in secret, not improbably fearing that his crimes would be exposed and he would again be reduced to penury.

Some time after my pro-Sai book ‘Source of the Dream’ was first published in 1994, Bon Giovanni tried twice to recruit me to the web ring or whatever it was that he ran. I declined due to having other priorities than bulletin boards and discussions etc. But I was suspicious of him by then already – he didn’t seem to have much sharpness of perception in what he wrote – too, all too vacant ‘standard Sai fare’ much of the time. Others who were members told me he censored heavily. Subsequent invitations I left unanswered.

When my web page on the Sai organization came up, Mr. Giovanni half-congratulated me on it being a very good presentation, but he soon began discussing trivial side issues, nit-picking his way to avoid the entire substance of it. As a devotee in denial he is mentally challenged by its factuality. His criticism was peripheral and concentrated on form, rather than content. He clearly could not document any refutation of my main assertions and conclusions. Later, one of my contacts relayed to me a posting by one of the “ladies” on his website about my supposedly not having ever spoken to Sai Baba. This is of course complete falsification, which my contact – Alexandra Nagel refuted on my behalf.

Then another indirect message appeared on Bon Giovanni’s website – a cheap and  scurrilous counter-accusation  accusing me  falsely (of course) of being a pedophile who seduced Sai students here in Norway who had come to listen to my frequent talks from abroad… an anonymous poster who Bon Giovanni was pleased to allow to smear me in this devious manner. The academic Alexandra Nagel also responded in a posting against it, but the unscrupulous Bon Giovanni actually defended having posted it, appealing to ‘freedom of expression’! The same argument that the gutter press use when printing unfounded and uninvestigated libel.

I therefore sent Mr. Giovanni a mail informing him that he and his site was totally discredited in my eyes. I also made clear to him that his cowardly mailer had made the entirely false assumption that I must – as national leader and Coordinator of the Oslo Centre in Norway, prolific writer in Sanathana Sarathi etc. – have held public talks about Sathya Sai Baba. Only once did I give a brief talk outside the Oslo Centre ( which only had maximum 7 members left when I resigned). No students were present, only about 25 adult Norwegians. So the students who were supposed to have come all the way to Norway would have had to be underage! He has not had the integrity to apologize or post my explanation.

Mr. Bon Giovanni has published the most pretentious speculations purporting to explain why Sathya Sai Baba cheats people (which he has had to admit did occur) by giving them what he calls ‘diamonds’. All of these that have ever been assayed by professional jewellers have turned out to be cheap synthetic stones, tricked up with silver foil held in the casing around to make them shine more (a once-established practice in jewel setting Click here to see the case of my ‘green diamond’ from Sai Baba). Giovanni pretends to know that this is “a test of faith” designed to make the receiver carry out more self-investigation! By holding up the exposed trickster, Sathya Sai Baba, whose involvement in the police executions in his bedroom in 1993 – though he was nearby throughout – was never cleared up but actively covered-up and then quashed by an Indian government order. Giovanni still believes him to be ‘omnipresent’ too!). Bon Giovanni’s pseudo-philosophising of the raw tripe variety is designed to defend fraud by Sathya Sai Baba.

Here is some of what was posted by Bon Giovanni on one of his several web sites. On the left is an event he reports as really having occurred. Then the function he supposes this calculated deception has, followed by his own ‘wise comments’.

1. vibhuti pellet – mind of the witness Exposes disbelief (seen reflects the
2. vibhuti on Sai Baba picture overseas Sathya Sai Baba Guru’s shakti not limited
to ashram
3. diamond ring given to devotee is
shown to be fake
Witnesses have to assess what they
have seen and take it into their self-enquiry
4. Sathya Sai Baba obviously
palms a ring
Sathya SB is playing on
devotee projections (Guru task is to expose doubt)
5. Sathya Sai Baba changes a 3 stone
ring into one stone ring
Sathya SB creation is leela vinodi,
the sport of the Lord
6. Sai Baba materialises
article used by Krishna
Guru has mastery of time
and space
7. Film evidence shows a necklace is
handed to Sathya Sai Baba
Sathya SB provokes controversy about
his nature and his actions

Here Bon Giovanni defends what he recognises as wilful deceit by Sathya Sai Baba, who claims that he is always truthful, and who insists that none of his materialisations are other than divine creations from nothing. So in this again he lies! Bon Giovanni thinks this guru who tries to engender doubts about himself in the mind of his followers! It is tough enough for most people to get any faith in the first place, considering his claims and the extreme difficulty of meeting him or asking him a simple question. It takes most people a long time and much energy, money and almost endless waiting before they can get close enough to receive an interview. Why then should Sathya Sai Baba try to take his faith away with purposive frauds? The pat answer is that those who keep faith with him are more ‘self-realised’ – and hence better people than the rest of us who will reap eternal rewards. But they are in fact more self-deluded and self-programmed… blind believing dupes who cannot even see the truth after the many revelations about Sathya Sai Baba since 1999!
In 2013, the Sai Critic site – started by Bon Giovanni and later run by Ram Das Awle – was suspended:-


One Response to “The Sai Critic – Bon Giovanni, the unscrupulous”

  1. I can see it is so good and comfortable for some pseudo-truth seekers, like Bon Giovanni, to tell lies on the top of lies and to create the ocean of falsehood made of such nice words like, leela vinodi. Who knows what is this leela? Is it some specific characteristics of God to cheat his people? To make them fools? And this is their god – the god of foolishness and lies? i. e. the god of leela:) I’m so happy for a year and a half already after the recovery of this awful deceit about Baba being God. I always remember of the time I trusted this cheater as the most awful and disgraceful time. I REALLY thank God for awakening me and bringing back to real search for sanctity. And especial thanks in this work for Robert Priddy. Let God bless him and make all his work bring the fuits of the truth to this corrupted world which was made so much corrupt by sai baba’s activity.

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